A coin from start to finish! Have you ever seen how coins are made at either our Ottawa or Winnipeg facility, or both?
The lights go out tonight for Earth Hour 2017. How will Canada look from space?
Did you know the new 125th anniversary of the Stanley Cup coin was produced at our facility in Winnipeg?
70, 000 is the number of coins the Mint’s Ottawa facility has the capacity to strike in a day! As part of his job to make quality collectible coins, Darren has seen a great number of coins come off the press. But, it is the 2017 Canada 150 silver sugar shack coin that stands out. Though he didn’t design the coin, he did propose the idea of celebrating this iconic...
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Spring is in the air and in many parts of eastern and western Canada; it smells like sweet maple syrup!

Celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary with quintessential Canadian traditions! Hold the moment. See the coin: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Did you know that the Mint has produced coins for over 75 countries? Mike, an employee working behind the scenes with foreign Central Banks and Monetary Authorities says that representing a country like Canada is special, “Customers often convey an admiration for Canada and confidence in the Canadian brand.” Through his many travels Mike says that...
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The new 125th anniversary of the #StanleyCup coin is already in the hands of some familiar Canadians! Look for yours in your change.
One of the oldest trophies in professional sports, the Stanley Cup®, turns 125 and the Mint is proud to celebrate its anniversary with a limited-edition commemorative 25-cent circulation coin. To hold onto this piece of history, Canadians can look for it in their change or get it now at: [ Bit.ly Link ].

The coin, honouring the Cup’s rich history, was unveiled today at Rideau Hall (Ottawa) by...
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The Royal Canadian Mint is proud to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Stanley Cup® with a limited-edition commemorative 25-cent circulation coin.

La Monnaie royale canadienne est fière de célébrer le 125e anniversaire de la Coupe StanleyMC avec cette pièce de circulation commémorative de 25 cents offerte en édition...
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A new 25-cent circulation coin celebrates a Canadian treasure. We are proud to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Stanley Cup® with a limited-edition coin. While its appearance and purpose have changed over the years, the Cup remains an enduring symbol of Canada’s winter sport.

Look for the 125th Anniversary of the Stanley Cup® coin in your pocket change, or get it now at mint.ca: [...
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A new coin is coming! What theme will we commemorate on this new coin? Like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter around 1PM EDT this Thursday, March 16 to find out!
Canadians are born resilient. The rich symbols on this Canada 150 coin connect Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

Celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary with a 99.99% pure silver keepsake. Available for a limited time, get yours today: [ Bit.ly Link ] #holdthemoment

"A coin is like an heirloom. It is not something we toss, but something we share," says Arwa, who supports programs for the Mint's business-to-business customers. With Canada's 150th anniversary, Canadians will not only be marking a moment in history but passing it along to future generations. Looking back 150 years, Arwa adds that Canada has many noble...
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Canadians can start looking for 2017-dated circulation coins in their change later this spring. But, if you’re not up for the hunt, here is a one-of-a-kind souvenir that has many of the coins Canadians will be looking for. Hold the moment. Get yours while supplies last: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Did you know that these coins are designed by Canadians?
With themes to please, our newest collection of 2017 coins is here and includes something for everyone. To see what’s in store, visit us at [ Bit.ly Link ]
Introducing the Heart of our Nation coin. As Canadians, we leave it all on the ice. Celebrate Canada 150 with a 99.99% pure silver keepsake. Get yours now! [ Bit.ly Link ] #holdthemoment

During his 18-year career at the Mint, Rene has seen a lot of new and old coins come in and out of circulation. Well before his career began, Rene can recall the celebration of Canada's centennial in 1967 and the coins marking it. Today, on the occasion of the country's sesquicentennial, Rene feels that the circulation coins...
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Notice anything missing? This is the first coin in a new series using a state-of-the-art technology to cut out the shape of some of Canada’s most beloved, yet at risk, animals. Learn more about Canada’s iconic woodland caribou: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Knowing that you have a role in positioning your country as a leader in the precious metals industry is a unique feeling for Kevin, a Refiner responsible for purifying precious metals. He says, “The process to refine gold and silver is impressive and I’m very proud of Canada’s reputation.” Since 1979, Canada has been producing the world’s purest gold, becoming the first...
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