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Enjoy a special Sunday dinner with your family with our healthy and lip-smacking Italian recipes. Click here: [ Link ]
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We finally reveal Shilpa Shetty Kundra's well kept secret! She has moved on to #TheBetterFlakes - Saffola Multigrain Flakes! It has the goodness of 5 grains vs the single grain of cornflakes, it sure is the better breakfast choice!
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Shilpa Shetty and Pooja Makhija are here to tell you about something very exciting! They're here to unveil #TheBetterFlakes. Tune in to view the show!
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Fancy a breakfast date? Join us to find out Shilpa Shetty Kundra's newest healthy choice.

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Do you have a special recipe up your sleeve to celebrate the weekend? If you do, submit it and share the joy with foodies everywhere! Click here: [ Link ]
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Indulge in your favourite recipes guilt-free as Saffola Fit Foodie Meter ensures health in every serving! Read more here:
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Full of flavour and nutrients, our Thai Chicken Green Curry with vegetable is the perfect dish along with some steamed rice. Try it out: [ Link ]
Take out those skewers, foodies! This Kashmiri delicacy is here to satisfy your taste buds with authentic flavours and spices. Give it a try here- [ Link ]
Include a bowl of oats as a part of your breakfast and keep diabetes away. #ThankYouOats
This Middle Eastern Falafel & Carrot Hummus wrap makes it possible for you to dig into a fancy and delicious weeknight dinner. Take a look- [ Link ]
May Holi be as bright as the colours you play with, filled with excitement, laughter and celebrations with loved ones! #HappyHoli
What is more heart-warming than a Sunday family dinner right? Put on your apron and treat your family to our taste-bud tingling Chinese recipes- [ Link ]
Treat your kids to an exciting after school surprise with this scrumptious Masala Oats Bread Pizza: [ Link ]
A woman plays many roles in a day to assure the comfort and safety of those around. Send a word of appreciation to the women in your life. #HappyWomensDay
Dig in and enjoy a bowl of healthy and lip smacking oats cereal for breakfast as you celebrate #CerealDay!
Set your mood for the day with our wholesome and tasty Italian Oats Bread Upma: [ Link ]
Don’t just talk about the delicious food you relished, go ahead & share recipes with your foodie friends via our WhatsApp feature. Recipes are here: [ Link ]
Did you know including oats to your daily diet can improve blood pressure?