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Use these tips to prevent shinsplints for good.

How to Keep Shinsplints Away
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How to pick and train for a worthy goal that is six, nine, or 12 months out.

How to Set a Long Term Running Goal
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Rest shouldn't be the only part of your recovery plan.

Get Better, Stay Better
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The 5K is a unique effort that demands a full range of physiological and psychological preparation.

How to Train for a 5K PR
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Get the most out of the dreadmill.

Are Treadmill Workouts Worth the Time?
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How you can create a plant-based diet that will keep you running strong.

Powerful Plant Protein
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The training isn't all that different-it's just longer and more time-consuming.

How to Progress From a Half to a Full Marathon
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"For some, like me, the alone time is one of distance running's attractions."

The Lovely Loneliness of the Solitary Run
Don't overdo it with the self-massage tool.

Foam Rolling? Do It Right by Avoiding These 10 Mistakes
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Don't let the marathon get all the glory.

20 Iconic American Races That Aren't Marathons
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This year's competition in Kampala, Uganda, includes a new co-ed race in which two men and two women will each run a 2K relay leg.

U.S. Teams Set for World Cross Country on Sunday
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You might not even know you’re doing harm until your pants won’t buckle anymore.

5 Foods That Slow Your Metabolism
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Every runner has bad days, but do you know why?

Why Some Runs Just Suck
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"[I] have it in the back of my mind that my best years are yet to come."

Even for Pro Runners, Success is in the Struggle
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Finally A dessert that helps you get your daily dose of veggies! Recipe: [ Link ] (via LIVESTRONG.COM)
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Enough is enough...until it's not. (via

Why I'm Going to Quit Running
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Recent high-profile cases should remind athletes that they're not exempt from screenings.

What Runners Need to Know About Prostate Cancer