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Red Carpet KWEENS. #FancyPremiereLyf #DanceAcademyMovie
Rosie Waterland
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Walking the red carpet with my niecey at the #DanceAcademyMovie premiere. No professionals wanted to take our photo. Can't imagine why.
Rosie Waterland
03/22/2017 at 14:09. Facebook
So I have reached a place where I now just keep Parmesan cheese on my bedside table. I guess I've also decided that being in a relationship is overrated.
Rosie Waterland
03/21/2017 at 06:36. Facebook
Got caught in the storm so obviously I had no choice but to eat dumplings. Obviously.
Marion the Boss. Total life goals.
Sooooo many people have been asking me if I'll be doing another podcast.

The answer is yes! And it's with my mum. My mum says I'm a massive liar, and we are going to talk about that on air.

I am going to go through every chapter of my memoir, on air, with my mum, and she and I are going to talk about how it makes her feel. And since that book details my pretty shitty childhood as a result of...
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MY LOVER. (Legit don't normally post so many cat pics but Boo is being unusually affectionate and I need to capture it while it lasts.)
Just chillin' with my boyfriend, forcing him to love me.
And thanks to my bffl Jacob who came with me because my default position is to always be terrified. #iwd2017
Was so honoured to be the keynote speaker at The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne International Women's Day event. To speak to an audience of women whose careers are dedicated to helping kids who are struggling, the kind of women who were there for me in my childhood, it was really special. #iwd2017 #beboldforchange
Best women in my life. #sisters #iwd2017
Guys! Sam Dastyari needs your help to name his book. I reckon One Halal of a Story. Although I am drinking a lime Midori Splice in this picture so maybe don't listen to me.
New podcast obsession: Missing Richard Simmons. So, so, so, so, good.
You guys! Putting the finishing touches on my second book RIGHT NOW. It's called 'Every Lie I've Ever Told'.

I go to some weird and personal places, from admitting that sometimes I fart on my hand and smell it just because I'm curious, to talking about how I've handled the recent death of my soulmate Antonio.

As usual, it's a pretty mixed bag. Coming soon! Will keep you...
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So I had dinner with my childhood girlfriends a couple of weeks ago. We've known each other since we were 10, and in between getting pissed and eating lots of food that night, we realised something: WE ARE ALL BRILLIANT WOMEN WHO HAVE ENDED UP LIVING OUR DREAMS.

From left: me, who from the time I was a little kid, loved tv and wanted to be a writer. I now write books and tv shows for a...
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My sister's third baby is due soon. Today I was buying her pyjamas to wear after the birth and she was very specific about needing dark colours and at first I thought that was a style choice but then I thought more about it and realised that needing dark-coloured pants after pushing a baby out of your vag is not a style choice. My face has been like this since.