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My Job?? I KILL FAT for Living

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Traveling is Living - Every Thing Else is Just Waiting......
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Jealousy is a disease ???????????????? GET WELL SOON ????????????????

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"Only The One Who Can See The Invisible Can Do The Impossible!
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You're Only What You EAT.... Learn To Eat Correct and Respect Your Self.....
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Focus on the journey, not the destination.
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Congratulations To Team #BigMusclesNutrition
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Don't Tel Your Dream SHOW Them
Finally Team SAHIL KHAN" Killed The #MannequinChallenge

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Quality is Never An Accident......
Chantu - Buntu in STYLE #2017

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#FitnessICON #2017
Thank You Team #SAHILKHAN for all The Love and Support- These 3 Days We Spent Together im sure we all will Remember For a very Long Time- a lot More Coming For you all - u guys have My Mad Love and Respect โค #IronBrothers