Ross Lynch
Ross Lynch
yesterday at 18:18. Facebook
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OK party people, new R5 contest for this summer:
Win A FREE R5 CONCERT PARTY for You And 10 Friends!
Party with your friends at one of the upcoming R5 concerts - ([ Link ]

Here's exactly what you need to do:
1. download the app - [ Link ]
2. click the yellow + sign then pick music
3. go to the folder titled #NextWaveJune
4. Select our song #IF
5. Make an...
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Events - R5
Ross Lynch
Ethan Pardo
Daniel Paul Miller
We're on tour in about a week, who's coming to see us?
[ Link ]

Events - R5
Monique Gomez
Angie Loor Molina
Yeimi Segura
Valen Castañeda Garcia
Natalia Beń
Tia Ly Payia
I hope to see your face in the audience. [ Link ]

Events - R5
Brian Tyler
Vicki Seitz
Katie Dunn
Skye Miller
Hannah Hibben
J.P. Schrader
Yesterday we went to Young Hollywood to perform two acoustic songs on live stream. This is "if" and "Lay Your Head Down".

[ Link ]
Tanya Osterman
Ceci Morel
Nickie Demarco
David Lynch
Gusyluz Ortiz
Paola Lizeth Rodriguez
Katelyn Cooper
Katelyn Cooper
Vanesiita Martinez De Lynch
Karina Araujo
Evelitha Inoñan G
Sandra Gallegos
Hello Mexico, we coming to see you.
Hello Mexico we coming to see you
Lucy Lopez
Vitoria Carolina
Karen Mustache
Breen Gutierrez
Ailen Gomez
Alma Csuday
Rendi Driver Roberts
Dayana Lucy
Alexis Taylor
Candee Karbiche
Thaynara Karla Moraes
Miniweb Avril
EVERYONE ITS FRIDAY! The weekend is just about here, its a beautiful day, and i have some new jams for you. --- [ Link ] ---

Im very excited to share this with you. I hope it hits you right in the heart. <3

Connecting to the iTunes Store.
Lorine Bouhadjeb
Breen Gutierrez
Catalina Paez Figueroa
Lluwellynne Hitchcock
Josie Meredith
Han Trinh
Ariana Castro Alanya
Sam Marshall
Florendo Saclayan
Come and hear the new tunes. We also have a listening party / VIP right before these two shows. Get tickets and info at
Come and hear the new tunes We also have a listening party
Michelle Galarza Lynch
Langley Melissa Chang
Eliana Santiago
David Lynch
Donald W. Blake
Nayi Rmg
If you want to hear new R5 music before it is released - this is the show to come to! NYC and LA. Only limited tickets. I am really looking forward to these shows, haven't played live in a while. Put your dancing shoes on.
If you want to hear new R5 music before it is released
Carol KB
Malene Dypevik
Donald W. Blake