Ruben Lenten
01/20/2017 at 10:33. Facebook
Aaron Hadlow Official Page I'm coming for you baby!!!

Tomorrow the waiting period for the Red Bull King of the Air event will kickoff. Let's pray for some epic wind and waves to show up before the 5th of Feb.

Once the forecast hits, you better be ready.
Ruben Lenten
01/17/2017 at 06:59. Facebook
Another epic sesh here in Cape Town. Rocking the 9m Vegas on 22m lines and my new Captain Carbon board. What a feeling!!!

Shot by: Toby Bromwich ✌✌
Prepping my new set-up... yiiihhhhaaaaaa!!!

Photo: Craig Kolesky
Having a lekker sunset sesh in Cape Town.

Photo by: Craig Kolesky
Love! Together!!

Christine Meintjes
It feels amazing easing into this new set-up. This kite and board feel solid and are so much funnn to ride and fly. Yiiihhhaaaaa stoked! Have a lekker day.

Craig Kolesky
So stoked to get a wildcard to have some fun with the best riders in the world at the Red Bull King of the Air event.

It's going to be wild... here's an interview they did with me.

[ Link ]

Onwards and ever UPwards - Ruben Lenten is back!
I couldn't be more happy to marry my guide, my teacher, and one true love Nikki van Asten. What a party!!! Nothing beats love!!!

❤Christine Meintjes
Feel the groove and bust a move!!!

Wishing everyone plenty of epic winds and waves in 2017...
Let's fly sky high in 2017!!
Much love!
Ho ho hoooo... hold your horses!!! Merry Xmas everyone... may it be filled with friends and family and nothing but love, peace and epicness. 2016 was a rough ride but we're grateful and ready for an adventurous 2017!!! Let the ride begin... big hugs to all. X

photo cred: Svetlana Romantsova
WOWWWW... THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the positive vibes and support throughout this journey. You can't imagine how I feel after shooting and releasing my comeback video. 200K views in two days is amazing, I love you guys. Can't wait to relax for a bit and then step it up for the King of the Air. Watch it! :-D


Check the full article here: [ Link ]
Once the storm hits you better be ready!!! CODE RED yes please... photo by: Alex Revers

Check full video and article here: [ Link ]
Grateful to be alive and kicking!!! Proudly I present to you my official comeback: CODE RED

Check the full article here: [ Link ]

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One month to go until the waiting period for the King of the Air 2017 will begin. Set for 21st of Jan - 5th of Feb. Who will be in Cape Town to cheer us on from the beach?

Otherwise there will always be the live stream to follow...

Whoooohooo... bring on some solid conditions please!
GAME ON! The riders list for the Red Bull King of the Air 2017 event in Cape Town set for 21Jan - 5Feb is complete. I am super stoked to be able to ride hard and fly high again with the best athletes in the sport. This is gonna be wild...
The best is yet to come... KANOA on the job with their unique smart wireless waterproof in ears. This will take your next adventures to whole other dimensions.

FIND YOUR FLOW during the holidays! #KANOASEASON

Pre-order yours now. Shipping spring 2017. Use code LENTEN1 for a nice discount: [ Link ]
That's it people... you only live once!!! Get out there and feel alive... what's your favourite energy outlet? Adventure on!!!

Photo: Alex Revers
Check out this cool lil safety advice video with Youri Zoon Kiteboarding & KNRM - Koninklijke Nederlandse Redding Maatschappij here: [ Link ]

For more info and tips please check: [ Link ]

Photo cred: Ilja Huner
Whilst we're at it... let's do everything we can to get as many people to stop eating meat. A plant based diet is where it's at. Less meat please! You can do it... easy. Please support this campaign to create awareness and hopefully realisation. Much appreciated.