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03/21/2017 at 16:26. Facebook
We put out a new track yesterday...this one's not super easy to talk about, but I sat down and wrote this to help you understand the song:
"Miscarriage is a unique kind of loss in that you're mourning what could have been. It's a lonely kind of loss, because miscarriage is rarely discussed. And it's a loss of control—realizing that the future may not turn out the way you had imagined it. For...
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Said The Whale
03/20/2017 at 15:42. Facebook
Another song from our new album is ready for your ears...this one is heavy. Thanks Noisey for the article: [ Link ]

Said The Whale Share the Somber Realities of a "Miscarriage" - Noisey
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03/19/2017 at 03:46. Facebook
Our people. We are very lucky to have you. #AsLongAsYourEyesAreWide #ListeningParty
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03/17/2017 at 16:19. Facebook
TWO weeks until #AsLongAsYourEyesAreWide comes out.
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03/16/2017 at 05:36. Facebook
Tour dates in support of our new album 'As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide', out March 31.
All shows are on sale now! Tickets at .
VANCOUVER: we are going to host a listening party of our own before this album drops. It will be on Wednesday, March 22, 6pm-ish, location TBA. We're gonna press play on the new album, tell you about each song as it plays, and take questions afterwards (if you have any). Admission is free, but space is very limited. If you'd like to attend, please email a pic of your purchased tickets for our...
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18 days until #AsLongAsYourEyesAreWide
Congrats Tanner DeHart for taking home this hand-drawn illustration for 'Heaven' (which is on Spotify now for your listening pleasure). As you may have guessed by now, there is a unique illustration to go with every song and we'll frame up each original and give them away over the next couple months. Stay tuned.
Annnnnnd that's a wrap! It's gonna be a beaut.
"Give me your #internationalwomensday pose"
The van got fixed and we spent the night in Las Vegas, it was weird as usual. Back to the desert today! @ Las Vegas, Nevada
The van just broke down.
Jayce is stoked because we added Kelowna to our tour schedule. for all the dates and ticket links. ✌✌
Roadtrip in the desert! Makin' a vid.
Happy Birthday, Ty! Go have a grand slam at Denny's on us. Our treat
Calgary/Edmonton/Winnipeg on sale today!! Tag your friends from those cities and let them know you're taking them on a hot date (visit our website for ticket links)
Canadian tour keeps getting longer and better
A few of these tees still in stock available online (. You guys digging this shirt? Should we make more??