Are you aware of the apps and online services your children and students use? Stay informed by searching through over 70 entries in the Guide to Online Services at the Better Internet for Kids portal:
Check out our SID infographic below to find out what you can do to be the change for a better internet, not just on SID, but all year through! #SID2017 #saferonline
Get ready for Safer Internet Day by downloading the Safer Internet Day 2017 logo, social media banners, animated GIFs, infographics and much more! Get the Safer internet Day goodies from the Safer Internet Day website!
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6 tech resolutions you should make in 2017, and how to keep them
Even the most cautious online users can experience security breaches. Installing antivirus software on phones and computers can help combat cyber attacks: [ Link ]

The Nine Lives of Security Cat: Anti-Malware
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How To Scam-Proof Your Taxes
Parental Control tools are friend, not foe. Here's how you can make sure your kids are viewing age-appropriate content online: [ Link ]

Parental controls
Up to 15 tech-savvy teens from around the U.S. will be the inaugural members of our new Council for Digital Good! Apply now to get your voice heard on digital issues and become an ambassador for digital civility: [ Link ]

Council for Digital Good 2017
School should be a safe place of learning, but bullying has caused a huge number of students to skip school. It's time to prioritize safety: [ Link ]

Millions of Students Skip School Each Year Because of Bullying
#StopHumanTrafficking How much do you know about modern day slavery?

Not the Same Story
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A teenager was spared jail over a stabbing after a judge praised her for being a "survivor." But the victim was someone from her past who had wronged her.

Teen Stabs Pedophile Who Abused Her As A Child, Judge Refuses To Jail Her
January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. To assist in raising public awareness of the hidden crime of human trafficking, Jan 11 is #WearBlueDay.
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Limiting a child’s access to technology and social media may affect their growth as a digital native. Here's a guide to help you keep them safe online.

A Parent's Guide to Social Media - MomSecure
January is national #humantrafficking prevention month
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