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Rosie Waterland
4 hours 16 minutes ago. Facebook
OMGBURGERS you guys!! iTunes has named The Binge one of its top favourite podcasts for 2016!! Watching TV while drinking wine and not wearing pants has really paid off.
Rosie Waterland
yesterday at 23:46. Facebook
Rosie Waterland
yesterday at 04:28. Facebook
Sister bitches.
Rosie Waterland
yesterday at 02:28. Facebook
My big sister Rhiannon is graduating from Nursing today! She did it while working full-time with two kids. SHE IS A STAR. #thegraduate
Rosie Waterland
12/08/2016 at 07:43. Facebook
An all-female Aussie sketch show. GET ON IT. ABC2 9:30 pm.

A new Australian comedy is launching tonight, and it will blow your socks off.

Rosie Waterland
12/07/2016 at 07:50. Facebook
I can't go five minutes without buying him shit. Nunchucks tho.
Rosie Waterland
12/05/2016 at 23:41. Facebook
Damn this is such a good piece of writing. Heartbreaking and brilliant from Patton Oswalt.

Patton Oswalt’s Year of Magical Parenting

Rosie Waterland
12/05/2016 at 03:59. Facebook
Omg burgers you guys! I'm in this new comedy writing book where a bunch of comedy people have each done some comedy writing. Y'all should buy it because of all the comedy! Comedy. #comedy
Rosie Waterland
12/04/2016 at 09:57. Facebook
CHRISTMAS: Rosie-style. #somethingtheotherwordsohchristmastree
Rosie Waterland
12/04/2016 at 02:42. Facebook
Crying actual tears, laughing hysterically by myself. The most random memes set me off.
Rosie Waterland
12/03/2016 at 01:54. Facebook
Eight workmen in my apartment from 8am-4pm changing all the windows. Not quite sure what to do away from my television on a Saturday. Seriously, what do people do? Dumplings and movies is the current solution.
Guys. My glorious soulmate - Oshie's Hair - has been waiting far too long to be awarded the Gold Logie that he more than deserves. Please vote for him, so Queen Sandra Sully can give him one precious night out of the Channel Ten dungeon to make his hair extra stiff, walk up on stage, accept his award, and thank his one true love; me. [ Confirmit.com.au Link ]
#logies #Osher4Gold...
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Alright guys as promised: A recap of the date I went on last night. My date has also written his own version so... Let's see how they compare hahahaha #MediaPowerCouple

Rosie Waterland went on a date last night, and she wants to tell you all about it.

Remember when you pretended like you thought Dolly Doctor was lame, but as soon as you got home you immediately read over all the questions and advice a hundred times, just to make sure you were normal, and that ingrown pube didn't mean you were dying? There's a whole section in my book and a whole bit in my recent comedy show about how Dolly Doctor taught me everything I needed to know about...
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This is officially the start of an epic Media Power Couple. #firstdate #weddingcomingsoon
OMG BURGERS YOU GUYS The Binge HAS REACHED OVER A MILLION DOWNLOADS!!!! So if you're not listening, clearly you're not down with the hip kidz with a z. Thanks so much to everyone who loves our lil show. Here's this week's ep - a massive Gilmore Girls debrief, Mariah throwing diamonds at the wall and a big fight about Embarrassing Bodies (I love it, obviously).

THE BINGE THIS WEEK | We need to talk about the one character who saved the Gilmore Girls reboot.

In other non-tinder-date-related news, today I crossed a Gorman threshold. I now use the word Gorman as a verb. My life is Gormaning. I Gorman-d. I Gorman.
This is not a good sign you guys. #possiblemediapowercouple
The following exchange just occurred with the other half of my possible media power couple. Of course he would see me when I'm braless/greasy-haired/exhausted. Of course. Let's see if he still wants that date hahahahahaha. #fml #typical #myhairisreallysoftnowtho
These new tea towels are officially now my second favourite thing in the kitchen behind wine. From the legends at Kitchen Language. #probsstillwontcleanuptho