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Check out this cool lil safety advice video with Youri Zoon Kiteboarding & KNRM - Koninklijke Nederlandse Redding Maatschappij here: [ Youtu.be Link ]

For more info and tips please check: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Photo cred: Ilja Huner
Ruben Lenten
12/01/2016 at 19:37. Facebook
Whilst we're at it... let's do everything we can to get as many people to stop eating meat. A plant based diet is where it's at. Less meat please! You can do it... easy. Please support this campaign to create awareness and hopefully realisation. Much appreciated.


Ruben Lenten
12/01/2016 at 19:35. Facebook
Excited for The Ocean Gala this Saturday. MaiTai Global and OceanElders are making great efforts to raise funds to protect our oceans and species. Please check out the epic auction items on: [ Theoceangala.com Link ]

Thank you!
Ruben Lenten
11/30/2016 at 09:55. Facebook
What a beautiful morning to be on the fly again... I can't wait to catch up with all the crew and ride hard and fly high under the Golden Gate Bridge!
What a beautiful day riding and shooting with the crew here in Ireland! Epic sunset to end with. Mother Nature I ❤ you...
It's so good to be out there shredding in gnarly conditions again. Dammn what an adventure shooting my comeback movie CODE RED. Edwin Haighton Films spotted our session in the Netherlands and NU.nl picked up his video.

Can't wait to share the full project with you soon!

NU - Het laatste nieuws het eerst op NU.nl

Code Red Iceland!! GGGRRRR & BBRRRRR....

Red Bull #givesyouwings
Mystic #incontrol
Windytv #windytvcom
It's a wrap!!! Stay tuned for an epic code red adventure... what a blast in Iceland.

Thanks boys for all the hard work and determination. Couldn't, wouldn't, shouldn't have done it without you... onto the next!

#len10 #codered #onthefly
What an incredible adventure going from ultimate lows to unexpected highs!! Iceland delivers LEN10 Code Red.

Where the lows are minus 4 degrees celsius with 40-55kts. combined with snow and hail storms and the highs big megaloops in the most challenging and raw conditions I've ever been able to kite in.

Thanks ALOHA for getting me strong and fit and big thanks to Red Bull for helping me...
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The chase is on! Off we go on another adventure to chase an epic forecast... I can't wait to score some strong winds and big waves! Code Red please... ready to fly. Follow my Instagram to see more: [ Instagram.com Link ]
Let's help Merijn Tinga the Plastic Soup Surfer with his awesome project to protect our seas. Please take a minute to enter your name, email and hit the button. He needs 40.000 signatures in order to progress to the next step. Thanks a lot... and use and dispose plastic less and wisely. WAYO! [ Plasticsoupsurfer.org Link ]

Uitbreiding van statiegeld op kleine PET-flesjes

Holy shit!!! Kai Lenny doing what he does best... amaze!!! Ride on brother...
Having fun is always better together... keeping it real with the Dirty Habits crew. Can't wait for more love, peace and craziness this summer... see you soon guys!

The Dirtiest Summer in Cape Town

MUSIC Phfat: Lights Out Ft Jungfreud - https://soundcloud.com/phfat/lights-out-ft-jungfreud Gunnar Olsen - I'm Fly Get your Dirty Habits Swag http://shop.dir...

Ok guys, let's get real. Who of you really do an actual warming-up before they ride hard and fly high?

I highly recommend everyone to get into this groove as it makes you ride better, longer and safer. Do a couple squads & jumps to warm them legs, warm up your shoulders, your back and neck... this will really prevent injuries and make you happy.

If you haven't seen it, check out the safety...
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I love watching Danny MacAskill videos... full of talent, creativity and precision. Well done mate. Ride on!
Lasse Walker called me up today and said; Hey let's go for a sesh! Kevin Langeree joined us for the trip and was vloggin' it up... that was great fun. Check it out.


What a great unexpected session today with Ruben and Lasse at the Maasvlakte. Cold condition but the wind was blowing a steady 20 knots. It's always better r...

NO GO this season... bummerrrr!!!

The window for Red Bull Megaloop Challenge 2016 came to its end today. Unfortunately we did not find an opportunity to run the event this year. We’ve seen some wild weather but it always came really late on the charts. As you know we are looking for really strong wind conditions based on a stable front to make sure all riders can go big and ride safe. This...
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1 Year ago we launched the LEN10 workout app, with 14k downloads and lots of positive reactions I'm super happy with the outcome. Do you want to get into shape and prevent injuries? Get involved...

The LEN10 Workout App - Ride Hard, Train Smart!

iTunes App Store: [ Appsto.re Link ]
Google Play: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Can't wait to see this spectacle break loose again from 21 Jan - 5 Feb in Cape Town, South Africa. I might even give it a shot!!!
Video entrees close end of November, so get involved soon: [ Redbullkingoftheair.com Link ]

Extreme Kiteboarding in Pumping Conditions | Red Bull King of the Air 2016

► CLICK to watch the LIVE REPLAY of the event: http://win.gs/KingOfTheAir2016 Cape Town and its prolific summer South-Easter winds hosted the world’s most pr...

Check out this cool lil safety advice video with Youri Zoon Kiteboarding & KNRM - Koninklijke Nederlandse Redding Maatschappij here: [ Youtu.be Link ]

For more info and tips please check: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Photo cred: Ilja Huner