Birth day of Shri. Kaaseenaadhuni Viswanaadh, the film Director, who brought laurels and dignity to Thelugu Cinema. Indian Culture and Arts are his heart beats. Very dedicated Artist. God give him great health.
Love you Annayya.
S. P. Balasubrahmanyam
02/15/2017 at 09:24. Facebook
S. P. Balasubrahmanyam
02/13/2017 at 14:14. Facebook
S. P. Balasubrahmanyam
02/13/2017 at 09:06. Facebook
42 years since the Legend, Shri.Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao left for the Heavenly abode. He lives with his songs for ever. Privileged to have lived in his times and worked with him. My pramams to the divine soul.
Hello Singapore come and bless us and enjoy the feast of music
Sir, Govts may spend trillions in laying beautiful roads. It may not be the solution for averting accidents and loss of lives. Roads alone wont cause accidents.
Road and traffic rules should be adheared by the drivers and vehicle owners. Most of the buses, even Govt. Buses, trucks, cars, three wheelers, and tractor trailers ply without tail lamps and break lamps. No lane discipline. No rules...
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Yesterday the reunion party of '67 bach Anantapur Engineering College Alumni at a resort in Hyderabad was nostalgic and fun filled. Met some after 55 yrs. I was fortunate to be in the above pics with my friends and their families.
Thanks to T.Rajagopal and his entourage for their great efforts in organizing the meet.
3rd feb is the day my best friend Apparao, aka Chakravarthy the famous music composer left us forever. What a person and what a friend!!. When I lost my elder brother in 1967, I was. crestfallen. Chakravarthy embraces me and gives me the solace.
He gave life and comfort to somany who are celebratees to day. To name some, Keeravani, Rajkoti, Vandematharam Srinivas, Mano, Vasurao, Late...
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This day 68 yrs back, Mahatma left us. Bapu! your dream of India's freedom from British became true. But your sacrifice for this nation is futile Bapu. We are still in the shackles of caste, creed , greed, poverty, and dirty politics. We have wine shops on your name. Gundas have your name. Bless this country. We need you again.
Birthday of Shri.Veturi Sundararamamurthy, the "SAMAAHAARA" of all the great poets of present and past of telugu literature.
He is immortal with his poetry.
My Anna, Shri. Yesudoss is coferred upon with Padmavibhushan. Proud of you my dear Brother. The next level is not faraway. The entire country should feel proud of my brother.
To day is MGR's 100th birth day. Long live his legacy. He played a very important part in my professional life.
To day is my Brother (Anna) Shri. K.J.Yesudoss's birth day. My brother, the Gandharva Gayaka, the divine soul with divine voice should live healthily, for ever and should sing for ever.
Happy birth day Anna.
Good morning Dear all.
Yesterday was the 10th Anniversary of SPB Fans Charitable Foundation. We had a wonderful gathering at Andhra Social And Cultural Association, Chennai. We could give some financial aid to 10 senior Musicians who are struggling without work (₹5000 per month per head for the next one year, to start with). Friends from AP, Karnataka, Kerala and Maharashtra attended. Some...
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