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"As the ancient Hawaiians used to say..."

Tell us your favorite ancient Hawaiian saying in the comments
Tag your Valentine (or someone whose face you've been dreaming of)
Nothing impresses kids more than good grades
Merry Christmas!!
Think we can all agree sandless potato salad is something to be thankful for
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Better brush up on your ancient Hawaiian sayings if you want to be Tito for Halloween this year!

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Decisions, decisions
Poor Raymundo
Totally rad! Rocket Power premiered on Nickelodeon on August 16, 1999!
If you're a rider on a mission, here's your task:
Sand? In the potato salad?? NOOOOOOOOOOO
Admit it, you do this
Who remembers what this was in response to?
#TBT to Ray and Tito's glory days.
Gotta love Tito bringing that Wednesday Wisdom.
Still dreaming of a trip to the Shore Shack.
Realizing that Rocket Power taught you what sweetbreads were as a child.