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Royal Story
yesterday at 20:30. Facebook
Happy Weekend Quiz Result! Play Now! ►[ Funplus.com Link ]

The results from last Saturday's quiz are in! The missing piece is A!

The 5 lucky players who have been rewarded for giving the right answer are:

- Daniela Avila
- Kristin Wiley Swierzewski
- Emily Gooze
- Tarin Jannat Zerin
- Lisa Lloyd

Congratulations, you've all been rewarded 1 RUBY! Thanks to everyone that participated and hope...
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Royal Story
yesterday at 18:30. Facebook
Use up all infinite energy chips before time runs out! Here are 6 energy for you!► [ Bit.ly Link ]

Are you on the journey with little Bert to the Nordic Lands?
Then you must have obtained some infinite energy chips! Use them wisely! But remember, all infinite energy chips will go to waste once the time runs out (reward time included). So be sure to use up all your infinite energy chips in...
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Royal Story
yesterday at 14:30. Facebook
Mama Bear's Biography Quests are FREE to play for a limited time! Play NOW!► [ Funplus.com Link ]

How much do you know about Mama Bear?
Are you curious about her past? Did you miss your chance to finish her exciting chapters? Well, Mama's Biography Quests are free to play now for a limited time, but only if you haven't already finished her Biography Quests before. i.e. If you've finished all...
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Royal Story
01/15/2017 at 20:29. Facebook
ADD ME! Play Royal Story Together! ► [ Funplus.com Link ]

Have you met Little Red Panda yet? He has just arrived in the Kingdom and looking for new friends to play with. Will you be one of his new friends? Comment this post with your ADD-ME message now so he can add you!

Like & Share to let everyone know that you are also looking for neighbors!
Royal Story
01/15/2017 at 18:30. Facebook
Here's how to Follow us on Pinterest! Check it out now! ► [ Bit.ly Link ]

Just follow these quick steps to follow us on Pinterest! Then you can download our pictures and use them for your groups, blogs, or print and hang them on your walls! Visit us now! >> [ Funplus.com Link ]

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Royal Story
01/15/2017 at 14:30. Facebook
DOUBLE XP! Play Now and get 6 EGGS for FREE! ► [ Bit.ly Link ]

If becoming a fisherman is your dream, then come on down and bring your fishing rod and tackle!
For the next few days, you'll receive DOUBLE XP for every Fish Order completed!
Don't waste any time, those fish won't catch themselves!

Dreams come true in Royal Story! Come play now!

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Royal Story
01/14/2017 at 20:30. Facebook
Happy Weekend Quiz Time! Join Now! ► [ Funplus.com Link ]

Which one is the missing puzzle piece? A, B or C?
COMMENT your answer now together with your SNSID (at the bottom of your game screen) to have a chance to WIN A RUBY!! 5 lucky players will be chosen. Try your luck and come back on Monday to see if you have won!

** Answers that do not have a SNSID number will not be accepted!
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Royal Story
01/14/2017 at 18:30. Facebook
Activate Magical Benefits for Utopia! Get 6 SOYBEANS for FREE! ► [ Bit.ly Link ]

Thanks to everyone's hard work, the Global Goal was reached! Congratulations!
For a LIMITED TIME only, you can now activate the Magical Benefit for Utopia manually as long as you contributed at least one rainbow drop! Have fun! ❤❤❤

Hurry up if you haven't unlocked Utopia yet! The Magical Benefit is waiting for...
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Royal Story
01/14/2017 at 14:30. Facebook
☀ MYSTICAL SLOTS ARE BACK! ☀ Play Now! ► [ Funplus.com Link ]

Have you activated your Mystical Slots yet?
Time is limited. Go now and try your luck in Mystical Slots! Bet your Jettons and see if you can win the fantastic Elf Coins to speed up your adventures! Have fun!

❗❗Be sure all pop ups in your game are accepted, or they will block Mystical Slots coming back!

Like & Share to invite...
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Royal Story
01/13/2017 at 20:30. Facebook
Reward Time for Fishing Frenzy! ► [ Funplus.com Link ]

King Jarvis is thankful for everyone's help!
This could have been a disaster, what with all the extra fish flapping around! But everyone pulled their own weight, and speaking of weight! 3 players have proved especially skilled at catching some whoppers!

