Rosie Waterland
02/23/2017 at 08:48. Facebook
My sister's third baby is due soon. Today I was buying her pyjamas to wear after the birth and she was very specific about needing dark colours and at first I thought that was a style choice but then I thought more about it and realised that needing dark-coloured pants after pushing a baby out of your vag is not a style choice. My face has been like this since.
Rosie Waterland
02/20/2017 at 04:37. Facebook
My little sister said I should eat before we go to the gym. Nailed it. #fitness #cleanliving
Rosie Waterland
02/20/2017 at 01:23. Facebook
Best thing to see before stepping out into the world each day. #alwayslookup
SOON MY PRECIOUS. SOON. #emmy #tvwriting
My boyfriend showing zero interest in me on V day. Do you think if I asked nicely he'd follow me around the world taking insufferable photos of me pretending to look like I don't know my photo is being taken in front of famous landmarks?
Hey Rosie, I love you so much!
Oh my gosh Rosie I love you too!
Did you just get your lashes did?
Yes! Thanks for noticing!
You're the best Rosie.
You too Rosie. Happy V Day.
Lol. 'V' as in VAGINA.
Ugh. We're the worst.
Ha. Yeah.
WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED I NEED TO KNOW. Apparently it just broke in half by accident and they immediately gave her a new one backstage. WHY COULDN'T THE STORIES BE REAL? I so badly wanted this to be a Cady Heron moment.

People think Adele broke her Grammy in two and gave half to BeyoncΓ©
Legit my dream relationship.
My big sister has two kids and is 7 months pregnant with her third. And she lives out west. Wet & Wild is the only answer.
So, SO proud to have been part of the writing team for this fantabulous, amazeballs new show. Can't wait for you all to see it!

This super mature lady is on her way to you Melbourne.
The oldest of old school bffls. We all didn't get asked out by boys together.
Legit my oldest friend. Used to sit alone on the playground with this bitch when we were nine because nobody else laughed at our jokes.