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Chills. Words by bad-ass bitch Nina Donovan, performed the the epic Ashley Judd.
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Hey you guys!

So, unfortunately it’s been decided that I won’t be hosting The Binge this year. But, onwards and upwards! This year, I’ll be publishing my second book, going on a national tour for my second one-woman comedy show, I’ll be writing for and appearing on a couple of shows on aussie tv, I have other podcasts coming to your ears AND I’ll be writing my third book as FICTION! Which...
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This is it. Yikes. (via The New Yorker)
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#nofilter #justsleepandlotsofwater
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PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: The Bachelor is currently taking applications, and if everyone could please troll them like the hilarious writer Jo Robin that would be much apreesh kthxbai

"I applied to be on The Bachelor, and it was weirdly therapeutic."
When you get a clear perspective on shit. #WWTD
This is everything.
Mama demanded high tea before she goes home tomorrow.
First useless yet brilliant purchase of 2017: this ASOS bag shaped like a dinosaur. Regrets felt: none.
My one word for 2017: Tony. And only having people in my life who are as loving and loyal and funny as him. What Would Tony Do? That's my new motto. #WWTD
It's still so surreal to me that there's only five minutes left in 2016, which is the last year that Tony and I will ever be alive at the same time. I don't like that after this, there is a year in my memory that doesn't include him. I don't like it at all.
NYE and pizza with my Mama, who has been staying with me for the last month. She has been sober for 6 months, which is the longest she's been sober since I've been, you know, alive. So that's like, a thirty-year record for her. It's a big deal. Very proud of her, and also very proud that she looks at pizza with the same amount of love that I do. #eatadick2016
What a bizarre clusterfuck this year has been. I'm giving 2016 the send-off it deserves: in pyjamas, with unwashed hair, eating chips straight from the bag while in bed. I'll celebrate new beginnings tomorrow. #eatadick2016 #bythelawofaverages2017hastobeabitlessshit #imeanidontreallyunderstandaveragesbutwhenyouapplymathstosomethingitsoundslikealegittheory
Can I just quietly say that in all the beautiful tributes today, I've seen nobody mention Drop Dead Fred, in which Carrie Fisher starred in what was one of the most influential female roles of my childhood. The powerful job. The awesome powersuits. The no bullshit advice. Who wants to be the exhausting, pretty lead when you can be the hilarious bad ass bitch who is not even close to taking any...
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"There was something not only self-healing about the self-deprecation with which Fisher discussed her own life, but healing for others, too."

I have always hoped to one day write as well as Carrie Fisher. A brilliant, hilarious, intelligent and talented woman who truly gave zero fucks. She drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra.

Carrie Fisher's Beautifully Tumultuous, Accomplished, And Hilarious Life
I love that I get to enjoy giving him this but don't have to deal with the consequences of him actually owning it.
OMFG all of these are so on point I can't even. Women are epic fucking geniuses. (With special mention to number 88 and number 95, both of which I've dealt with in the last few days.)

100 Tweets That Made Women Laugh Their Asses Off In 2016
Christmas space wars. #xmas2016
Best book ever. #xmas2016
The best aunty in the world buys you a Nerf gun that's taller than you. His mum is thrilled.