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Treat yourself with this tasty Peppy Tomato Oats Stuffed Egg and give your Monday a healthy start. Get the recipe here - [ Bit.ly Link ]
Saffola Fit Foodie
12/03/2016 at 10:30. Facebook
#DidYouKnow this sweet & spicy General Tso’s Chicken is named after Zuo Zongtang, a Qing dynasty statesman & military leader. Celebrate the weekend by preparing this recipe - [ Bit.ly Link ]
Saffola Fit Foodie
12/01/2016 at 06:46. Facebook
On #WorldAidsDay, let’s pledge towards informing and educating everyone that it’s not the touch but ignorance that spreads AIDS.
Saffola Fit Foodie
11/29/2016 at 06:00. Facebook
With a hectic schedule, you may find it difficult to follow a healthy lifestyle. Make it a step easy by preparing these yummy Oats recipes - [ Bit.ly Link ]
Prepared a dish that made everyone ask for a second serving? Well we foodies are always looking for more tempting & yummy recipes. Send them here - [ Bit.ly Link ]
Weekends are meant for relaxing and reconnecting with the people you love. So invite your loved ones over & pamper them with these tempting North Indian recipes - [ Bit.ly Link ]
If you’re looking for a nourishing snack to side with your evening tea, our appetizing Mysore Bonda fits in perfectly - [ Bit.ly Link ]
Bite into the crisp layers of perfectly cooked delicious chicken fillets by dipping them into flavourful homemade green chutney.
Here’s the recipe- [ Bit.ly Link ]
Presenting the popular & traditional South Indian breakfast meal with a healthy twist. Try our delicious Oats Tawa Idli recipe - [ Bit.ly Link ]
They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So on
#InternationalMensDay, ease your way to his heart by preparing these appetizing recipes for his tummy - [ Bit.ly Link ]
Planning to throw a surprise party? Just drop in a Whatsapp request & get your favourite Fit Foodie recipe instantly on your phone. Pick them here - [ Fitfoodie.in Link ]

Oats Recipes - Recipe Made from Oats | Easy and Low Calorie Recipes - Saffola Fit foodie

Our Baked Samosa’s are perfect for the time you want to prepare a guilt-free snack for your friends and family.
As a kid, did you enjoy digging on some yummy food without worrying about those calories? Well it’s time you bring back those days and relive the same with your beloved kids. Recipes are right here - [ Bit.ly Link ]
On #WorldKindnessDay, let’s be kind to the veggies you dislike, spread joy & love, and make our world an awesome place to live.
Why order food from outside when you can quickly prepare our healthy Oats Masala Pav - [ Bit.ly Link ]
With Chef Kunal Kapur leading our Fit Foodie panel, you may find it difficult to resist our yummy recipes. He has the flair to spin a delicious meal into a healthy one. So, how about cooking a new recipe today? [ Bit.ly Link ]
Lunch time can often be boring as you reach out for the same old sandwich and salad. Why not make things exciting by preparing this delicious Masala Oats Dosa - [ Bit.ly Link ]
When alarms don’t wake you up for breakfast, you can always go in for a wholesome brunch right? Bite into this crunchy Bread Pizza that fills you up with taste and health - [ Bit.ly Link ]
Want to relish a special meal this weekend? Start planning the menu by getting your favourite recipes on WhatsApp. Request them here - [ Bit.ly Link ]