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What can we do to foster equitable ways of working and engaging within the communities we serve? We asked three other cultural organizers and arts administrators about the meaning & importance of equity in their work.

Four Arts & Culture Organizers Speak Up on the Centrality of Equity in Their Work - The Rockefeller Foundation
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Applying resilience principles could be useful in meeting the challenges facing our #health systems. But how?

Resilience: A Tool for a New Era of Health Threats - The Rockefeller Foundation
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Throughout history, students have been a leading voice for change. We've partnered with The Campus Kitchens Project & Universities Fighting World Hunger - UFWH on a toolkit to transform students into campus food champions & advocates of reducing food waste.

How can you reduce food waste on campuses? Share your thoughts below!

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Water and the freshwater ecosystems that sustain it are under-valued, poorly managed and increasingly depleted.

How do we prevent today's water crisis becoming tomorrow's catastrophe?
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Rockefeller Foundation Managing Director Fred Boltz discusses new solutions for tackling the global water crisis on #WorldWaterDay at the Vatican.
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Over two pounds of waste is created per guest per night at most hotel properties. That’s 62 pounds of waste from a family of four on a one-week vacation.The hotel industry should and has the power to be part of the solution to end food waste.
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"Today the world has lost a great man and philanthropist, and we, a dear friend and inspiration."

On the passing of David Rockefeller, Sr.:

Statement from Rajiv J. Shah, President of The Rockefeller Foundation, on the Passing of David Rockefeller, Senior. - The Rockefeller Foundation
What role can corporate social responsibility initiatives play in supplying clean energy to under-electrified villages in rural India?

Promoting Holistic Development in Rural India - The Rockefeller Foundation
The Ebola and Zika outbreaks taught the world that all health systems must be better prepared to respond to and recover from threats of all kinds, systems that are diverse and increasingly vulnerable as they strive to promote, improve, and sustain the health of populations.

Resilience: A Tool for a New Era of Health Threats - The Rockefeller Foundation
"There is also a public benefit in terms of people not being displaced in a disaster."

Staying safe from disasters pays, but will funders listen?
#SXSW has become the first event of its kind to commit to eliminating wasted food within five years.

SXSW: Getting to Zero - The Rockefeller Foundation
CEOs don’t just sit in the C-suite. They are the mentors, teachers, colleagues, and friends who motivate us.

Who helped you get where you are today? Tag them in the comments.
From Anchorage to El Paso, Cities of Service Resilience AmeriCorps is making U.S. cities stronger.

Building Resilience – Medium
How do we make our world more resilient? Three words: women in leadership.

For a more resilient world, promote women's leadership - expert
"Across societies and cultures, we need to be bold and ensure women have an equal number of seats at the table and a loud voice in shaping the future."

Beyond the C-Suite: What Are You the CEO of? - The Rockefeller Foundation
We are leveraging a network of over 4,000 agro-dealers who, given access to enough capital, could catalyze farmers’ access to PHL solutions and bring about a revolution in reducing food loss.

Reducing Food Loss in the Maize Value Chain: Bringing Agro-Dealers on Board - The Rockefeller Foundation
Being the boss doesn’t mean you need to run a big company. CEOs are fearless leaders of their own lives.

What are you the CEO of? Share with us in the comments.
11 facts about women-run businesses that prove the future really is female.

"Everyone benefits from a world with more women at the helm."
To build resilience, we must begin "putting women in the driver's seat."

For a more resilient world, promote women's leadership: expert
What do you think it means to be a CEO? Share with us in the comments!