You can cut loose on Spring Break, but be sure to guard your identity! Here are some tips to keep you safer while you travel: [ Link ]

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Elise Christie's life wasn't easy after the Sochi Olympics. Cyberbullies were relentless. Check out her inspirational story and see how she never gave up: [ Link ]

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With a single photo, hackers are compromising WhatsApp & Telegram accounts in a matter of seconds. Think twice before you click on the wrong picture: [ Link ]

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The Marine Corps' social media policy doesn't play around when it comes to cyberbullies. If a member engages in online harassment, they can face criminal charges: [ Link ]

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More teens are affected by cyberbullying than you might think. That's why it's so important to prevent the potentially tragic consequences: [ Link ]

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Looks can be deceiving! Be wary of IoT toys because these cuddly CloudPets leaked the personal information of over half a million people: [ Link ]

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