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CALLER: And for the first time I have hope in an American president that he’s gonna come through for us. So I have a good reason today to be a little more optimistic. But I have a question for you.

What’s George W. Bush Doing?
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You want me to replicate some of the pessimism that’s out there? I’ll show you what’s out there. (impression) “Well, really. So we can’t do tax reform ’til we replace Obamacare, and it’s clear that the Republicans in the House don’t want to replace Obamacare? So we’re never gonna get tax reform either, Rush! What do you say to that?” I know some of you are dialing the phone even now to tell me...
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Trump: No Tax Cuts Until Obamacare Is Fixed
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A story that I ran into yesterday: “Robert Reich: ‘The Democratic Party Has Not Been in This Bad Shape Since the 1920s.”

Robert B. Reichhhh Knows the Democrats Are in Big Trouble
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I wasn’t even gonna talk about it, and then I decided there’s some aspects of this that I just can’t in good conscience ignore.

Did the Russians Hack the Oscars?
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Why isn't the headline of this story: "FBI Backs White House, Says New York Times Stories About Trump-Russia Contacts Is Not Accurate," because that's what's in your story, CNN!

CNN’s BS Story on Priebus and the FBI
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So we had the tweet that Bob Creamer’s group somehow got into CPAC and passed out a bunch of little flags that looked like the Russian flag and people are waving them around, and that gets tweeted out.

Democrats Infiltrate CPAC with Russian Flags, Drive-By Media Runs With It
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You know, on this business of “protections” becoming a new word for “regulations,” if the left wants to do that — and they’re gonna do it — here’s the right way to characterize it.

President Trump Restores Protections for Women and Girls in Bathrooms and Schools
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Scott Baio, if you’re still out there, I have an idea that something’s up.

Mnuchin Clarifies: Pass the Tax Cut by August | Rush
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I’m glad you called, Scott. It was a thrill -- and I will make sure that I let you know the next time I’m gonna be out in Los Angeles and we’ll go play. That’d be cool.

Scott Baio Calls the Program
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Sixty-one percent of Americans report feeling very good about the economy. Thirty-seven percent, no. And by the way, I think we’re back. You know, when Obama was president and he was providing stewardship over a flagging economy it was the first time in my life that the state of the economy had no impact on presidential approval numbers.

The Opening Monologue: Poll on the Economy, Boehner, Mnuchin, Trump’s Cabinet — and More
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If we can get the strict enforcement of existing immigration law, if we can get enhanced and increased border protection, if we can start doing what we are supposed to do in defending this border, and if we can prevent amnesty from being extended to all of these adult illegal immigrants who have committed crimes or are on the verge of committing crimes or committed crimes and have been...
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If Trump Takes Us Back to the Rule of Law on Immigration, Exempting the DREAMers May Be a Small Price to Pay
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There was so much fake news in Wisconsin, that Scott Walker stuff, they had fake polls. The protests in Madison, which is where the University of Wisconsin is, perfect examples of the use of fake news, trying to make Walker — really they tried to dispirit Walker’s supporters. They were trying to scare them and frighten them into staying home and what would happen if Walker won that the state...
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Scott Walker Beat the Unhinged Protest Movement Three Times
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Where they always used to talk about “regulations,” the Democrats are now supposed to talk about “protections.” This is a word game. Do not fall for it out there.

“Protections” Is the New Liberal Word for Regulations
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Robert Creamer, husband of Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, was hired by Hillary Clinton to round up people and pay them to go disrupt Trump rallies. It's not allegations. It's hard news. Yet the media is acting shocked that Trump is stating that fact, as if it's insanity.

Undercover Footage Shows Clinton Operatives Admit To Inciting "Anarchy" At Trump Rallies
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Donald Trump has put together one of the strongest, best cabinets. And I’m telling you, these people are committed to this agenda. And, you know, H. R. McMaster, national security adviser, do you know what the Drive-By narrative on this is? This is so comical. “Well, this is good. This is good because now this guy will tell Trump when to shut up."

Trump and His Cabinet Will Get the Economy Going
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We’re in the midst of a bare-knuckle fight with elected Democrats, media propagandists — and it is healthy. It is overdue. This needed to happen for a long time. President Trump has flushed unhinged leftists out in the open.

President Trump Has Flushed Out the Left
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One of my all-time favorite TV shows returns tomorrow night: Major Crimes. James Duff is the creator. (I figure I don’t have a shot if I don’t get his name right.)

I Want to Be on Major Crimes
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For the most part here the secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly, is telling the Department of Homeland Security to enforce the immigration laws we have on the books. That’s step one, and it’s a big step, because those laws have not been enforced.

Trump Immigration Crackdown Is Exactly What He Promised
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Some in the media are saying it’s really dangerous for Trump to be getting his news from cable TV. Do you not find this perplexing?

Cable News Is Very Upset That Trump Gets His News from Cable News |