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We're proud to announce that we've joined forces with Huawei Mobile to bring you 'From Selfie to Self-Expression', the world's first exhibition exploring the history of the selfie and where smartphone photography goes next. Join us 31st March - 30th May as artists & photographers around the globe showcase their most creative selfies.

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Photographer Denis Smith began his radiant artistic journey with this series of nocturnal single-exposure shots titled 'Ball of Light.'
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Walter Sickert, English painter, printmaker and member of the Camden Town Group, died on this day in 1942. We love the experimental colour palette and romantic feel of his 'Variation on Peggy' of 1934-1935.
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Using the time-tested camera obscura technique, Abelardo Morell brings the cityscape into quiet private quarters. He captured this image of Paris' Hôtel de Ville in 2015.
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With a dose of digital manipulation, Lithuanian artist Tadao Cern transformed Van Gogh's eternal self-portrait into a convincing photographic portrayal.
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Happy birthday, Cindy Sherman! Her 1989 photograph 'Untitled #193' envisions an aging eighteenth-century beauty à la Madame de Pompadour.
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For his 'Lego' series, Valentino Fialdini snapped together small-scale gallery spaces, then invited viewers inside his plastic brick installations by photographing them as life-sized.
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"My hands were too soft...I had to find some special occupation, some kind of work that would not force me to turn away from the sky and the stars, that would allow me to discover the meaning of life." - Marc Chagall (Artist at Easel, 1965, Oil on canvas)
Photographer Thomas Shahan got up close and personal with a macro lens to capture the minute beauty of jumping spiders. This jewel-eyed female arachnid goes by the scientific name Phidippus johnsoni.
Did you know Claude Monet painted approximately 250 renditions of his beloved Water Lilies? All were inspired by his picturesque gardens at Giverny, though few were ever finished or signed. This dreamy version is believed to have been worked on sometime between 1916 and 1919.
Today we're keeping in mind English surrealist Conroy Maddox, who died on this day in 2005. He painted the comically fearsome lineup of 'The Watchdogs' in 1941.
Check out 'Lava Burst' by 3-D illusion artist Edgar Müller, which took over an entire city street in Geldern, Germany.
American painter John Singer Sargent was born on this day in Florence, Italy in 1856! He achieved a remarkable amount of atmosphere and attitude in this quick 1904 sketch of 'Miss Jane de Glehn in a Gondola.'
Leonid Tishkov and Boris Bendikov's 'Private Moon' series tells the tale of a man who met the moon and stayed with her forever.
"If you want to have clean ideas, change them as often as you change your shirts." - Francis Picabia (Veglione, Cannes, 1924, Oil on canvas, 1924)
Even after six years' work (1900-1906), Paul Cézanne never thought 'The Large Bathers' quite finished, but toiled over the lyrical and tranquil composition into the last year of his life.
Designed by Italian artist Narcissus Quagliata, 'Wind, Fire and Time - The Dome of Light' is the largest illuminated glass work in the world and calls Kaohsiung, Taiwan's Formosa Boulevard metro station home.
Celebrated English miniaturist and goldsmith Nicholas Hilliard died on this day in 1619. His 'Young Man Among Roses' is an intricate and intimate Elizabethan-era triumph of small-scale painting.
Steve Striker shot Pitjantjatjara elder and world-renowned painter Yannima Tommy Watson down to earth and comfortably at work.
English Art Deco illustrator John Austen was born on this day in 1886. Enjoy his wavy, black and white vision of Shakespeare's seemingly-insane Prince Hamlet of Denmark.