Head to your game now to see who won the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Fish Cups!

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Royal Story
01/13/2017 at 18:29. Facebook
TOFU TREE! Play Now and grab 3 CHOCOLATE for FREE! ► [ Bit.ly Link ]

Are you a TOFU lover?
Then this is the tree just for you - TOFU TREE! You may say there is no TOFU TREE in real life, but anything is possible in this magical Kingdom! After reaching level 64, visit the Shop and Grab your own NOW!

Click Like & Share WE ♥ TOFU!
Royal Story
01/13/2017 at 14:30. Facebook
DID YOU KNOW.....? Play Now! ► [ Funplus.com Link ]

Did you know that you will get a Moonstone Globe when you start the Moonstone Globe story quest about the Mighty Merella?
Once this quest has started, it will be loaded in your inventory pouch!

P.S. Please do not worry if you don't have this quest for now. Keep on going with your current story quest, and it will show up later on in the...
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Royal Story
01/12/2017 at 20:30. Facebook
Time Limited Pack From the Flower Puzzle is Online! Check Now! ► [ Funplus.com Link ]

Have you started playing our newest puzzle with the Little Red Panda?
Open your Little Flower Fan and click on the Jackfruit icon for the special package to enhance your gaming experience! Rubies, OP, Super Watering Can and Jackfruit Trees, all of these are just a couple of clicks away! Time is limited...
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Royal Story
01/12/2017 at 18:29. Facebook
Complete the Puzzle! Play NOW and grab 2 BABY BOTTLES for FREE!► [ Bit.ly Link ]

Little Red Panda is the greatest fan of flowers in the world.
He is going to travel a long way for discovering the most beautiful flowers in the world. Why not go with him?
Let's make and deliver the dishes on the way to earn flower points, and exchange points for puzzle pieces! Exclusive rewards await you for...
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Royal Story
01/12/2017 at 14:30. Facebook
New Story Quest Starting! Play NOW! ► [ Funplus.com Link ]

Quick! Let's find out what Altessa has been up to lately while everyone in the Kingdom is happy about Merella's pregnancy. Look, who is that guy? What happened to Altessa? Why did he do that on Altessa? Go to your game and play the new story quest to find out!

P.S. Please do not worry if this new story quest is not available to you...
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Royal Story
01/11/2017 at 20:30. Facebook
New App Icon! Play Now and get 3 GOAT MILK for FREE! ► [ Bit.ly Link ]

Look at the new APP Icon!
How happy Little Bert is with the new outfit for the new year! Why don't we be happy too to start off 2017? Come to Royal Story and let's enjoy the fun together!

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Royal Story
01/11/2017 at 18:30. Facebook
SNEAK PEEK TIME! Stay Tuned! ► [ Funplus.com Link ]

New Normal Quest coming soon!
Everyone in the Kingdom has known about Merella's pregnancy, including Altessa. However, no one knows what Altessa has been up to lately. Is she planning something big, or ...? Do you have any guesses?

Comment below to let us know! Stay tuned!

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Royal Story
01/11/2017 at 14:30. Facebook
The Last Call for the Golden Flower House Pack! Don't miss it! ►[ Funplus.com Link ]

Tick, tock, goes the clock. Only a few hours left to buy the Golden Flower House. If you want to save more space in your Kingdom, and don't want your flowers to be exposed to the harsh wind and rain, buy the Golden Flower House NOW! It's your last chance!

Like & Share to remind your friends...
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Royal Story
01/11/2017 at 10:16. Facebook
Royal Story
01/10/2017 at 19:30. Facebook
Royal Rescue is back! Play Now! ► [ Funplus.com Link ]

Minions and Snow Monsters and Wyrms! Oh My!

Altessa's attack has left the Kingdom vulnerable to attack! We need your help to defeat the monsters and to save the villagers that have taken refuge in the kingdom. Craft food and items to help you on your quest as you battle the forces of darkness that have infected the kingdom!

P.S Royal...
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