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Running wild with @beargrylls
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From down under to up high
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Always wanted to take the to the top of a
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I'm visiting Prague next week. What should I visit while I'm in town? #LaverCup
Thank you ROLEX for the great video
We're starting a boy band #NOTNSYNC Grigor Dimitrov Tommy Haas David Foster
My look for Melbourne is . What’s your favorite piece from my collection? [ Link ]
Having a lot of fun playing in the Hopman Cup with my partner Belinda Bencic #Benderer
Making friends in Perth
Being the best means playing with the best. I’ve always sought consistency, excellence and perfection on the court. I am very excited to officially announce the launch of the new RF Legacy Tennis Ball from Wilson Tennis, a ball that lives up to those goals.
Back in the office
I could get used to this whole beach tennis thing
I’m doing a Q&A, LIVE on Periscope. Ask me anything here: [ Link ]

Roger Federer @rogerfederer
I’m streaming my practice LIVE right now. Watch on Twitter or Periscope here: [ Link ]

Roger Federer @rogerfederer
I’m LIVE on my way to practice. Watch on Twitter or Periscope here: [ Link ]

Roger Federer @rogerfederer