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Epic merch shot by @beingwally ☕
We walked from Williamsburg to Times Square and we couldn't figure out why the whole city was so dead quiet until we started getting closer and realized the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade was happening and we had no idea. Just a couple of clueless Canadian tourists over here.
Ben and I are in New York, we're eating junk food, our new album is almost done mixing, and we are taking all your questions on SNAPCHAT. Username is snapthewhale. Hit us up right now and we'll do our best to answer everything that comes in.
We are in New York right now MIXING THE NEW RECORD #AsLongAsYourEyesAreWide
When will your new album come out???????
What a strange week for the Western world. Much respect and thanks to those out there fighting the good fight. Our contribution for the moment is music and love, which we will continue to spread as far and wide as possible. Here's another sound from the new record... ❤
Throwback to gang vocals with a 10-day old Grayson Evergreen. Today I'm hoping America elects someone our kids can look up to. If you have the right to vote, please don't waste it!
Record is almost done. Here's another aural appetizer.
2017 is slowly starting to take shape....
Happy birthday to one of Vancouver's best audio engineers, Elisa Pangsaeng aka @catpictures! Women make up only 5% of the professional workforce in audio and music production...Hats off to Elisa for killing it in a male-dominated industry, and inspiring other young women with her teaching at @nimbusrecording in Vancouver. On top of all that, she is a goddamn pleasure to work with, and puts...
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The scariest pumpkin I've ever carved. #Napster #RIP
The Walking DAD + Mauled By A Bear. Happy Halloween everyone! #DayOfTheDad #DadManRising #WantedDadOrAlive #DropDadGorgeous
Hats off to a record that's almost finished...
#AsLongAsYourEyesAreWide #STWLP5
Ooooo this one is vibey. Wait for it... ☺#AsLongAsYourEyesAreWide
Reppin 'kellz on vocal day. #AsLongAsYourEyesAreWide #stwlp5
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