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A bit of Tuesday motivation is Portuguese today: While this phrase literally means "to take the horse away from the rain", it actually means "to never give up".
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Did you know that of the 45 presidents of the United States, at least half were fluent in another language?! Impressive!
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Chinese speakers use an interesting term of endearment: "chen yu luo yan". It's derived from an old Chinese anecdote that means a woman with overwhelming beauty, who makes the fish sink and the wild geese fall. What terms of endearment do you use with your loved ones?
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How do you communicate with a new civilization?

Experience language learning on another level in the Oscar nominated film Arrival - now on Blu-Ray and Digital HD!
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Can you believe it's already Friday?! This week has flown by and has us struggling to say this German phrase as fast as possible. Go ahead - give it a go!
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Love is love, no matter what language you say it in. Happy Valentine's Day from Rosetta Stone!
Hello Monday yoga classes!... Which are always better with the right partner
Today is World Radio Day! Radio, an invention that changed the world, has proved to be an influential medium for entertainment, information, and communication. Billions of conversations have been exchanged on the airwaves and there are billions more to come!
The French use the petname "mon petit chou" referring to a pastry called "chou à la crème” (a cream puff)—thus, something sweet and delicious, like your love.
Who says a friend (pronounced "droog" in Russian) can't make a great valentine?
In Japanese, "Koi No Yokan" is the sense upon first meeting a person that the two of you will fall in love (aw!). Have you ever experienced this feeling?
If only all tree leaves were heart shaped! Share with the swedest people in your life
Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and our sweet tooth is getting großer. Alles Gute zum Valentinstag!
Pardon our French, but we can't get un oeuf of this Valentine!
Did you know there are words—known as “ghost words”— that have at times appeared in the dictionary because of printing errors? For example, the nonexistent word “dord” was in the dictionary for 8 years in the mid-20th century.
Yuck, the groundhog says 6 more weeks of winter! ❄ But here's a fun fact for you: In southeastern Pennsylvania, Groundhog Day is celebrated with “fersommlinge,” social events at which only Pennsylvania German dialect is allowed. Those who speak English are asked to pay a “penalty” of a few coins or more per word.
So many things to do, so little time! Don't be deceived by the literal meaning of this Japanese phrase: "One who chases after two hares will not catch even one"

It is meant to mean: "If you try two things at once, you will fail both."
新年好! Happy Chinese New Year! Today marks the start of the Year Of The Rooster and is celebrated with hopes for success and profits.
Did you know that aviation has its own language? All pilots have to identify themselves and speak in English while flying, regardless of their origin. English is “the language of the air!”
Considering recent Oscar nominations, we want to know: what's your favorite foreign language film of all time?