So happy having one of Nashville's best songwriters The REAL Victoria Shaw music/friend page at Acme Feed & Seed hang with us tonight! #nashville
I've got all the basics covered for National Margarita Day. Pick one! #DrinkNumberJuan
Rainy LA morning. Gonna kayak to my tee time.
Great night last night in Windsor. Woke up to THIS outside my bus. Guess they don't know about my net. #canadiangeese
Dinner in Windsor, Canada. Found enough bar seats for me and the boys. See you tonight at Caesars Windsor! #Canada

Ron White @Ron_White
Windsor! We're headed north! Bringin some Number Juan Tequila n a little gambling bank to party with you. See you tonight at Caesars Windsor! Few tickets left at #canada
If you're looking for the bar, it's under the massive Liberace're welcome. See you kids tonight for 2 shows at Rialto Square Theatre!
Come out and see us in Beverly Hills at Herb Alpert's Vibrato Grill Jazz tonight!

Margo Rey at Vibrato

Happy Valentines Day from your significant stoner. #HappyValentinesDay
We've all been there, brother. It was probably time for a new putter anyway.

John Daly throws putter into lake, WDs from Champions Tour event
Come on out and spend Wednesday night with us in Beverly Hills at Herb Alpert's Vibrato Grill Jazz!

Margo Rey at Vibrato

We. Have. Arrived! It's Friday, Vegas! Pour yourself a strong one and I'll see you tonight The Mirage Hotel and Casino! Tickets avail at #miragewknd
Looks like I finally have a reason to go to Singapore. Firing up Tater Air!

KFC launch the Chizza… a pizza with a FRIED CHICKEN base
Great time watching the Super Bowl last night with friends. For those of you who asked, my brisket rocked the party.
Saturday night bus ride.

Ron White @Ron_White
‪Great shows this weekend in Rockford, Toledo, & Altoona. Thanks for comin out...crackin a new bottle of Number Juan Tequila for the ride home. ‬
Rockford! What the fuck is a Beef A Roo? Hope it goes with Number Juan Tequila! See you tonight at Coronado Theatre!
‪After show in Toledo at the Stranahan Theater & Great Hall. On the bus with Big Gay Dave and Comedian Rocky LaPorte. Puttin you kids to bed. #Ohio

Ron White @Ron_White
Freezing in Toledo, but a few locals said these dogs w hot peppers would warm us up.
‪Rollin down the road to Toledo with Rocky LaPorte and the boys...on our way to Stranahan Theater & Great Hall tonight! #Ohio

Ron White @Ron_White