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New episode! Daniel Simon applies the finishing touches to the Robocar in preparation for aerodynamic testing in the Williams high tech wind tunnel facilities. The team achieve results above their expectations and the first parts of the Robocar exterior are finalised in preparation for the car's unveiling later this year.

Daniel Simon shows how he approaches the design and bridges the gap...
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Inside Roborace — Episode 5

Roborace Chief Design Officer and automotive futurist Daniel Simon applies the finishing touches to the Robocar in preparation for Aerodynamic testing in the...

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Enjoy the latest episode of Inside Roborace in full later today.
Here is the teaser with Daniel Simon!
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‪Who will be the first to build a hyperloop: Hyperloop One or Hyperloop Transportation Technologies?

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies plans to connect all of Europe, starting with the Czech Republic
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Drones need to be more independent of humans to be truly useful.

Watch how this drone launches, lands, and recharges without human help
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22,339.7 km — the longest journey by an electric vehicle #WorldRecord Guinness World Records
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Exceptional tyres by Michelin make great chairs
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Perfect weather in the U.K. for testing ????#Roborace Silverstone Circuit
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Testing Silverstone Circuit
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Las Vegas, transportation beat reporters can't quit you; CES was like a car extravaganza, and now you're launching a self-driving, fully electric shuttle on..

Las Vegas launches the first electric autonomous shuttle on U.S. public roads
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Imagine how epic watching Roborace in VR would be
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Exclusive view from the rear of the Robocar Flawless aerodynamics
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“Everything that moves will go autonomous” — Frank Chen, Partner at Andreessen Horowitz
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If you’ve ever pushed a bike down a hill, you know that two-wheeled vehicles can balance themselves when traveling at higher speeds. It’s when you’re riding slower that balancing gets a little more challenging, unless your motorcycle’s equipped with Honda’s new experimental Riding Assist technology ...

Honda's New Experimental Motorcycle Can Balance All By Itself Like Magic
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From an underwater drone to the car of the future, here's a look at what impressed us most.

CES 2017: 14 coolest tech products from CES 2017
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Automaker BMW is teaming up with suppliers Intel and Mobileye to deploy a fleet of test vehicles, numbering 40 in total, targeting a street date of sometime..

BMW, Intel and Mobileye will put 40 self-driving test cars on roads in 2017
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The latest self-driving Audi is a Q7 prototype with NVIDIA brains.

Audi will have an autonomous car in 2020 using NVIDIA tech and AI
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IMAX VR Launches Official Website
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Futuristic cockpit uses HUD technology to create holographic displays, complete with haptic feedback

BMW HoloActive Touch holographic interior concept revealed at CES 2017