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We have some brie-lliant news! Ford Farm Cheesemakers raised an amazing £8500 through sale of their Poppy Cheddar. Hand-crafted from a block of cheddar, the cheese cheque was treated as a normal paper cheque by the bank. We are grate-ful for your support!
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Watch this animated video in which Linda Noble talks about the moment she heard her husband’s parachute had failed, and how The Royal British Legion was there to help her and her husband get through and recover from the accident.
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"Our presence shows that The Royal British Legion stands together in honour and respect for all".

Read the story of Tom Foy, a RAF Corporal who carries the standard of his local Legion branch.

The RAF Corporal Who Carries the Standard for his Branch
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“I have received help from the Legion for almost 10 years now. I don’t know what I would’ve done without them”
Felix Agbotsu, who served in the Army’s Royal Artillery as a gunner, was involved in a horrific car crash that left him paralysed from the neck down. As part of his recovery, he spent 18 months as a patient at the Legion’s Lister House and with Legion support had adaptions to his...
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This Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans History Month UK we want to thank all LGBT Armed Forces personnel and veterans for their Service.
Pete Dunning served with the Royal Marine Commandos. Whilst on tour in Afghanistan, he was injured by an IED explosion and lost both of his legs. Watch his touching story and discover how we helped him throughout his recovery.
Reggie and Betty have been together for 30 years. Their love story started with a blind date set up by Reggie's daughter who met Betty on the bus. To this day, Reggie shows his love for her by bringing her flowers from their garden. Read their amazing story.

30 Years Together - A Valentine's Day Story
Adam and Jodie became friends from the moment they met, but neither knew that five years later they’d be happily married.

This #ValentinesDay we are sharing their heart-warming story.

From Serving in Afghanistan to Falling in Love
The Royal British Legion has produced a manifesto for the first ever Greater Manchester Mayoral elections, outlining what actions we want the new Mayor to take to improve the welfare of the Armed Forces community. Visit the link below to find out more. #GMManifesto

Greater Manchester Mayoral Elections - Our Manifesto
“I want to promote the Legion for what it is, showing that the money really does help the individuals like myself” – this #CharityTuesday explore the story of Michael Lewis, who after serving in Afghanistan came to work at the Legion as a community fundraiser.

From Afghanistan to Legion fundraiser
Surprise the one you love with one of our lovely Valentine’s Day gifts: [ Link ]

Valentine’s Day Gifts
"Suddenly, there was a tremendous explosion that shook me to my core." This is the story of Hubert Beavis, who served during the Second World War. On #NationalStorytellingWeek we would like to hear your stories of service - please share in the comments below.

We Were Some of the Lucky Ones
Frightened and alone, trying to force people back to reality. This is what most people think of as dementia care, but not at the Legion. Hear how our staff go above and beyond to look after our residents.
Explore the story of a 'Jenny Wren' who took part in her greatest celebration ever -- VE Day.

This #NationalStorytellingWeek we would love to hear your stories of service. Share them in the comments below.

A 'Jenny Wren' Remembers VE Day
On 8 December after stopping for fresh water at Freetown, Sierra Leone, Gordon Smith’s unit was informed via the ship’s newspaper that Japan had bombed Pearl Harbour. This meant they were now at war with Japan and so they were redirected to Singapore.

This #NationalStorytellingWeek we want to hear stories of service – feel free to share yours in the comments.

How Gordon Smith Survived the Atomic Blast at Hiroshima
From losing both legs to becoming a gold medallist in the inaugural Paralympic World Cup bobsleigh race. Hear the amazing story of Army veteran, Core Mapp.

Do you have a story you’d like to share this #NationalStoryTellingWeek? We’d love to hear about it the comments below.
“I see in those poppies the memories of Bill and Geordie”. Second Lieutenant Brian Parritt served in the Korean War, in which Britain joined in the first-ever UN action.

Do you have a story to share with us this #NationalStorytellingWeek? Write it below in the comments. [ Link ]

I See In Those Poppies the Memories of Bill and Geordie
This storytelling week our Armed Forces community tell us how The Royal British Legion’s Battle Back Centre supported their recovery.

Do you have a story to tell? We'd love for you to share it in the comments below.
The Poppy Shop is holding a sale - until the end of January you can enjoy some great discounts on Poppy Shop products.

All profits from the Poppy Shop go to help the work of The Royal British Legion in caring and campaigning for our Armed Forces and their families.

Poppy Shop - January Sale
On 3rd May 1915, John McCrae wrote the iconic First World War poem, In Flanders Field. Here, The Royal British Legion tells the story of the poem and how it inspired their lasting symbol of hope and Remembrance, the red poppy. Learn more about the story of the Poppy at: [ Link ]