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Join World Harvest Church’s special night of worship service led by Harvest Music Live – LIVE – at 5 PM Eastern time on!
#WHClife #LoveGodLovePeople

Night of Worship - LIVE - on!
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God is about to refocus your life for MIRACLE RELEASE! Don’t miss what the Spirit of the Lord has in store for you this morning! Join us in His presence LIVE! #WHClife #LoveGodLovePeople
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I’m so excited about this Sunday morning worship service at World Harvest Church! Watch it live at 10 a.m. Eastern time on #WHClife #LoveGodLovePeople

Worship with the congregation of World Harvest Church!
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Don't miss this very special episode of Seriously with Ashton Parsley, tonight at 8:30 p.m. Eastern time on The Word Network, , or at!
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Join the revival presence of God from World Harvest Church by watching online for 24/7 broadcasts of powerful worship and teaching, including live services on – where it’s Sunday every day! Watch now:
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A life of holiness costs something… are you willing to pay the price?
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Easter weekend is fast approaching! Send me your prayer requests now:
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Grace is the operational power of God that sets the believer free. Hallelujah!
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The third act of the greatest three-act drama ever conceived has yet to debut. As you’re about to see, I believe the curtain is about to rise! Find out more in my new book, #TheFinale!
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How can people have faith that God wants to heal them if… read more:
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You can be triumphant over seven strategies of the adversary of your soul.

Overcoming the Adversary’s Attacks | 03/24/2017
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Fury likes to watch basketball, too. #twinning #nationalpuppyday #mansbestfriend
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It’s time to get up and proclaim the goodness of God from the rooftops - let your light shine bright!
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You have a divine destiny in Christ Jesus, and I believe Valor Christian College is the place where you can receive the impartation of God's Spirit and His anointing for your life, family, business and ministry. Learn more:
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God has prepared an abundant harvest for you beyond your wildest imagination! Find out how:

Submit your prayer requests!
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God wants to release in your life a supernatural breakthrough during this resurrection and Passover season.

Your Seven Times Greater Miracle | 03/23/2017
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God will never leave nor forsake you!
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Valor Christian College's students, faculty and staff are preparing for their weekly chapel service in the Sumrall Tabernacle at World Harvest Church, beginning in just a couple of hours - and you're invited! Watch at 10 a.m. Eastern time, on .
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My daughter in the faith, Dr. Medina Pullings and I have a word for you on #120LIVE!
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Make sure to watch "120 Live With Rod Parsley" tonight at 8:30 p.m. Eastern time on The Word Network,, or here on Facebook Live. I have a word for you - don't miss it!

120 Live @ 8:30 p.m. Eastern time - Tonight!