Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar
06/26/2017 at 07:50. Facebook
No matter whether it’s #CountrySide or #WorldCup! It boils down to 1 love - Cricket!! #LittleBerkhamstead
Siddharth Bhatia
Jeevan Shetty
Vikas Narula
Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar
06/25/2017 at 08:13. Facebook
Friends then, friends now. It's been a journey, Atul Ranade! #Nostalgia
Friends then friends now It's been a journey Atul Ranade Nostalgia
Srêë Jesh
Umer Sharif Wazir
Firoz Rana
Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar
06/23/2017 at 07:49. Facebook
A simply amazing piece of 3D fan art sent in by Luciana Frigerio. Thank you so much! #FanFriday
A simply amazing piece of 3D fan art sent in by Luciana
GM Giridhar
Imran Ali Kazmi
Renu Bala
Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar
06/21/2017 at 14:55. Facebook
To play the #PaddleSweep, You have to be cautious of the bowler's line, it is Imperative to cover the stumps with your back leg. Pick the length early, follow the ball all the way till it hits the bat and ensure you hit on top of the ball. Depending on where you want to place the ball, guide it with the face of the bat. Close the bat’s face for hitting it towards fine leg or open the bat’s...
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Deepak V Raj
Faraaz Kazi
Naveen Sathian
If you're chasing a dream, don't waste a moment. Every second of practice makes a difference. #DreamsDoComeTrue
If youre chasing a dream dont waste a moment Every second of
Imran Ullah Khattak
Chanchal Sabui
Ashok Singh Negi
You held my hand, showed me the world and gave me the best advice. Happy father's day!
You held my hand showed me the world and gave me the best advice Happy father's day
ABhimanyu Bhadauriya
Mayur Joshi
Govind Dubey
For over 40 years, Annabel Mehta has been working tirelessly towards improving the lives of the less fortunate in Mumbai.
I have seen her closely as she lead her team at Apnalaya India and my admiration for her has only grown with time.
Now being honoured with the MBE by the UK Government is an acknowledgment of her efforts.
She inspires a lot of us into believing that change is possible....
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For over 40 years Annabel Mehta has been working tirelessly towards improving
Shaji Joseph
Subuhi Yūsufzai Khan
Rita Victor
Head to the fan wall section of my app #100MB to answer now. The best one stands a chance to win a special souvenir from me.
Head to the fan wall section of my app 100MB to answer
Anand Vijay Singh
Mukesh Srivastav
Kanchan Das
If there's one word that personifies Yuvraj Singh, it's resilience and he embodies this spirit like nobody else. His return to the team after numerous challenges is legendary, still makes me feel emotional about the many hurdles he has faced to get to the 300th match of his life. His career has been replete with ups and downs, but Yuvi has always addressed each stage of his life with his...
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If theres one word that personifies Yuvraj Singh its resilience and he
Asghar Sherazi
Ashok Singh Negi
Here’s a moment captured during one of our IPL practice sessions. #ThrowbackThursday #Nostalgia #MumbaiIndians
Heres a moment captured during one of our IPL practice sessions ThrowbackThursday
Shankar Tonde
Afzal Prince
Paresh Pala
#PullShot: To play the pull shot, you first have to understand the bounce off the pitch and accordingly pick the line and length of the ball as early as you can, depending on whether you want to play the shot along the ground or in the air. The length of the ball varies with different surfaces and there isn’t just one spot from where you can pull the ball. After picking the line & length, move...
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Praween Gupta
Mahesh Bhamare
D.d. Burman
Your mind and body, just like your bat, are your tools. Take care of them and they will return the favour. #SachMotivation
Your mind and body just like your bat are your tools Take
Nitin Dhoke
Samir Parmar
Prafulla Shrivastava
Aneela Jameel
Harsh Dupare
Sandeep Chavan
Vishnu Sasi
Priyanka Urmila Yadav
Ashish Kant Sharma
I was a World Cup ball boy once myself. Have loved every minute of my journey from that side of the line to the other. #Nostalgia
I was a World Cup ball boy once myself Have loved every
Sree Santh
Fawad Khan
Vyshak S
#BackFootDrive: To play a back foot drive, the first and most important thing is to understand how much the ball is seaming off the wicket. The pace and bounce of the wicket needs to be analyzed. Once you pick the release point of the bowler and the line of the ball, try staying as side on as possible. Look to complete the shot with your left elbow high and right hand going in the same...
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Naveen Madrid
Jude Joseph M
Amitesh Kumar Das
Phil Collins back to performing live after nearly a decade! Was a pleasant surprise to see his son, Nic, perform with him as well at London’s Royal Albert Hall.... an evening well spent!
Tilak Kamath
Asif Tanvir
Aniket Nirmal
Kochi, Are you ready to run?
I’ll be there to cheer for you at the IDBI Federal Life Insurance Spice Coast Marathon
Register Now on: [ Link ]
Ravil Kumar Singh
Ranbir Kapoor
Virendra Suthar
#StraightDrive: Took me years of practice to get this shot just the way I wanted it. Make sure to keep your eye on the ball till the very end and maintain your body balance throughout. Ensure your head is well-positioned and play with soft hands. #WhackItWednesday
StraightDrive Took me years of practice to get this shot just the
Harshit Jani
D.d. Burman
Mahesh Bhamare
It's a rare occasion that we're all together in a frame, wearing black suits, along with my sister in a lovely saree. Thank you Umang Mehta for the smart look!
Its a rare occasion that were all together in a frame wearing
Rajesh Rathor
Krishna Kulkarni
Partha Mukherjee