Royal Navy Recruitment
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Find out about #RoyalNavyLife and start your journey
Running your fastest. Pushing your hardest. Training even when you don’t want to. That’s what it takes to be physically ready for life in the Royal Navy. The Pre Royal Navy Course (PRNC) is your first chance to show you’re up to it. Take it.

Find out exactly what you need to achieve based on your age and gender
Royal Navy Recruitment
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Want to know what you’re up against? The joining process is one long job interview, with each stage assessing your suitability for the rigours of Royal Navy life. The Naval Service Recruiting Test (NSRT) measures your mental and academic ability. If you pass it, you’ll have shown your potential to succeed in your chosen role.

Try some example questions to give yourself the best chance on the...
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Royal Navy Recruitment
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Travel the world. Make friends for life. Develop skills you never knew you had. And go places you never thought possible. Could you be Made In The Royal Navy? Start your journey
Royal Navy Recruitment
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Thinking of joining the Royal Navy? Here are a few of the most common queries we get from applicants. Whether you’re wondering what the minimum age is for your role, or want to know the rules about tattoos, you can get the information you need, right here.

Royal Navy Recruitment
Royal Navy Recruitment
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Nobody ever said getting Navy Fit is easy. It isn’t. That’s what makes getting though any stage of the joining process so rewarding. What you put in is what you get out.

Find out if you’re doing enough and get tips on how to improve your training
Royal Navy Recruitment
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Want to know if your ink will stand in your way?

Having a tattoo or a piercing won’t automatically stop you joining the Royal Navy, but there are some conditions you’ll need to meet to be eligible.

See if you’re Navy ready
Royal Navy Recruitment
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Getting in peak condition means considering what you put in your body, not just how you exercise it. Eating and drinking properly before, during and after your work out will help you shape up.

Want to be Navy Fit? Learn more about nutrition and download a Fitness Plan here
Royal Navy Recruitment
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Want to know if you’re medically fit for life in the Navy?

You’ll ask a lot of your body throughout your career in the Royal Navy, so you’ll need to pass a medical to make sure you can cope with the physical requirements of the job.

See if you’re Navy ready
From the Pre-Joining Fitness Test to Basic Training. Whatever stage you’re at in the joining process, if you’re not physically ready for it, you’re not ready for the Royal Navy.

Getting Navy Fit means going higher, faster and harder than everyone else, every day. See what it takes to pass each assessment
Want to know if you’re eligible?

Not just anyone can start a career the Royal Navy. Before you apply, you’ll need to make sure you’re eligible to join, including being within the age range for your chosen role. It’s important to note that each job has its own set of entry requirements. This is the widest possible age range for a career in the Royal Navy, and fulfilling this doesn’t guarantee...
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Fancy getting to grips with some of the most cutting-edge kit in the world, anywhere in the world? Learn everything about what makes our ships move – and what to do if they don’t. Or choose to maintain our world-class weapons systems, so we’re always battle-ready.

Earn while you learn, get qualifications like NVQs or a foundation degree, and become a vital part of Naval operations.

Want to...
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Job Roles | Engineering Technicians
For our last instalment of ‘Meet the Grads’: What next? Our grad officers tell George about what’s involved in the joining process before shaping a career in the Royal Navy. Have a look
In the pouring rain or on the hottest day of the year. Pounding the tarmac or hitting the gym.

Getting Navy Fit means training hard in all conditions. See how you can avoid injury and maximise your exercise with the right kit
Want to know your route to life as a Rating?

There are seven stages to the joining process, from applying, to starting your career in the Royal Navy. Once you’ve completed every one, you’ll be all set for the adventure of a lifetime, equipped with the knowledge and skills you need.

Find out what it takes to be Navy ready
Are you a high-achieving school leaver? As the UCAS deadline approaches, remember university isn’t the only option. The Royal Navy has a wide variety of officer roles to help you accelerate your career.

We need people with drive, determination and ambition, with a can-do, think-on-your-feet attitude. In return you’ll receive world-class training, as you build the career you want, whichever...
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Royal Navy Recruitment
From the pre-joining fitness test to basic training and beyond, you’ll need to be in the best possible shape to make the grade.
You might be fit, but are you Navy Fit? Here’s how we do a burpee

Royal Navy Recruitment
Want to make a real difference at the leading edge of technology? If you have proven, in-depth technical knowledge, joining the Cyber Unit Reserve will make you part of one of the most advanced areas of the Royal Navy.

You might be granted a high level of security clearance for a secret mission, or be given specialist training for an ongoing operation. Either way, you’ll make an essential...
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Job Role | Cyber Unit Reserve
Fancy helping the best get even better? Being a Training Management Officer means supporting the development of officers and ratings all over the world. You’re the person who makes sure they have the right skills, knowledge and qualifications for every operation.

You might be working at sea. Or delivering education, lifelong learning and coaching at shore bases all over the world. From the...
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Job Role | Training Management Officer