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Phooler naam kawlaboti!
#beautifying #myroom
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1st look from an upcoming project.. <3
#Moredetails #Comingsoon
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Here are some highlights from yesterday's episode of #ApurSansar :) <3
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আসছি আজ #অপুর_সংসারে। হবে নিখাদ আড্ডা আর অনেক মজা। দেখতে ভুলবেন না ঠিক রাত ১০ টায় Zee Bangla-য় :) <3
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#প্রাক্তন_এক্সপ্রেস- এর তৃতীয় পর্ব, দেখুন আজ ঠিক রাত ৮:৩০ টায় Zee Bangla Cinema-য়
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From a #recentevent.. #Specialscreening of #Bubbles..
pic courtesy- today's Ei Samay
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চলছে প্রাক্তন এক্সপ্রেস। দ্বিতীয় পর্ব, দেখুন আজ ঠিক রাত ৮:৩০টায় Zee Bangla Cinema-য়
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শুভ জন্মদিন Raj Chakraborty, রইলো অনেক অনেক শুভেচ্ছা
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And Praktan Express is here..
don't miss to watch Tonight onwards.. Monday to Friday, 8.30 PM.. only on Zee Bangla Cinema!❤
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#Throwback Photoshoot for #ABP <3
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Sunday Morning be like! :)
#Bestie & #Happiness..
#EventDiaries <3
watch the teaser of #KichuNaBolaKotha once again from here: [ Link ]
& here's the candid one from #StarJalshaParivaarAward 2017 <3
#AboutLastNight #HappyMe #BestNonFiction #AmraNaOra #Season2
And we did it once again. won the Best Nonfiction show award for "Amra na Ora Season 2" at #StarJalshaParivarAwards2017. Thank you Star Jalsha, Team #AmraNaOra & Thank you so much Everyone for all the love & support :) <3
Grace is the beauty of form under the influence of freedom..❤
Beauty and her bliss! ✨
don't miss to watch 'didi no.1' today 5:00 PM onwards on Zee Bangla <3