For our #Salute Saturday we remember a Bruins legend and former member of the #RCAF
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Milt Schmidt was a member of the Boston Bruins’ famed "Kraut Line". He also served in the RCAF during the Second World War.
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The Banshee, the Royal Canadian Navy’s first and only jet fighter, is our #FighterFriday feature!

The Banshee replaced the #RCN's Hawker Sea Fury as its first and only jet fighter. The RCN acquired 39 Banshees from 1955 to 1958, which operated from shore bases and from the aircraft carrier HMCS Bonaventure after 1957. The Banshee was the RCN’s last fighter and was not replaced when retired...
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9 Wing Gander’s Honorary Colonel Fred Moffitt passes away
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The Royal Canadian Air Force lost a member of its extended family with the death of Honorary Colonel Fred Moffitt on January 17, 2017.

“It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of our cherished friend, Honorary Colonel Fred Moffitt. He left us peacefully at 1000 this...
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#OTDH January 20, 1943 – A RCAF Wellington bomber (BR 432) from 429 Squadron, then stationed at East Moor, U.K., goes down in the Zuider Zee in the Netherlands. The wreckage is recovered 29 years later, in May 1972.

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Shirley's Bay site test Canada's satellite communications
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An over the air test of Canada's access to the Wideband Global SATCOM system was held on January 16 at the Shirley's Bay Anchor site in Ottawa.

This project, known internally as Mercury Global, will provide high-capacity, assured and secure satellite access for government communications. It will further strengthen...
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Maltese Falcons: The Canadian Aces at Malta
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Only four per cent of Battle of Britain pilots were Canadian. In the Battle of Malta, Canadians made up 25 per cent, and an even higher percentage of the aces.

More fantastic photos and full captions available here: [ Link ]

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We're going down into the vault for #TBT
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Canadian Forces and USAF members working together at 22 Wing North Bay. This year marks the 65th anniversary of USAF serving in North Bay and the 60th anniversary of NORAD.

Pictured are Lieutenant Mel Cannell and Staff Sergent Stan Warner. Photo: DND

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Captain Nick Poirier: The best of the best

Captain Poirier, an Aerospace Engineering Officer (AERE), was recently awarded with the top flight test engineer candidate at the National Test Pilot School in Mojave, California, in December.

BZ Captain Poirier!

Photo: Captain Nick Poirier (right) receives the Ronald G. Bradley Outstanding Graduate Award from Gregory V. Lewis...
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#CF18Demo team pilot and theme announced!
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Captain Matthew Kutryk will pilot the RCAF’s CF-18 Demo Hornet for the 2017 airshow season! DND

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Check out this video on #OpImpact for today's #RotoWing Wednesday

Shared from the Canadian Armed Forces
#OTDH January 18, 1938 – The #RCAF accepts the first of 1,384 Tiger Moth training aircraft.

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Bruins legend and former member of the #RCAF passes away
#RCAFHistory #WeRemember
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Milt Schmidt was a member of the Boston Bruins’ famed "Kraut Line". He also served in the RCAF during the Second World War.

For more photos and captions check out the full story at: [ Link ]

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#OTDH January 17, 1946 – The Maple Leaf roundel becomes the official #RCAF insignia.

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What a sight for #TakeOff Tuesday!!
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A CC-177 Globemaster III from 429 Transport Squadron is about to take off after a touch and go training procedures in Trenton area.

Photo : Sgt Gaétan Racine

Canadian Armed Forces Trenton Military Family Resource Centre - MFRC Canada Aviation and Space Museum National Air Force Museum of Canada
#ICYMI from the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum
It's #MotivationMonday and we need you to #CaptionThis!

Members from 2nd Battalion, Royal 22e Regiment practice slinging with a CH-147F Chinook helicopter at Base Valcartier training area, Courcelette, Quebec on November 20, 2015.
Photo: Sgt Marc-André Gaudreault

Canadian Armed Forces Canadian Army 2e Division du Canada / 2nd Canadian Division
January 16, 1942 – Two #RCAF Kittyhawks, from 118 Squadron in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, launch a machine gun attack against a German U-Boat crew, 10 miles from Halifax, Nova Scotia. (This photo of a Kittyhawk from 118 Squadron was taken on April 4, 1942.)

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In 2016, Canadian Armed Forces assets were tasked with search and rescue 1,084 times. Bravo Zulu to all who answered the call!
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#ICYM last Sunday's #SAR rescue in Nova Scotia
#ThatOthersMayLive #RCAF

Here's a video from the Search and Rescue that took place just outside of Sydney Harbour, N.S., on January 8. The video shows the CH-149 Cormorant lowering a SAR tech onto the vessel and then hoisting the SAR tech and a crew member up to the helicopter.

The crew was successfully transported to Sydney after their vessel...
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Video: Medevac near Clark's Harbour, Nova Scotia
#RCAF #SAR #ThatOthersMayLive

Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Halifax tasked a 413 Squadron Cormorant from 14 Wing Greenwood for a MEDEVAC 28 nautical miles southeast of Clark's Harbour, Nova Scotia.

The patient was safely hoisted by the 413 Sqn Cormorant and transported to Yarmouth, NS.

Video: 14 Wing Greenwood Imaging

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