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Róisín Murphy
12/06/2016 at 12:29. Facebook
RUSSIA! #roisinmurphylive

17th March 2017 St. Petersburg [ Bit.ly Link ]
18th March 2017 Moscow [ Bit.ly Link ]
Dazed and Confused Magazine #starringroisinmurphy out now!
Whatever makes you dance!

Nathan Barato Remix: [ Found.ee Link ]
Infinity Ink Dub Remix: [ Found.ee Link ]
ISTANBUL.. see you in 2017 #RoisinMurphyLive
Just returned from America, we had the most incredible, emotional and moving time. My band and crew have really done me proud. To be there at such a time of change has made me feel lucky to be able to contribute something and given me the strength to believe we can change the world with the power of love(and kicking some ass).

Róisín Murphy performing "Exploitation" Live on KCRW

Watch / Listen to the full session here: http://www.kcrw.com/music/shows/morning-becomes-eclectic/roisin-murphy Art pop star Róisín Murphy, formerly of trip ...

I am listening to #HillaryClintons dignified #ConcessionSpeech in the news room at KCRW me and the band will be bringing some beauty to the airwaves in a little while
Being compared to Marlene Dietrich don't you know!

[ Bit.ly Link ]

Image by DeShaun A. Craddock
End of an era
It's been a long time since our last embrace, sweet anticipation!!!

GIF art by Kate Bones
Hurry! Hurry! The circus is coming to town! One night only! #roisinmurphylive

[ Found.ee Link ]

Limited tickets available for Ferndale and Montréal - due to overwhelming demand, Toronto show has been moved to the Phoenix Theatre. Image by Daniel Robert Dinu
Finished in Ibiza. Now to mentally prepare for Canada and USA!!! #roisinmurphylive

Limited tickets still available for Montréal and Ferndale, Michigan: [ Found.ee Link ]
Shooting #brutalism @wmag my coat @kataszegedi ❤
Whatever released along with an intense B-side!!!! Go ahead knock yourself out…. [ Found.ee Link ]
I got nuff big-ups for the little video I made for Whatever at BUG 52!! Shown on the BIG SCREEN at NAtional Film Theatre the other night!!

[ Bit.ly Link ]

[ Bugvideos.co.uk Link ]
I am REALLY getting into this directing lark! #videoart #roisinmurphydirects

Róisín Murphy - Whatever (Official Video)