Merry Christmas!!
Think we can all agree sandless potato salad is something to be thankful for
Woogity woogity woogity — head to the brand new Rocket Power Instagram @ to play The Splat's Nick or Treat sweepstakes!
Better brush up on your ancient Hawaiian sayings if you want to be Tito for Halloween this year!

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Decisions, decisions
Poor Raymundo
Totally rad! Rocket Power premiered on Nickelodeon on August 16, 1999!
If you're a rider on a mission, here's your task:
Sand? In the potato salad?? NOOOOOOOOOOO
Admit it, you do this
Who remembers what this was in response to?
#TBT to Ray and Tito's glory days.
Gotta love Tito bringing that Wednesday Wisdom.
Still dreaming of a trip to the Shore Shack.
Realizing that Rocket Power taught you what sweetbreads were as a child.
Animated Tony Hawk really does look just like real-life Tony Hawk.

Catch this episode at 11:30PM!
Teachers: The original matchmakers.
As the Ancient Hawaiians used to say, watch Rocket Power: The Big Day tonight at 10PM on The Splat (Yea, they totally said that).
Lieutenant Tice, lol.