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Ahead of tomorrow's Unite for Europe march, here's something to read while the paint dries on your placard – 10 artworks at the heart of political movements, from the 1950s to today:

Protest power: 10 artworks that spilled into the street | Blog | Royal Academy of Arts
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Soviet design gave us dynamic geometry, bold typography and minimalist colour palettes. Here's former New York Times art director Steve Heller on the motifs you need to know.

Five design ideas to take from the Russian Revolution
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Video: take a look inside our exhibition ‘Revolution: Russian Art 1917 – 1032’ and hear from our curators about why this fascinating period in art history is sometimes misunderstood: [ Link ]

Inside the show: art of the Russian Revolution | Blog | Royal Academy of Arts
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We're looking for a new Technical Lead for our Digital Development team. You'll need to be experienced, passionate and confident that you can build and nurture a high-performing technical team. Sound like you or someone you know? Full details below:

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The title ‘American Landscape’ might conjure up images of rolling Iowa fields or the Rocky Mountains, but those were the last things the painter of this work had in mind. Charles Sheeler believed that every age left behind the physical evidence of its society’s values and culture – and in the rush of industrialism that dominated the 1920s and ‘30s, that meant railroads, canals, massive...
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While it’s business as usual in the galleries, elsewhere at the RA major building work is transforming the Academy for 2018. Exhibition designer Adrien Gardère and RA President Christopher Le Brun explore how …

Behind the scenes: a new home for the RA Collections | Royal Academy of Arts
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One of the most important artists of the 20th century, Jasper Johns, takes over our galleries in autumn. Tickets are going on sale very soon. Be the first to hear when tickets are released by signing up to our emails here: [ Link ]
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“When I’m in the studio, I don’t want to think about how the sculptures will fare once they leave. I have themes and motifs and interests that I want to follow, and I don’t want to be conditioned by – or know about – anybody else’s problems.”

At his new show at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Tony Cragg RA discusses the journey from German studio to Yorkshire hill:

Tony Cragg: "sculpture is a vital sign" | Blog | Royal Academy of Arts
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Edward Hopper in 60 seconds: Tim Marlow introduces the American realist painter whose depictions of life in early 20th-century America are some of the most distinctive and recognisable in art history. See his work in ‘America after the Fall: Painting in the 1930s’ until 4 June 2017:
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Five graphic design ideas that came from the Russian Revolution, by designer, author and former The New York Times art director, Steven Heller. Read it: [ Link ]
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Installation view of Revolution: Russian Art 1917–1932 at the Royal Academy of Arts. Photo © James Harris
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Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin isn’t a well-known name in the west, but things could have been very different had a certain building ever been made.

Initially trained as a painter of religious icons for churches, Petrov-Vodkin’s shift to revolutionary art came easily. The artist embraced the ideals of the revolution, quickly recasting the youths and maidens he had painted prior to 1917 as soldiers...
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Tim Marlow gives a 60-second introduction to Kazimir Malevich, the artist whose bold experimentations with form and colour led him to create one of the most radical and influential paintings in the history of art - The Black Square. See his work in 'Revolution: Russian Art 1917–1932'.
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We're celebrating the first day of spring with Mark Fisher RA's 'An Orchard in the Spring'. Fisher worked in the open air to capture the joys of the warm countryside. #SpringEquinox
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If recreating artworks by Monet or Dalí seems like a bit of a tall order, why not try one of their recipes instead? From the vegetarian delights served for up to 60 people at Olafur Eliasson Hon RA's Berlin studio to a roast pheasant recipe favoured by Bob and Roberta Smith RA, this round-up of cookbooks shows that many artists are just as creative in the kitchen as they are on canvas:

The best art books for foodies | Blog | Royal Academy of Arts
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“The reason I make sculpture with worthless, common objects, like pins, is because a pin is the least interesting, most regular item there is. I don’t use gold, silver, bronze or special pigments, and I think people can relate to my work better because of that... I’d love to make art that’s just as accessible as music. ”

Happy Birthday to David Mach RA! Here's a reminder of his amazing...
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Meredith Frampton RA was born on this day in 1894. He gave 'Still Life' as his Diploma Work when he was elected to the Royal Academy in 1942. Find out 'How to Read It': [ Link ]
“What I like about prints is that there’s often a crispness. The older I get the more I appreciate more graphic things. That’s where it’s coming from. I am a floral person, but I like very graphic flowers. "

Cath Kidston talks to Martin Gayford about her artistic tastes, seeking out gems at the London Original Print Fair and why more artists should turn their hand to design:

A designer collection: Cath Kidston on the art in her life | Blog | Royal Academy of Arts
“There were plenty of daredevils who jumped off heights on kites. They crashed. Their names were not recorded. They were considered eccentric. You see before you such an oddity. I want to make a bird. I want to fly.”

Few images better encapsulate the sense of soaring hope and ambition that the Russian Revolution initially inspired among artists than Vladimir Tatlin’s 1932 Letatlin flying...
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#OnThisDay in 1917 Tsar Nicholas II abdicated as ruler of Russia, which ended centuries of Tsarist rule and shook Russian society to its foundations. 'Revolution: Russian Art 1917–1932' explores one of the most momentous periods in modern world history through the lens of its groundbreaking art: