Sachin Tendulkar
02/16/2017 at 11:30. Facebook
Practice anywhere, any time! It never goes waste. #WinEveryday
Sachin Tendulkar
02/14/2017 at 06:55. Facebook
With little Hinaya Heer! She's a bundle of joy Harbhajan Singh
Sachin Tendulkar
02/13/2017 at 07:47. Facebook
The answer to the question that everyone's asking me is here. Mark your calendars and save the date. Sachin The Film releases 26.05.17
#Dilliwalon, I have a challenge for you. Can you beat Mumbai's record at the IDBI Federal Life Insurance New Delhi Marathon? Register now and prove it to me - [ Link ]
You’re never too old to make a snowball ;)
Time stands still when you are surrounded by the bounty of nature.
Pleasant Saturday evening courtesy artworks by Sandro Chia BMW India & #PaulJheeta
The most daunting challenges can be taken up when you have the right skills. And for the right skills, you need the right training. Glad to be a part of the #SkillIndia initiative by the Government of India.
'Hanging out' had a different meaning back then. #Nostalgia
#Kolkata, I am here at the IDBI Federal Life Insurance Kolkata Full Marathon & the atmosphere is electric! Congratulations to everyone who came together and made the marathon successful! #RunKolkata
Kolkata, all my life you’ve cheered for me, now it’s my turn to cheer for you at the IDBI Federal Life Insurance Kolkata Full Marathon! #RunKolkata
Every #RepublicDay it's our responsibility to emerge stronger, better & more progressive as a nation. Do your bit. Jai Hind!
Start early, time waits for none! Where do you think this is from? #Nostalgia
The day you DECIDE to never give up and be fearless, is the day you will CONQUER. #WinEveryday
These #Dilliwalahs have proved that there’s no challenge big enough for them. Can you prove it too? Register for the IDBI Federal Life Insurance New Delhi Marathon and #DikhaDoDilli: [ Link ]
Learn to play the game my way in #SachinSagaWarmUp the prequel to #SachinSaga #PlayIzzOn [ Link ]

Sachin Saga Warm Up - Android Apps on Google Play
Kolkata! Can you beat Mumbai's record? Register for the IDBI Federal Life Insurance Kolkata Full Marathon at [ Link ] to accept the challenge. #RunKolkata
Happy Birthday Jammy.
It’s true when they say music unites souls. Sharing the stage with the Ustad, and also sharing some beats that created a beautiful rhythm. It was an experience I will hold very close to my heart.
On Jan 9, catch Ustad Zakir Hussain and me, in a way like never before.