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On Penguin Awareness Day, we're celebrating Holly, the little fairy penguin that was rescued from a storm water drain in Sydney's inner west by RSPCA NSW last month.

Young Holly was released back into the wild just in time for Christmas and we hope she's enjoying being back in her natural habitat!
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Before you think about adding one of these pups to your family, it’s important to know that the way they look can cause them major health problems.

Visit [ Link ] to support a healthier and happier future for dogs with exaggerated features.

The Pugly Truth: Why you should choose healthy over cute every time
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Hurray! RSPCA Animal Health Products are giving away 12 months of RSPCA Pet Insurance and a year's supply of RSPCA Animal Health Products. (Free to enter)

Pop Up Adoption Giveaway 2017
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It's shaping up to be another scorcher of a day! If you can, please consider leaving shallow bowls of clean, fresh water in shady areas for local wildlife to enjoy.

For more tips on helping our native animals during this heat, check out the RSPCA Knowledgebase:
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'Clearly the whip issue is not going away. The integrity of racing, most notably the assurance for punters that the rules are being observed, has to be balanced by the need to show increasing regard for the welfare of horses.'

An interesting article about a study which found that more breaches of the whip rules were recorded at city tracks rather than country tracks.

When the pressure is on, some riders breach the whip rules in horse racing
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One of America's oldest circuses is set to close later this year. Last weekend also saw the final performance of SeaWorld's controversial and long-running Killer Whale show.

It is clear that the community's expectations of how animals should be treated are changing.

The big stop: Ringling Bros circus closes after 146 years
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The weekend is almost here! To all humans and animals out there, please keep cool and find some time to relax. This pup knows exactly where it's at!
Your new best friend could be waiting for you. Visit [ Link ]
We've been advised that today is Kiss a Ginger Day! If you're looking to adopt your own Ginger Ninja, check out [ Link ]
If you own a pug, dachshund or bulldog - or are thinking of getting one, this video is a must watch. Today Tonight Adelaide has looked into some of the health issues faced by these breeds.

For more info - and to call for healthier breeding standards - visit [ Link ]
We have a new office dog on staff! Introducing our colleague Costa
Machiavellian tendencies aside (!), new research confirms what we already know - that chickens are smart and social, and may be as intelligent as other mammals and primates.

"A new study, published in the journal Animal Cognition, has reviewed previous research to find that, despite popular belief, chickens are intelligent and emotional animals with individual personalities.

Chickens are...
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Chickens exhibit Machiavellian tendencies, new research shows
For the first time in our history, sales of cage-free eggs are surpassing cage eggs.

The Australian Egg Corporation’s latest annual report - just released - seems to confirm we’re (slowly) winning the fight against battery cages, as their numbers continue to fall.

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Australians don’t want battery cages – just the egg industry does.
"Australian racing without whips – now there's something for all participants to consider as we dive into the new year."

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OPINION: Steve Moran – Whip ban inevitable
We've just learned that January 3rd is 'Festival of Sleep' day. Back to bed then, you don't need to tell us twice!
There's more than one way you can help animals this year.

Seven things you can do to help animals in 2017
It’s almost 2017! The noise and fireworks can sometimes stress pets out, here’s how to keep them calm [ Link ]
We’re so excited to see Australia’s favourite dog back on the big screen! RED DOG: True Blue is now in cinemas and tells a tale of friendship, family and finding your home.

Are you planning to see it?
Happy Boxing Day everyone!
The team at RSPCA Australia would like to wish you and your pets a very wonderful Christmas and festive season. Thank you so much for all your support!