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Lets cherish the memory! Watch #EklaCholo once again Today 10 PM onwards only on #ZeeBanglaCinema
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'Being different is a revolving door in your life where secure people enter and insecure exit.'
-Shannon L. Alder
Styling courtesy- Mallika Mazumder
P.c- prodipto Roy
Photoshoot for- Nefertiti- Celebrating Colours [#SummerCollection]
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#SunglassSwag #JustLikeThat ❤
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it's a selfie time in between shots.. ❤
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From a recent event..
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a random click! <3
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A fun-filled moment, picked from the shoot of 'Chalo Let's Live.'
#ChaloLetsLive #Soon on #ZeeBanglaCinemaOriginals
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#FriendsForever :)
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#Throwback Aro Ekbar
Exclusive from the set of 'Chalo Let's Live.' directed by Abhijit Guha & Sudeshna Roy.
& here comes the 1st look from another upcoming film Andarkahini
courtesy- today's Ananda Plus - Anandabazar Patrika
"The eyes have one language everywhere.."
- George Herbert
'Chalo Let's Live' shoot coverage by today's Calcutta Times
Happy to have successfully wrapped up the shooting for 'Cholo let's live for Zee Bangla Cinema..always a privilege to work with Sudeshna Roy and Abhijit Guha.. Somraj Maity ''twas a delight to share the screen with you. Way to go! now looking forward to a perfect dubbing and the grand television premiere ❤
here's the coverage of my recent project 'Cholo let's Live.' A film by Abhijit Guha & Sudeshna Roy.
courtesy- Ei Samay
beauty is the light in our heart, which reflects in our eyes.. <3