Welcome little Prince.

You have stolen our hearts and filled it with the greatest Love and Joy imaginable.

We are all healthy, happy and ever grateful for our 4.18 kg bundle of joy.

My little boy, this world is your oyster...
Love is patient...

Patiently waiting upon our little boy. Hurry up!

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"To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven."

~Ecclesiastes 3:1

This year was filled with wonderful seasons, may your 2017 be colourful, memorable and successful.

A season for everything you have dreamed about...
Today is the day to celebrate Unconditional Love...

Merry Christmas

May your hearts be filled with joy and peace as you celebrate this special day with your loved ones.

PS: Exactly two years ago you asked for my hand and I experience your love every day. The true example of love between a man and his bride, the love God created to give us the slightest idea of His Love for us.
Beauty fades, but the beauty of the heart remains...

I can think of so many people I could tag in this, how about you?

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Showered with gifts from the family today, but our greatest gift is the one from Above...

Our little Boy!

#ItsABoy #Blessed #BestDad
Last year this time I prepared myself for continuing my medical studies after traveling for two years, and can now officially say that I am a final year medical student!

The end of year exams went well and I am truly grateful

#Medicine #Health
Congratulations Stephanie!

You are embarking on the journey of a lifetime...

Welcome to the family

What a marvelous day for the beach!

Food for thought today: "To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die"

Olga-Maré for Werner Wessels Collective
Today marks a very special day in my life...

Exactly two years ago I walked this stage, no longer as Miss South Africa, but as the reigning Miss World.

I will be ever grateful for everything I have experienced since that day, and oh how many marvelous things it has been.

I sometimes wonder why all of these blessings come my way and feel guilty at times. All I can say is that my heart is...
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Early Christmas surprise just arrived from adidas!

Getting my Post-Baby-Body back is going to be much more fun

Thanks @LisaEhlers for being so thoughtful
My life right now...

Sleep Beach ⛱ Eat Sleep ... Repeat

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Relaxing like there's no tomorrow!

So impressed with my online shopping experience... Easy to order and delivered straight to my door, wherever I am.

PS: The True Colour range smells like heaven!

[ Garyromhaircare.co.za Link ]

Gary Rom Hairdressing
So blessed to live in a country that I love so dearly, countless childhood memories have been made here... And many more to come for our little one

Can't believe what one night's good rest can do... Feel like a new person!

#BeautySleep #WhileIStillCan
Just finished writing my last paper for the year!

Packed and on our way to my favourite place on earth. It is now time for family, rest and awaiting our little miracle...

So grateful!
Happy birthday dear Mireia! May your day and year ahead be filled with everything you have dreamed of!
What my life consists of lately...

????...Study, study and more studying... ????

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