Amazing Snow tricks with the kids! Haha thanks for sharing :) full video here - [ Link ]
Last night was insane! Vanilla Ice had the place frozen solid! Thanks for sharing :)
The absolute impossible has just happened!! So many days before we expected it! I cannot believe this! I feel like I could sit and thank each and everyone of you for hours! We are so blessed to have you as part of our little growing family. Thank you. We love you :) see you tomorrow! SMILE MORE!! :)
WARNING!! This is what happens when you light 3,000 Bottle rockets at the same time with a flamethrower!!
1,000 lighters into a bonfire. DO NOT TRY THIS!
I can not believe the amount of support we have recieved about having another baby! I am so excited for this and can't wait to have another little monster running around! Family is everything! Thank you so much for all the support :) Incase you missed the announcement, here is a little clip. Thanks for everything. Smile More
My entire life my Dad has dreamed of one day owning his very own Corvette. Yesterday I made his dream come true. Happy Birthday Dad. You are my hero! Enjoy your brand new ZO6!! :)
Very crazy story!! Not sure how I should start this. First of all I have always been very into saltwater aquariums. Years and years ago when I didn't have much of anything I would go hustle my friend todd that owns a coral farm for $10 dollar corals to put in my little tiny fish tank. I honestly struggled to buy anything above $10! Here is where the story gets funny, A few years ago I was...
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THIS IS INSANE!! Have you ever seen sparklers in super slow motion!?
One of the greatest parts about my job is experiencing things I may have never got to do in my life before I decided to make that jump! Not the jump in this picture.. The jump from sitting around working a job I didn't love to working as hard as I could to find the job I did love. Kind of like "Do what you have to do so you can do what you want to do" If you don't love what you do, Get up and...
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When I look at some of the things I have gotten to do over the years I'm always distracted by who's right beside me through all of it. We started with nothing together, Most people said we wouldn't make it more than a couple months... No doubt this girl is and always will be my Woman Crush Wednesday!! That being said I also have to thank you reading this for being such a massive part of our...
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This week in LA I got to crash a brand new BMW i8 all day to prank some of my close buddies :) Here is the video. Please share with a friend. Thanks everyone! [ Link ] #Tossthetube

Car Crash Prank!!

HUGE Thanks to my partners Scott Tube-Free for showing how the toilet paper tubes we use have a big impact on the environment. Check this out!!! - http://bit...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this award! Last night we made history in New York City. I single handedly had more public votes than any other nominee in the history of the award show. My viewers are everything to me! I owe you big time for this one. Thanks for making me Smile More :) You are Beautiful! Thank you.