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The lily suits every trend and style, from modern to classical!
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The most beautiful spring garden in the world opens this Thursday, the 23rd of March! Have you planned your trip already? Visit Keukenhof
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We leave the winter behind. Today is the first day of spring!

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This Saturday, March 18th, it is national Girlfriends day in Holland. Which girlfriend deserves this bunch of flowers? Photo by:
Did you know white tulips stand for forgiveness? So when you give a white tulip, it’s a way to say you are sorry. Photo by: Roman Kraft
The sun is out, daisies appear! Your chance to create a beautiful daisy-flower-crown! :) Photo by: Masha TheOne
These ranunculus are ready to go to the florist. Will they be in your home?
Today is International Women’s Day! Who would you surprise? What do you think of this Ranunculus?
Photo by: Ben White Florist
Exciting shapes, tropical colors: Bromelia takes the best from the rainforest into your home. This is the houseplant of the month March.

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Beautiful colors, sweet smells and if you're lucky a little fruit harvest. Citrus trees are the garden plant of the month March!

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Visit our flower auction in Aalsmeer and have your magic shoot in front of the Royal FloraHolland green screen!
Spring is coming, an opportunity to celebrate this with three spring flowers: Ranunculus, Hyacinth and Narcissus. The flowers of the month March!

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Visit our flower auction in Aalsmeer and have your magic shoot in front of the Royal Flora Holland green screen!

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Spring is coming! Have you spotted them yet? :)

Photo by: Dirk Hogervorst
Who ever comes on the heath, recognizes the pink, purple, and white plants that cover the ground. That is winter heath!

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Are you surprised yet?

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Tomorrow it's valentine's day. Don't miss out! We are preparing..
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Fresh cut flowers absorb lukewarm water better than cold water.

What is your secret flower tip?

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Throwback Thursday to TULIPDAY 2017. Just two weeks ago but what a beautiful day it was!
Being fit and decisive is the new 2017 motto. Flowers
reflect energy and innovation.

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