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Add these pretty pieces of shimmering glassware to your vintage collection!

Collect Carnival Glass: Iridescent Magic from the Early 1900s
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Create a charming cottage aura in the bedroom with a faint pastel color on the walls and plaid on the bed. A creamy bed frame, especially one adorned with a faux wreath or vines, especially enhances the look.
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Want to transform a room outfitted with shabby furnishings from girlish to chic? Add antique decor like portraits featuring past century fashionistas and a tri-fold mirror.
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How are you planning on setting the table for tea time this Valentine's Day?
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Valentine's Day is less than a month away! You're going to want all the time you can get to try out each of these beautiful and heavy-on-pink recipes.

Seven Valentine Treats for a Sweet Holiday - Romantic Homes
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Don't cram all your lovely vintage pieces on one shelf. Here are our tips on organizing your collectibles for an organized, visually-pleasing kitchen:

7 Tips for Organizing Vintage Kitchen Collectibles - Romantic Homes
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Play with your whites! Contrasting off-white shades like ivory and eggshell against a stark-white piece (like the oven pictured) creates dimension in this humble kitchen.
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Here is a closeup on the corner of the bedroom featured last week! Instead of using a chandelier as lighting, enhance the vintage charm of a shabby room by hanging an antique bird cage with a candle inside.
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Make your keys part of the decor scheme! Hang them using ribbons that correspond with the kitchen's color palette. Throw in a few vintage keys just for decoration.
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Love the coastal style, but scared of your home appearing too thematic? You don't need seashells and starfishes for your living room to emanate a seaside effect—instead, pair a sand-colored fiber rug with soft blue accents in the furnishings and wall art.
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Use this time now before Valentine's Day to start collecting vintage Valentines for yourself and loved ones. If you look extra hard, you can score a few gems dating clear back to the 1800s!

Collect Vintage Valentines for Cute Decorating and Gifts Ideas - Romantic Homes
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Sun's out, appetizers out! Are you already planning the menu for your upcoming outdoor dinner parties as we leave winter?
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Touches of history from the Victorian era—as well as a homemade breakfast platter—make this charming room extra romantic.
This lovely room was photographed and styled by Melinda Graham of Surroundings by Melinda.

Ready of Romance – Romantic Bedroom Tour - Romantic Homes
Is your living room suffering from a lack of romance, but you're afraid of clashing with the current theme? Furnish your chairs or sofa with monogrammed pillows that feature a single cursive initial for a subtle charming touch to the room.
It's the first #tuesdayteaparty of the year! This calls for an especially colorful—and floral—occasion. We'd love to see pictures of the artwork on your tea sets.
This charming arrangement was styled by Diane Sedo of Sentimental Celebrations and Tea Cups and Cupcakes, and photographed by Jickie Torres.
A ruffled sofa skirt instantly transforms this living room into a modern day French parlor—especially complementary with the room's pink accents.
New year, new home—but you don't need to go on an extravagant shopping trip to update your home for 2017. Some of our favorite bloggers show us easy fixes on how to make your home even more beautiful:

Get Inspired Online: Ideas to Refresh Your Home
In a dark bedroom, opt for a delicate bed frame to keep its ornate features from making the room too solemn.
Have a shabby Sunday everyone! You don't need to incorporate multiple paint shades to save a room from washing out. Place a few especially distressed vintage pieces in a white bedroom to create visual points of interest.
Welcome to the first Saturday of 2017! What better way to celebrate than with a lazy morning in your wonderfully cozy bed?