"I am so grateful to have been awarded the Magna Carta Scholarship, I am very proud to be a student here" Henrietta, Magna Carta Scholarship recipient.

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"At Royal Holloway you get to embrace the vibrant community of highly ambitious people coming from various backgrounds, and get stimulated mentally by great tutors, which allows you to get the most out of university experience" Fjodor, Magna Carta Law Scholarship recipient. Find out which scholarships you could be eligible for - deadline 28 March! [ Socsi.in Link ]
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Created by Media Arts student Ayten Abbasli, this mini-documentary explores the #RHandMe story of Royal Holloway student Luis Trigott.
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Royal Holloway and Bedford Colleges were two of the first higher education institutions devoted to the education of women in Britain. Discover our hidden heroines here [ Socsi.in Link ] #InternationalWomensDay
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Created by Media Arts student Ayten Abbasli, this mini-documentary explores the #RHandMe story of international student Kyoko Sogi
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