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A vintage style derivative of the #RoyalEnfield Bullet, 'Moksha' is a unique creation by Wheel Vedas Customs, boasting leather, brass, cast iron, perfume bottle casing and much more.
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"Steroid 540", a unique custom with the heart of a #RoyalEnfield Classic 500 and the tank of a #ContinentalGT is Bulleteer Customs' take on a Cafe Racer. Read more about it here: [ Link ]
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From dawn to dusk, enjoy the spirit of pure motorcycling on a #RoyalEnfield. To know more about our motorcycles, visit:
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Take a break from the mundane, and escape into the nature. Ride through mystical forests and serene valleys, join us,
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​​#Reunion North is all set to venture through the wilderness of Sariska, with riders who will live their love for 2-wheels throughout the day and party away into the night with some old and some new friends. Stay tuned for updates.
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The Tour of Nepal is back. This #RoyalEnfield organised ride will take the riders from the plains of Awadh to the mystical mountains of Nepal. Over a duration of 16 days, riders of the Tour of Nepal witness some of the most spectacular landscapes the world has to offer. To register for #TON, visit [ Link ]
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No distance is too long when you have good company. Bring your group along and join our rides. To know more, visit
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There’s a long road ahead - keep riding with a steady grip and a curious heart. To know more about our rides, visit Photo Credits: L'équipée
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Be One with the thump that brings Royal Enfield riders from across the globe together. Join the cavalcade of the thumping engines this April. Be a part of #RoyalEnfield #OneRide 2017. Stay updated:
The glimmer of a fulfilled ride never fades out. #RoyalEnfield #Himalayan
To test ride, visit
Picture Credits: gaurang_k (via Instagram)
Traversing Africa from North to South on a #RoyalEnfield Classic 500 Green, Luke Gelmi has passed through challenging terrain and twenty countries on his way. Stories from his journey are currently being documented in a book, as a testament to the reliability of his Royal Enfield.
Check out more shots from his journey on Instagram: @shotsfromthebar
Painted in forest green, this custom build by Grid7 Customs is a fresh take on the #RoyalEnfield #Himalayan. To know more, visit: [ Link ]
Ride to the lands where you can take a break to let the views sink in. To know more about the #Himalayan, visit:
Souped-up, stripped-down and loved by rockers – the Royal Enfield #ContinentalGT. To book a test ride, visit

Picture Credits: alanannacreations
Through thick and thin, through dirt and rubble, riders stick together to take on all obstacles. To explore more and join our rides, visit
Luke Gelmi, an adventure enthusiast, recently concluded a trip across Africa on his Royal Enfield Classic, crossing 27 borders and losing two teeth in the process. Check out more of his stories: Shots From The Bar
Get away from the hustle and bustle of cities and ride through misty clouds and lush greens. To know more and join our rides, visit
Picture Credit: @ganeshhegdephotography
Tough terrains may challenge you, but they make every ride worthwhile.
Ride the Royal Enfield #Himalayan, through any terrain. To know more, visit:
​#​RoyalEnfield riders stand apart with their love for the machine and passion for riding. ​Celebrate this passion ​with riders from across the globe on April 02, 2017 ​at #OneRide​. Visit:
Sun and shadows, gravel and stones, river crossing and dusted tracks - #Goa offered more than just beaches to #RoyalEnfield #Unroad riders. To view more highlights, visit