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This blue accent couch pops against the creme colored rug and beautifully matches the wall. A simple chandelier, not too fancy but still elegant, ties together this chic room.
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This warm room is elegant and inviting with its endearing family painting. It's simple and clean look is topped with the soft pink shell on the coffee table.
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Bedrooms don’t have to be full of décor to be dramatic. This room is elegant yet simple, with a few smaller paintings and a bright sunburst mirror over the bed.
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Add an heirloom or flea market find to your next table setting or party. Even if it doesn’t match the décor, the piece will give a special flavor to the air.
There’s nothing like a chandelier to provide some classic elegance. The lighting is the key feature in this room, and the more subtle chairs and table allow the eye to focus on the hanging crystals.
Neutrals rule this room, but the gold on the walls is just colorful enough to make it feel vibrant and fun.
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A warming spring color like sage or forest green makes breakfast in bed even more charming.
Divide storage space into sections to avoid the appearance of clutter.
Beachy decor can easily look tacky when purchased from major chains. Label and hang your own sea shells in distressed frames for coastal accents that won't look hokey.
Blue and white is the go-to palette for coastal homes, but shake it up a bit: go with traditional colors for the entryway, and have your adjacent room be peach-toned. The differing shades keep it interesting but still complement one another.
Upcycling: the best challenge to see how truly creative you are!

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You can still be romantic on Valentine's Day without a beau. Gather your friends for a romantically-decorated friendship tea party! One of our favorite bloggers Lidy Baars has written a wonderful guide on showing how to set the prettiest tea table for the occasion.

Host A Valentine’s Friendship Tea
Battery-operated candlestick sconces allow you to maintain a historically regal theme without sacrificing modern technology.
Consider adding French porcelain to your display shelves for a piece of history just as romantic as your home.

Learn the History and Collecting Basics
Crisp and clean. What would you add to this room?
You want a living room reminiscent of the French countryside…and a TV certainly isn't helping that image. Here's how to hide it without sacrificing your decor theme:

DIY Stylish Ways to Disguise Your Flat Screen TV
An antique floral tapestry dresses up a room with a wooden dining set, which could have otherwise been dull and stiff.
Pick a flower and make it your tea table's theme: it'll be a treat to the eyes to see the same flowers on your tea cups frosted onto cupcakes and freshly displayed in vases.
This lovely arrangement is from Diane Sedo of Tea Cups and Cupcakes and Sentimental Celebrations.
A bouquet of roses is expected—surprise your loved one a little more this Valentine's Day with our special arrangement (it even includes kale!)

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