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Pigs are curious creatures and love to forage and explore. To keep them interested, it’s important to provide things that they can chew, move around and play with.

That’s why we were pleased to learn that the pig industry has developed an enrichment block for sows. (It’s a cube made of molasses and other materials pigs like to chew on.) Providing environmental enrichment to farm animals is...
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RSPCA Australia
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RSPCA Australia
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Happy Wednesday to all the good boys and girls out there!
RSPCA Australia
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RSPCA: “We want to sit down at the table and seriously discuss what would be involved in taking the whole of the cage-egg industry forward in transitioning away from cages, just like most of the developed world is doing at the moment ...

“There is absolutely no certainty in battery cages, so the market can be pulled out from under producers’ feet overnight when you’ve got major retailers...
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VFF accuses RSPCA of ‘petty’ politics
Next time you crave a cheeky smashed avo with poached eggs, choose a café that’s gone cage-free.

Here’s how you can dine out and support animal welfare
The RSPCA is urging rabbit owners to make sure their pets are vaccinated ahead of the planned release of RHDV1K5 - a new variant of the Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus – next month.

The RHDV1K5 strain of calicivirus, which originates in Korea, is being released to manage the growing wild rabbit population and is fatal to rabbits without immunity.

The RSPCA has a number of concerns...
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A great result from this landmark prosecution in NSW.

Sadly, while we now know crustaceans can feel pain and experience suffering, they aren’t yet protected by animal welfare legislation in every state and territory.

Right now, crabs, crayfish, lobsters, and prawns aren’t protected by animal welfare laws in WA, SA, Qld and Tas.

To find out why, visit [ Link ].

And if you eat...
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Thousands of Australians have already added their voices to our call for a phase-out of battery cages. Please take a minute to add yours too: [ Link ]

More than 11 million hens are confined to battery cages in Australia. For the first time in more than 15 years, the standards governing poultry welfare are under review. We have the chance to end the battery cage once...
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If a phase-out of battery cages is not included in the new poultry welfare standards, more than 200 million hens will suffer over the next twenty years.

Please join our call for an end to battery cages:

'Selective, unbalanced, outdated': Egg industry blasted for skewing battery cage research
The team at RSPCA Australia would like to wish you and your animal companions a very happy Valentine’s Day!

This Valentine’s Day, let’s talk about why we love our pets
From RSPCA South Australia: RSPCA shares community concerns for the welfare of the sheep on board live export ship Al Shuwaikh. The ship has been docked at Pt Adelaide since Thursday, with approximately 33,000 sheep on board during temperatures of over 40 degrees.

RSPCA has visited the port and has been in communication with the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources who have a...
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Over the weekend, Qantas reacted to the extreme heat in Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide by placing an embargo on the travel of puppies, older pets and all snub nosed animals.

This was a smart move because air travel is particularly risky for cats and dogs with short muzzles. They overheat very easily, especially in environments where the temperature is high or the air might be stuffy.
Give love to animals in need with an RSPCA gift card: [ Link ]
For many dogs, and particularly these breeds, today is not a day to be outside or to go for a walk.

Why hot weather is especially dangerous for Pugs and Bulldogs
Temperatures inside a car can skyrocket in a matter of minutes, regardless of whether you've parked in the shade or wound down the windows.

If you see a dog in distress, please call your local police or your nearest RSPCA immediately.

Pledge never to leave your dog unattended in a car: [ Link ]
These pictures of retired racing greyhounds in their loving new homes are so wonderful.

If you're thinking of welcoming one of these gentle dogs into your family, sign up to our eNews and be one of the first people to hear about the RSPCA's forthcoming greyhound adoption pack: [ Link ]

Second chance
With Valentine's Day one week away, we'd love to hear what you love most about your pet!
While the world follows the Super Bowl, this pup is playing his own game...
The French bulldog is now the third most popular breed of dog in Australia, according to registration figures from Dogs NSW and the Australian National Kennel Council. Since 2015, there's actually been a 30% increase in the number of Frenchies registered!

While French bulldogs are beloved, it's important to know that their very short muzzles can cause severe breathing difficulties. Some have...
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