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Yesterday was #MuseumSelfieDay2017! Here's a retrospective of some fabulous behind-the-scenes staff photos we posted on Instagram and Twitter. The last pic is a new take on the concept of a "museum selfie" - it's a pic of the feature staircase in our new home downtown!
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It's Blue Monday! Whether or not you believe in the notion of a day in January that's the most depressing day of the year, we thought we'd cheer you up with this stunning azurite specimen from our geology collection. Azurite is a copper mineral that is easily identifiable by its deep blue colour. This specimen is 9 cm across and comes from China.
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Our Wonder of the Week is...a tipi rattle!

When Indigenous people used tipis as dwellings, some owners tied a rattle above their tipi door. When someone entered the tipi, they would brush against it, causing the dew-claw pendants to rattle and alerting the people inside to their arrival. This rattle (c.1870) is from the Kainai Nation near Lethbridge, Alta. It is made of bison hide and dew...
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Here's a sneak peak of our Wonder of the Week! Do you know what it is? #RAMwow
#BehindtheScenes RAM conservator Lisa cleans the underside of a 1966 Mercury M-100 pickup truck, which we’ll have on loan from the Reynolds Alberta Museum for display in our new building.

The truck was donated to the Reynolds by Tony Soloway, whose recollections of restoring his uncle’s truck feature into our exhibit.

Lisa’s work consisted largely of surface cleaning and stabilizing loose...
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Many of you guessed this week's #RAMwow correctly! Good job. It's an EMI studio camera, circa 1961, that was used by CFRN television. The heavy camera is mounted on a rotating pedestal so the cameraperson could easily move it when setting up shots.
Every Wednesday, we reveal an object that you'll see in the new museum! Here is a hint pic at this week's #RAMwow (Wonder of the Week). What could it be?
Commonly called “powdered sunshine,” Vulpicida pinastri is a leaf-like lichen found in mountains, foothills and boreal forests of Alberta. You will learn about all sorts of lichen in our natural history galleries at the new museum! #RAMwow
Here's a detail shot of our Wonder of the a clue? #RAMwow #mysteryobject
May your days be merry and bright...
Happy Christmas from the Royal Alberta Museum!
Did you know there’s a candelabra specifically for Hanukkah? It’s called a hanukkiah, and its nine branches symbolize the miracle in the temple where one day’s worth of lamp oil was stretched to eight days. The Jewish Community Council donated this to RAM in the 1970s. Happy Hanukkah!
Ever heard of a soda-blaster? One of our conservators, Lisa, recently used such a machine at the Reynolds Alberta Museum to clean a felling blade, which is used on a Fellerbuncher to grab a group of trees and cut them down together.

Soda blasting is a gentle cleaning process that removes surface corrosion and leaves the patina on the blade. The sodium bicarbonate is literally blasted through...
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This week's #RAMwow is... a paper wasp!

In this photo, you can see a paper wasp emerging from her nest. These social wasps build paper nests to raise their young. Each cell serves as a cradle for one wasp larva. The Bug Gallery in the new museum will have a live paper wasp colony!
#RAMwow Wednesday! This one's a bit of an easy guess...
What a scooooooooooore for our collection! This 1980s stopwatch belonged to Edmonton Oilers play-by-play man Rod Phillips. The watch timed some of the most important moments in hockey history, moments that speak to Alberta’s heritage as home of the greatest players and greatest team the world has ever known. #RAMwow
Have a guess at the Wonder of the Week! Bonus points if you can say who it belonged to. #RAMwow
Rattlesnakes! Liverworts! Pumice! Curling! Our 2017 Curatorial Lecture Series begins Jan. 25th. Our lectures showcase the electic and meaningful array of research being done by our curatorial staff. Free to all!

2017 Curatorial Lecture Series at the Royal Alberta Museum
Kudos to Dr. Ryan McKellar from neighbouring Royal Saskatchewan Museumfor co-authoring this study! This feathered dino was the size of a sparrow; the amber containing its fossilized tail had been polished for jewellery before the discovery was made. [ Link ]

'Beautiful' dinosaur tail found preserved in amber - BBC News
Have you been saving up to get a special something for a loved one?

Inspired by Christmas, this week's #RAMwow is...a penny bank!

Made of cast iron, this penny bank is constructed in the shape of the Trader’s Bank Building in Toronto. The bank gave these to customers for free, but kept the key that was needed to unlock them. Customers dropped coins into the slots along the roofline. To get...
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Good luck guessing what this week's #RAMwow might be...