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According to new research published in the journal Science Advances, 75% of primate species have populations in decline and around 60% of species are threatened with extinction. In addition to their habitat being lost to industrial agriculture and oil drilling - they are also hunted for meat and the pet trade. Please join us in calling for an end to primates being kept as pets in the UK: [...
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What's he bin up to? Dusty the kitten found himself in a rubbish situation, but luckily our animal collection officer and West Midlands Fire Service were there to lend a helping paw: [ Link ]
Foxes are fascinating - yet often misunderstood - animals. Find out why you might hear a lot of shrieking foxes right now, and why they often kill surplus animals: [ Link ]
Since 2006, we've received nearly 5,000 calls about organised dog fighting in England and Wales.

Despite the suffering this causes to animals, the maximum sentence is six months in prison and/or an unlimited fine. Please write to your MP and urge them to increase the sentence to five years, to deter people from subjecting animals to this cruelty:

Dog fights prompt 5,000 calls to RSPCA in past decade - BBC News
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We're delighted to see the strength of feeling about Breed Specific Legislation - thank you to all of you who have signed so far! Read more about the progress of the campaign to stop punishing dogs simply because of the way they look: [ Link ]
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Calling all UK guinea pig owners! We need you to spare 20 minutes to help University of Bristol with their guinea pig survey. You'll get the chance to win Β£40 worth of prizes for your guinea pig(s)! Thank you for your help!
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Is your cat a night owl? Use our Scientific Officer Alice's tips to get yourself some decent kip!

Why do my cats run around the house in the early hours?
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We're pleased to see that the tide is turning for wild animals in circuses, as people refuse to watch them suffer in the name of entertainment.

Please help us end this unnecessary suffering, by writing to your MP in England, and signing our petition if you're in Wales.

Take action for wild animals in circuses! - RSPCA
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In a bid to banish the #BlueMonday blues, we're revealing some of our funniest - and most bizarre - reports from the 1,153,744 calls we received last year!

Feeling blue? Our funniest calls to put a smile on your face - RSPCA
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We're excited about a new ITV programme all about dogs! Can you answer a couple of pooch-related questions to give them an idea of pet ownership in Britain? [ Link ]
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It's not just the typically cute animals we rescue, but also venomous eight-legged ones, too! Meet Nadia, the black widow spider who came on a special adventure from Arizona to England. Arachnophobics, look away now!
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Do you have your own place in London Marathon? We need you to join Team Animal and run for us! You'll get your own special vest and fundraising pack, plus a fabulous post-race reception party at The Household Cavalry Museum and Shop for you and your cheerers.

London Marathon 2017 | Running Event | RSPCA
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We're starting to see the sad effects of the soaring demand for β€˜designer’ dog breeds such as pugs and French bulldogs. Here are just a few of the popular breeds who were abandoned and left to fend for themselves, until we stepped in.

β€˜Designer’ dog breeds increasingly abandoned
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Bracken and Bramble were taken to Fyrnwy Equine Clinic as a result of extreme neglect, along with twenty-six other Shetland ponies. Thanks to them and the team at RSPCA Gonsal Farm Equine Centre, they went from frail to fabulous, and are now loving life with their owner Libby: [ Link ]
RSPCA (England & Wales)
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Could you change the luck of a black cat this Friday 13th? Meet Sooty, Ellie and Sophie - just three of the very dapper black pussycats that would love to find their new homes soon: [ Link ]
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Our flood rescue teams are on high alert as storm surges threaten to hit the east coast of the UK.
People in at risk areas are advised to move their animals to a place of safety, whether that's moving horses and farm animals to higher ground, or bringing smaller outdoor pets inside. It’s also wise to get pet carriers ready for any smaller animals, like cats, and have some supplies of food...
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***Please note that all the puppies are now reserved, but we have plenty of other dogs in our care in need of homes: [ Link ] ***

Lurcher Puppies at Millbrook Animal Centre (RSPCA), Chobham
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Would you like to get more hands-on helping animals? Then you should consider becoming a Wildlife Casualty Volunteer! You'll be given all the training you need to collect birds and mammals, and transport them to help in their hour of need: [ Link ]
RSPCA (England & Wales)
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A lady in Norfolk got quite a surprise when she spotted this little grey seal in her garden!

We believe he had swum inland from the sea along the River Glaven, just a few hundred metres from the garden where he was found. Luckily, he was in very good condition and we managed to release him back into the sea, with the lady filming his return: [ Link ]
RSPCA (England & Wales)
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A female brown Staffordshire bull terrier was thrown from the window of a dark-coloured Ford Focus in High Road, Willenhall at about 2am on New Year's Eve. The dog had an injury to her leg as a result of the incident, which was immediately treated.

If you have any information relating to this dog or the incident, please get in touch.

Dog thrown out of car window on New Year's Day - RSPCA