You're welcome taste buds and waist line, you're welcome. =D
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7 Freezer-Ready Recipes to Get You Through the Week
Whether you're going stag or celebrating with friends, family and loved ones, Happy Valentine's Day from Team Rock 'n' Roll San Jose! <3
A workout you can do anywhere. Find it here: [ Link ] #trainingtiptuesday

Do-Anywhere Strength Circuit #2 |
Foam rolling exercises for the injury prone. Read it here: [ Link ] #trainingtiptuesday

3 Foam Rolling Exercises for the Injury-Prone Runner |
Try not to freak out, but there's a way to get your Starbucks fix without the overdose on Sugar. Find it here: [ Link ] #wellnesswednesday

7 Starbucks Copycats You Can Make Way Healthier (and Cheaper) at Home
Four times animals missed the registration deadline, but crashed the race anyway. =P Find laughs here: [ Link ]

4 Times When Animals Completely Disrupted Races
2017 marks another calendar year of New Year resolutions. If the gym is on your list, read this first: [ Link ]

The Only 7 Gym Machines Worth Using
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4 Reasons Intentional Rest Is Key For Every Runner
Runners suffering from back pain, could a plank a day help strengthen your back, lengthen your stride and more? [ Link ] #trainingtiptuesday

A Plank A Day Keeps The Doctor Away
Celebrities run too. From Diddy, Alicia Keys on to chef Gordon Ramsey. Check it out: [ Link ]

Can You Beat These Celebrity Marathoners?
Ain't no shame in DIY Christmas gifts, especially when they're tasty. Find them here: [ Link ]

The Best DIY Gifts to Give When You’re Basically Broke
Fellas, struggling with what to gift your female counterparts, significant other or family? Ideas for those that like to work up a sweat: [ Link ]

2016 Gift Guide for Runners: Gear for Her
Only a few hours left to ROCK for LESS! Our 24-hour sales event is almost over, so don't miss out! Register Here: [ Link ]

Series Celebration Sale - Worldwide Series Sale
Today’s the day to get in at the best prices of the year! 24-hours only! Register Here: [ Link ]

Series Celebration Sale - Worldwide Series Sale
Ladies, at a lost for gift ideas for your male counterpart? Ideas on items with utility for the runners in your life: [ Link ]

2016 Holiday Gear Guide: Men's Performance
Paying homage to the valley's rich history, the San Jose Nutcracker at Hammer Theatre incorporates San Jose history into the costumes, set design featuring a 1905 San Jose skyline and more.
Learn more here: [ Link ]

Pizarro: ‘San Jose Nutcracker’ adds city’s historic flavor to classic ballet
This #trainingtipTuesday we're shining a light on Out-and-Backs. They're easy to do and offer a worthy change to any routine.
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Workout of the Week: Out-and-Backs
Tis the season! We're sleighing our prices for one day only, this Thursday, 12/15, for our Series Celebration Sale! Set your alarm because the best deals are in limited supply, and they start 12AM PST!

Series Celebration Sale - Best Prices of the Year!
A good book always makes a great holiday gift idea, whether for yourself or a fellow runner. Here's a list of 25 worthy reads: [ Link ]

The Greatest Running Books: Honorable Mentions Worth Reading |
Remember when a rootin' tootin' sheriff rocked the streets of San Jose? We do! =P #flashbackfriday #RNRSJ #2016