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Rupa Publications
12/02/2016 at 11:32. Facebook
Vinita Bakshi is an-award winning sociologist and social entrepreneur. She is an alumunus of prestigious Delhi School of Economics.

She has founded a non-profit organization-AAMBRA Foundation, with a vision towards women empowerment and skill development. She is the chief architect and brain behind, She Speaks, a triennial seminar series dealing with the issues faced by the contemporary South...
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The Writing Life: Vinita Sharma Bakshi's Sensational Fiction Debut | The Huffington Post

Rupa Publications
12/02/2016 at 05:13. Facebook
Bestselling author Kavita Kane -Author is back with her next book 'Lanka's Princess', the so-far-unknown tale of Ravan’s sister, Surpanakha.

Check out the book online: [ Bit.ly Link ]
We bring to you a completely new collection of Ruskin Bond's stories and sketches.
Rupa Publications
12/01/2016 at 06:03. Facebook
We are pleased to announce best-selling author Radhakrishnan Pillai's new book 'Chanakya in Daily Life'.

This book will help you navigate the rough seas of life and stay on course. Covering all aspects of life from the personal to the professional, it will tell you everything from how to begin your day to how to end it, how to choose the right job, stay financially secure, have a happy...
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Rupa Publications
11/30/2016 at 11:00. Facebook
'A country's growth story vests entirely on the active participation of its youth.'

Virender Kapoor, author of 'Speaking: The Modi Way' writes on how the youth of India can positively contribute in nation building.

Guruspeak: 8 pieces of advice for India's youth

Rupa Publications
11/30/2016 at 07:41. Facebook
We are pleased to announce that 'Our Nana Was a Nutcase' has won the Crossword Bookstores Ltd. Award 2016 for the Best Children's Book.

A big congratulations to Rajnit Lal and Red Turtle!
Rupa Publications
11/29/2016 at 04:57. Facebook
New at Rupa: 'Feet in the Valley' by Aswini Kumar Mishra

Aswini Kumar Mishra’s book gives the reader an unstinting picture of how corruption, nepotism and the culture of ‘bada sahibs’ pans out at a local level. It paints a sharp outline of the pressures and pleasures of small-town social life, the idealism of love based on trust and mutual respect, and reinforces the message that the small...
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Rupa Publications
11/28/2016 at 08:00. Facebook
'Marginalised characters like Urmila or Menaka or Surpanakha are women of conviction too and have their own story to tell, a story we don’t know of. I like to tell their stories.'

Kavita Kane -Author in conversation with Shethepeople.

Kavita Kane Tells Stories of Unsung Women from Mythology

Rupa Publications
11/28/2016 at 06:10. Facebook
'As I write, there is a strong wind rushing through the trees and bustling in the chimney, while distant thunder threatens a summer storm. Undismayed, the whistling thrushes are calling to each other as they roam the wind-threshed forest.'

From the pages of 'White Clouds, Green Mountains' by Ruskin Bond: [ Amzn.to Link ]
'...[The Digital Tsunami] grabs your attention as Bhaduri takes you on a whirlwind tour of the new world of work.'

The Hindu Business Line reviews Abhijit Bhaduri's 'The Digital Tsunami: Succeeding in a World Turned Upside-down'.

The new world of work

We are pleased to announce the Hindi edition of Devdutt Pattanaik's bestselling book 'My Gita'- Meri Gita.

Book your copies here: [ Amzn.to Link ]
K.V. Subramaniam, President of Reliance Life Sciences, a biotechnology research-driven organization under the Reliance Industries Limited, has over three decades of experience in corporate business development in a range of sectors.

In his new book Taking Wings and Winning, K.V. Subramaniam gives insights into the Reliance way of building and managing businesses and goes beyond the narrative...
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Our authors at the Times Lit Fest - Delhi 2016 starting 26 November at the India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road. Do join us!
R.K. Somany's autobiography 'Bringing the Rainbow' was unveiled at Mumbai on 10th Nov by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri Devendra Fadnavis.

In 'Bringing the Rainbow', leading industrialist R.K Somany tells the story of how he pioneered a whole new industry (and its practices) and built the country’s best known sanitaryware brand, Hindware.
'I think your heart and head must work together as a team and that patriotism should not only be a tenant of your heart; it must reside in your head as well. It’s true that just being patriotic cannot bring about a change, but we don’t have to be just patriots. We should strive to be patriots in action, who go out of our way to contribute to the country’s development, in whatever small way we...
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Making A Difference

We are so looking forward to Kavita Kane -Author next novel 'Lanka’s Princess'. Her new book makes us see the familiar events unfold from the eyes of a woman more hated than hateful…

Out this December!

Pre-order your copy now: [ Amzn.to Link ]
'31 Miles' by Vinita Bakshi is a romantic thriller that explores the changing dynamics of relationships such as marriage, with the onslaught of social media into our lives and the most personal spaces.

Check out the book online: [ Bit.ly Link ]
One day in November 2001, Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Group, mandated K.V. Subramaniam to build a life sciences business from scratch. With no formal education in biology, he was initially at sea. But, endowed with a corporate business development background, and a do-or-die spirit, he set out to systematically understand and create a research-driven, biotechnology-leveraged company...
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‘This fellow may be very clever,’ I said to myself, ‘but he is certainly
very conceited.’

This month we bring to you 'The Definitive Sherlock Holmes', an exciting collection of Sherlock Holmes’ cases, mostly recorded by Dr Watson, who accompanies him on these missions and is always torn between extreme exasperation and acute admiration for Sherlock.

This book is a treat for a beginner or a...
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'Abhijit Bhaduri's choice of the metaphor of a 'tsunami' is an apt one for thinking about addressing a digital future that is both compelling for its promise and frightening for the unknown qualities associated with this promise.'

Read the foreword from Abhijit Bhaduri's magnificent new book 'The Digital Tsunami' by Bill Fisher, professor Institute of Management Development, Switzerland, in...
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