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"Dance marathons, dustbowl farms, brawling sailors, impoverished cotton-pickers... a gripping show".

Opening this Saturday, 'America After the Fall: Painting in the 1930s' gets five stars from The Guardian, which writes that "these are glimpses of the past, but one whose repercussions are felt in the divisions of America today." Find out more at

America after the Fall review – when US art crashed into a fearful modern world
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The figurative painter Boris Grigoriev was one of a number of Russian artists who felt ambivalent about the October Revolution of 1917. In this painting, in which rural farm workers gaze bleakly out of the canvas, he hints at the human toll of the revolution and the turmoil that followed.

On his return from exile in 1917, Lenin had promised the people “Peace, Land, and Bread”. According to...
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George Watts RA would have been 200 today! Here's one of his studies for a wing, thought to be in preparation for 'The Wounded Heron', the first painting to gain him recognition when it was exhibited at the RA's Summer Exhibition in 1837.

Watts Gallery - Artists' Village are celebrating the bicentenary with whole programme of events, including a talk by the President of the RA, Christopher Le...
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"Kissing, cuddling, reeling and sashaying – merry peasants dance through the Flemish woods, all knees-up jubilation, spilling bosoms and stout thighs. Pitchers are raised, wedding musicians puff their bagpipes and the bride sits stolidly before a platter of coins."

In the latest issue of RA Magazine, art critic Laura Cumming explores the The Holburne Museum's latest show – a romp through four...
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Keeping it in the family: the Bruegel dynasty at Holburne Museum | Blog | Royal Academy of Arts
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RA Lates: America Dreaming

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London institution will be at centre of newly rebranded Mayfair Art Weekend this summer

Royal Academy of Arts launches partnership with more than 60 galleries
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Tate's Robert Rauschenberg show is the first of five America-themed exhibitions across Tate, British Museum and the Royal Academy this year! Look out for other Facebook Lives and more on this America season coming soon. Enjoy this tour of Rauschenberg with Konnie Huq.
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The story of Pavel Filonov, now little-known in the west, follows a particularly tragic path through the Russian Revolution. Like many prominent avant-garde artists, he enthusiastically joined the revolution, welcoming the opportunity to produce brave new art and create an entirely new culture. Devoutly committed to socialist principles, Filonov refused to sell his art, aspiring instead to...
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"It’s an aesthetic choice, like making a garden – it’s nature. How much of that nature are you going to allow, and how much will you refuse?"

As his new selling exhibition opens in the Keeper's House, Gary Hume RA discusses painting, printmaking and storytelling:

"It's like making a garden" – Gary Hume RA on printmaking | Blog | Royal Academy of Arts
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“You can now take pictures of more than the eye can see. They contain more information than you can ever remember." Wolfgang Tillmans RA on art, life in the studio, techno - and Brexit.

In the studio with Wolfgang Tillmans RA | Blog | Royal Academy of Arts
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"During a time of intense social anxiety and unrest, a sense emerged that art might be reparative, rather than consolatory, that it could take part in social protest, but also contribute to a democratic celebration of communities and bridge-building." RA Magazine on the extraordinary art of 1930s America: [ Link ]

The reality behind American Gothic
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Facebook and Instagram removed this writer's photo of a Wolfgang Tillmans artwork. What do you think – should nudity be censored on social media?

What Facebook and Instagram’s censorship of my Tillmans post says about our fear of offending
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Tickets for our anticipated Matisse in the Studio exhibition and our annual celebration of contemporary art, the Summer Exhibition, are going on sale soon! Be the first to hear when tickets are released by signing up here:
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Gary Hume RA making a new series of screen prints at the RA Schools, going on sale today in editions of 40. Full range here: [ Link ]

(Image: Gary Hume RA, Keeping Mum, screenprint with woodcut, 69 x 52cm, 2017)
Prominent portrait, landscape and interior artist Richard Jack RA was born on this day in 1866. Richard painted the royal portraits of King George V, Queen Mary and King Alfonso of Spain, and was honoured as a war artist for Canada. Here's his diploma work, given to the RA in 1921, where we can see his daughter 'On the Moors'.
We've recreated the grand entrance of the 1932 Leningrad exhibition 'Fifteen Years of Artists of the Russian Soviet Republic' for the Royal Academy's show, 'Revolution: Russia 1917-1932'. Now open!
Have you ever seen a ballet performed by giants? Come along to our family studio this Sunday for a collaborative, Soviet-inspired block party where we will create large-scale propaganda puppets! Free, no booking required. More info:

Family studio: Russian monster puppet ballet | Event | Royal Academy of Arts
"The deeper the blue becomes, the more strongly it calls man towards the infinite, awakening in him a desire for the pure and, finally, for the supernatural… The brighter it becomes, the more it loses its sound, until it turns into silent stillness and becomes white."

It's thought that the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky had synaesthesia, a condition that allows a person to appreciate...
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