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Don't miss out on great events at #Rotary17 like the Centennial Block Party, Habitat Home Build and Peace Tour. Buy your tickets now: [ Link ]
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Rotary members in Philadelphia and Wales worked together to bring 10-year-old Megan Sadler to the U.S. for spinal surgery and provided a warm welcome for her and her family.
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Rotary member Annemarie Mostert founded a nonprofit in South Africa that combines socially responsible business with sustainable projects to empower vulnerable people through skills and development. [ Link ]
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Rotary clubs marked our 112th anniversary on 23 February with celebrations and fundraisers around the world. View photos: [ Link ]
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In 1915, Rotary founder Paul Harris couldn't imagine what Rotary would be in one hundred years. Today on our 112th anniversary, we have grown to 1.2 million members serving their communities and creating positive change. View photos: [ Link ]
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Today is Rotary's 112th anniversary! Together we have taught young people to read, improved access to clean water and fought disease. Thank you for everything you do. View a gallery of celebrations and send us your photos: [ Link ]
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Rotary clubs around the world will mark Rotary’s 112th anniversary on 23 February by holding fundraisers, illuminating famous buildings, and hosting community events. Send us your celebration photos to be featured on our blog: [ Link ]
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Rotary member Jerry Leggett is spreading the message of peace via a unique Peace Hub Tour. This mobile space is facilitating conversations about peacebuilding through community visits and meeting with local Rotary clubs. [ Link ]
Rotary member Roger Frank built a replica iron lung to teach a new generation about polio. [ Link ]
Lt. D.F. Pace takes the lessons of the Rotary peace program to the streets of Philadelphia. [ Link ]
Rotary and USAID - US Agency for International Development are creating Tippy Tap devices to encourage good hygiene in remote areas of Ghana. Find out more about our work together: [ Link ]
Rotary clubs in Australia and New Zealand had enough of domestic violence in their communities and are raising awareness and funds for prevention and victim support. [ Link ]
Gary Haugen and the International Justice Mission have relieved more than 28,000 people from oppression and violence. Read about their work: [ Link ]
With only 20 cases of polio in Pakistan last year, the country is getting closer to ending the disease. Find out how they gained success with a new plan. [ Link ]
Today is the last day to enter The Rotarian Magazine photo contest. Submit your photo for a chance to be featured in the pages of our magazine. Enter: [ Link ]
Through our work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation we have pushed polio to the brink of eradication. Last year, there were only 37 cases worldwide. Find out how we will get to zero. [ Link ]
Join us at our 2017 Convention in Atlanta to see Bill Gates share how we can — and will — end polio together.
Over the past 16 years, Dr. Yoshi Sekiba has led Rotary members to India to immunize children against polio. In January 2017, more than 60 Japanese Rotary members traveled to India to take part in a National Immunization Day and help keep the country polio-free.
Rotary clubs partner together to create access to education for women in India through a Rotary grant. #TRF100 [ Link ]
Our members are celebrating The Rotary Foundation centennial with this impressive float in the Taiwan Lantern Festival. How are you celebrating?