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Try not to freak out, but there's a way to get your Starbucks fix without the overdose on Sugar. Find it here: [ Link ] #wellnesswednesday

7 Starbucks Copycats You Can Make Way Healthier (and Cheaper) at Home
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52 days to go until #United #RnRDC! See how Mike's week 8 of marathon training went here and be inspired to brace the cold and rock your New Year: [ Link ]

Marathon Training Week Eight: During Which I Fell Flat On My Face. Twice.
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Giving back is one resolution made easier for DC folks, thanks to the Roadie app for Goodwill home pickups. Read more and give back: [ Link ]

Goodwill partners with Roadie app for home pickup in DC
Four times animals missed the registration deadline, but crashed the race anyway. =P Find laughs here: [ Link ]

4 Times When Animals Completely Disrupted Races
Foam rolling exercises for the injury prone. Read it here: [ Link ] #trainingtiptuesday

3 Foam Rolling Exercises for the Injury-Prone Runner |
Anyone else struggled to juggle their training and winter holiday festivities? Just like Mike, you're not alone. Read up on week #7 of marathon training here: [ Link ]

Marathon Training Week Seven: What’s the Opposite of a New Year’s Resolution?
2017 marks another calendar year of New Year resolutions. If the gym is on your list, read this first: [ Link ]

The Only 7 Gym Machines Worth Using
Don't run yourself into the ground. Pun totally intended. =P Injury prevention, recovery and more. Read more: [ Link ] #trainingtipthursday

4 Reasons Intentional Rest Is Key For Every Runner
Get ready to ROCK in DC! Introducing The Family Stone as the headliner for the Toyota Rock 'n' Roll Concert Series at #United #RnRDC on March 11! Check it out: [ Link ]
The chronicles continue with marathon training week #6! See what Mike got into this week here: [ Link ]

Marathon Training Week Six: Oh My God, Stop Complaining
Get a grip...on winter! 3 tricks to keep your training on schedule no matter what mother nature throws your way. Read here: [ Link ] #trainingtiptuesday

3 Ways to Get a Grip On Winter Running
Week #5 towards tackling his first marathon at #RnRDC is here! How does your training stack up? Follow along and read Mike's story here:
[ Link ]

Marathon Training Week Five: This is Boring and Lonely!
With Thanksgiving a few days away, we're thinking one thing--food! Don't guilt trip yourself, just find a way to keep moving during it all. Full article here: [ Link ]

Tip #5: Plan a running route where you'll be staying. #trainingtipTuesday

How To Keep Yourself Moving Through The Hectic Holidays - Women's Running
Mike Conklin of Men's Journal is back for week #4 of marathon training. Follow his journey as he trains for his first marathon taking place March 11! Read here: [ Link ]

Marathon Training Week Four: Tough Love and Running in the Snow
Ladies, at a lost for gift ideas for your male counterpart? Ideas on items with utility: [ Link ]

2016 Holiday Gear Guide: Men's Performance
Only a few hours left to ROCK for LESS! Our 24-hour sales event is almost over, but there's still deals left to score! Register Here: [ Link ]

Series Celebration Sale - Worldwide Series Sale
24 Hour Celebration Sale!
Register for the best prices of the year TODAY Only!
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We've come a mighty long way from spandex, neon prints and wind breakers. Take a trip down memory lane. #throwbackThursday #whatwerewethinking? #leggingsstandthetestoftime
[ Link ]

50 Years of Dubious Running Fashion
Not just the first wealth, but also the greatest! #RnRDC #wellnesswednesday
Runners suffering from back pain, could a plank a day help strengthen your back, lengthen your stride and more? [ Link ] #trainingtiptuesday

A Plank A Day Keeps The Doctor Away