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Happy #MothersDay!
If you see a baby wild animal at this time of year, it's usually better off sticking with mum. If you’re worried about a young animal that seems to be alone, don't touch it but be sure to watch it from a distance first to see if the parents return. More advice here: [ Link ]
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We were called to investigate 890 incidents of air gun attacks on animals in 2016. Please back Cats Protection's campaign to make it illegal to buy, own or use an air gun without a licence.

Sign Cats Protection's petition on air guns
RSPCA (England & Wales)
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Despite scientific evidence demonstrating that crabs, lobsters, prawns and crayfish are highly likely to experience pain and even emotional anxiety, they currently receive no protection under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.
Sign Crustacean Compassion's petition to help protect them: [ Link ]

George Eustice MP: Protect crabs and lobsters under the Animal Welfare Act (England and Wales)
RSPCA (England & Wales)
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Spruce up your Mother's Day with this cute plant pot DIY - will you opt for cat, dog or bunny ears?
Whichever you choose, remember that many species of plant - such as daffodils and lilies - can be highly toxic to animals, so be sure to choose a pet-friendly plant. Read our top tips on preventing poisonings, and what to do if you think your pet has been poisoned: [ Link ]
RSPCA (England & Wales)
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Cheeky chappie Meeko is a little lonely, and looking for a new pad with the company of some female piggy pals. Could you be his furever home?
Get in touch with R.S.P.C.A Manchester & Salford Branch for more information about Meeko and his guinea pig pal Pascal: [ Link ]
RSPCA (England & Wales)
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The longest wild snake you can find in England and Wales reaches just 150cm in length. So imagine a dog walker's surprise when they came across this 8ft-long boa constrictor in a field in Banbury!

RSPCA helps boa constrictor found in Oxfordshire
RSPCA (England & Wales)
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This #NationalPuppyDay we're urging everyone thinking of getting a four-legged friend to rescue from one of our centres. Use our website's Find a Pet pages to start your search and #FindEachOther.
If you're thinking of buying your next canine companion, use our Puppy Contract to ensure you get a happy, healthy pup: [ Link ]
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Tyson at Rspca Blackberry Farm Animal centre is such a clever boy that he can even answer questions! Please share and help this gorgeous Rottweiler-cross get the home he deserves: [ Link ]
RSPCA (England & Wales)
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This #WelfareWednesday we're celebrating happy bunnies! Learn how to litter-train your rabbit, and to call them to you, ensuring they're mentally and physically stimulated: [ Link ]
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On #WorldPoetryDay, we're sharing this moving poem by Barbara Russell, who helped a pigeon who was shot with a pellet gun. Thank you, Barbara, for helping this bird and raising awareness.
RSPCA (England & Wales)
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We rescued this handsome buck after he got himself rather tangled in netting on a rugby pitch. Luckily he was unharmed, but this isn't always the case. Please remember to put netting away: [ Link ]
RSPCA (England & Wales)
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England's badgers need your help. Please urge your MP to attend a debate on the badger cull on 27th March: [ Link ]
On #InternationalDayOfHappiness, here's an update on Ella the lurcher, who was abandoned in Peterborough last month. She's still being treated for a skin condition and isn't available for rehoming yet, but she's coming on in leaps and bounds (literally!).

We continue to appeal for information about how she came to be abandoned - please get in touch: [ Link ]
Vote for your favourite pet photo in the #YoungPhotographerAwards! These photos were taken by talented under 18s, and the winner will receive Β£250 Wex Photographic vouchers. Vote now: [ Link ]
RSPCA Inspector Rachel Smith collects some lovely puppies from a home and takes them to an animal centre for rehoming. If you'd like to rehome an animal, #FindEachOther here: [ Link ]
A Kent couple who sold dying puppies to unsuspecting buyers have been jailed for a number of fraud and animal welfare offences.Twelve people reported buying sick puppies, ten of whom sadly later died.

Puppy dealers jailed for selling dying dogs - RSPCA
Today is the fifty year anniversary of Torrey Canyon oil tanker disaster. We look back on how we and other organisations rescued almost 8,000 birds: [ Link ]
Meet Tyson, the one-eyed pirate pooch who has been with Rspca Blackberry Farm Animal centre for a whopping 296 days! He's looking for a new crew of shipmates, which could include children aged 12+ and a calm female dog: [ Link ]
Whilst people may like to see their name in lights, Kenley at RSPCA Leybourne Animal Centre likes it in the form of people! This super intelligent boy is after an active home with plenty of physical and mental stimulation: [ Link ]
Sandy takes a super selfie, but he can't seem to secure himself a home! Could you take on this snuggly boy from RSPCA Craven Branch? [ Link ]