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Don't believe me just watch
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Suh dude @thatdudeinblue

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Got a case of the Mondays? ...Get a Raptor!
Lots of new parts coming in for the #s3magazine project #fordmustang GT.Corbeau Seats USA
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How much do you trust your own abilities? Really. Because every time you get behind the wheel of the car you’ve wrenched on yourself, you’re subliminally asking yourself that question. Do you trust yourself enough to get around town everyday? Yeah probably. Do you trust them enough to get in your 4x4 and head towards the Arctic Circle… 30-below, 50mph winds, and minimal visibility? These guys...
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What's Cooler Than Being Cool? Icelandic Cold! - Iceland 4x4 - S3 Magazine

Hitting the dyno tonight over at Zen Motors to get a baseline on the new Mustang.
Gave you this i.o.u. today,
It said "Good for one galaxy."
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Well that's something you don't see every day. #ford #mustang #fordmustang #fordgt #gt
I hear it can do a backflip #saturn #bigwanggang #s3mag #s3magazine #stillhood
Remember when you were a little kid, and your dad took you to a classic car show at some church parking lot? Old guys lounging around old Corvettes in lawn chairs… listening to oldies. Well, LS Fest takes this concept, wads it up, and throws it in the trash!

Photos: Ty Cobb Photography

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LS Fest 2016 Presented by Holley - S3 Magazine

Motor Werks Racing: Exclusively Porsche's John Player Special 924 featured in the newest issue of S3.

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All the players came from far and wide.
Wearing afros and braids, kicking them gangsta rides.
Now I'm here to tell you there's a better day.
When the player's ball is happening, all day ery'day.
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Factory Five got their start in the mid-90s with their MK4 Cobra kits. Now - if you’re a child of the 90s, you might not be old enough to realize that before Factory Five, most of the ‘replica cars’ out there were more-or-less junk. Lots of Fieros trying to be Ferraris… they were obviously ‘less than’ the cars they were trying to replicate. Fool’s gold. But Factory Five came into the industry...
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Factory Backed - The Vision Performance Factory Five 818R - S3 Magazine

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Choppin' it up
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We made another one! ✌
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If you squint you can see a hat in this picture.
Snappin' some pics with @bigmac_k24 today