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Royal Alberta Museum
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Kudos to Dr. Ryan McKellar from neighbouring Royal Saskatchewan Museumfor co-authoring this study! This feathered dino was the size of a sparrow; the amber containing its fossilized tail had been polished for jewellery before the discovery was made. [ Bbc.com Link ]

'Beautiful' dinosaur tail found preserved in amber - BBC News

Royal Alberta Museum
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Have you been saving up to get a special something for a loved one?

Inspired by Christmas, this week's #RAMwow is...a penny bank!

Made of cast iron, this penny bank is constructed in the shape of the Trader’s Bank Building in Toronto. The bank gave these to customers for free, but kept the key that was needed to unlock them. Customers dropped coins into the slots along the roofline. To get...
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Royal Alberta Museum
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Good luck guessing what this week's #RAMwow might be...
Royal Alberta Museum
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Happy 49th birthday to us! It’s been a whole year since 36,000 visitors came to celebrate our Glenora site’s closing. Here are some photos from that 48-hour closing party. Can’t wait to see you again soon in our new digs!
Our Wonder of the Week for Nov. 30th is....Captain Shott's hat!

Famed river pilot Louison Fosseneuve (“Captain Shott”) is believed to have inspired the Robert Service poem Athabaska Dick (c.1890 - read it below). Fosseneuve was certainly worth writing about; in 1884, he shot the Athabasca River’s Grand Rapids in a scow loaded with precious cargo heading north. In those days men were scared of...
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Get your guess on! Here's a detail shot of this week's #RAMwow. The test is not just what it is, but to whom it belonged.
The #RAMwow is...a barn owl!

It’s long been rumoured by farmers that barn owls visit Alberta, but we had no proof until 1999! A member of the public found a dead barn owl in Ponoka County and donated it to the museum. There are now about a dozen records of this species in Alberta. Mostly, they have been young birds that came during a mild winter, probably from the west, then died once frigid...
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Happy #RAMwow...any guesses on what this might be?
Happy Children’s Day! In celebration of children, we’re sharing for the first time two artist renderings of our brand-new children’s gallery, an interactive space next to the bug gallery that’s focused on learning through play. It’s going to be gorgeous…just wait until you see the real thing. #ChildrensDay #UN
Do you have small children in your life? If so you might want to visit our Facebook page on Sunday...we're giving you an exciting sneak peek of ~something~ you'll see in the new museum! ???? ???? #ChildrensDay
This week's #RAMwow is a bit hard to guess, so we are revealing it to you right away. The Wonder of the Week is the conservation work done on this incredible feathered headdress from the 1950s.

This headdress was gift of gratitude and appreciation for Ruth Gorman, a lawyer from Calgary who won an important court process for the Samson Cree Nation from Maskwacis. The Gorman family has kindly...
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Do you have childhood memories of our famed "finger rock?" You'll never guess what we used to clean it...

Museum's famed "finger rock" gets a spit polish!

We swear to tell the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth about this rhino tooth that recently came into our collection.

A woman recently brought the specimen to the attention of palaeontologists at RAM and the Royal Tyrrell Museum. She had purchased it as a curiosity at a London flea market in the 1960s, but didn't know which animal it belonged to.

Why would RAM want a modern...
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Here is an early example of a Remembrance Day poppy, which is part of our military history collection. The poppy belonged to the family of Pte. Hubert Lyne Combe, who served with the British Royal Flying Corps during the First World War. Combe lost his leg at Ypres and was picked up after four days in “no man’s land.”

The poppy is made of fabric with a black button at the centre that reads...
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#BehindTheScenes This morning our conservation team rinsed and cleaned a section of water main that was part of the first water piping system in Edmonton. Even cooler - it's made of wood!

The pipe comes from the University district (Saskatchewan Drive and 110 to 111 st). For the last 15 years, it has been in a solution of polyethylene glycol (PEG), which penetrates the wood and acts as a...
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This week's #RAMwow is...the skull of a Beringian wolf! (Great guesswork from many of you this week.)

This wolf skull is around 20,000 years old. It was collected in the Yukon, which was part of Beringia, the northern refuge for wildlife during the ice ages. Beringian wolves probably looked very similar to Alberta’s wolves, but are genetically more similar to Eurasian wolves. This is probably...
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Wednesday already?! The week is flying by. Have a guess on our Wonder of the Week. (Hint: it's 20,000 years old.)
The Wonder of the Week is... a homemade guitar built out of a Model T Ford car door!

Here's the back story: The Thalhumers were a musical family but during the Depression years money was not available to buy additional instruments. At 17, Pete Thalhumer made this steel guitar for his younger brother Joe, who was eager to learn to play. Pete had access to blacksmithing tools because his father...
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Have a guess on our Wonder of the Week! #RAMwow