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Excited to announce that Fast Romantics have been added to the bill for all Canadian dates, AND we've added a second Toronto show. Tickets on sale now, dont hesitate!
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Toronto! We've added a second show at Lee's Palace on April 1 (no joke) for those who missed out on the first one. Tix on sale Friday! Don't sleep on this one
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Step Into The Darkness ❄ #comingsoon
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This song will appear in your inbox the moment you pre-order our new album at .
I've always wondered why anyone would ever pre-order an album when they could just wait till it comes out, but I think two unreleased tracks + a pile of free merch is a pretty good reason.
Pre-order our album and this is one of the songs we'll send you instantly. It's not on the record, so this is the only way you'll hear it for now! You might remember this song if you saw us live last year...this was the three part mini-rock-opera
Pre-order our new album pressed on extremely rare, limited edition never-before-seen 180g BLACK VINYL. (And a bunch of free songs in your inbox the minute you pre-order).
Good morning! If you are a vinyl or CD lover, head to right now to pre-order our new album on either format. Every order comes with a vinyl bumper sticker and felt pennant (pictured!) at no extra cost, as well as FOUR wav files - 'Step Into The Darkness' + 'Heaven' from the album, and two songs we recorded during the same sessions that didn't make the record. Please note: this last week has...
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Devastating loss. RIP Stuart McLean, Canada's greatest storyteller. Our thoughts are with his family and his incredible crew at CBC whom we were very lucky to work with last year when we toured with Vinyl Cafe.
Happy Valentine's Day! Tag the one you love + say the show you want tickets to, and we'll make it happen for one couple in each city. ❤
See this fucking beautiful piece of artwork? Framed up all nicely and chilling on ice? It's the single art for our new song 'Heaven' - this here is the hand-drawn original by @holi_gram. We'll mail this to one of you if you tell your musically-inclined friends about the new jam 'Heaven'. You don't have to spam them, just legit tell them that you dig the track (if that's the case!) and that...
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TOUR TALK: What city/country are you in, and should we play a show there? Our new album drops in 7 weeks (pre-order here: [ Link ] and we are doing some planning. Comment below with your angry demands, please and thank you!

As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide by Said The Whale on Apple Music
Happy album release day to our friends @mothermothermusic!! Some people say our new promo photos look similar, but let's give credit where credit is due and give and nice big rock n' roll salute to the true original all-white promo photo guy, the lord commander of partying @andrewwk ????
Heaven must be made of it.
#⛷ # #
The second single from our new album is out now.
Spotify: [ Link ]
iTunes: [ Link ]
We've been overwhelmed with the love you're showing for our new music, hopefully you enjoy this one just as much. It feels really good to be back . (Once again, single art features a beautiful hand-drawn illustration by @holi_gram)
You can pre-order our new album on iTunes starting...NOW. (If you're waiting for CD/vinyl pre-order, that's coming soon). People sometimes ask "how can I support your band?". The answer is long and complicated, but ONE of the ways you can support us is by using money (or credit, aka "later-money") to purchase our music. So here you go! [ Link ]

As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide by Said The Whale on Apple Music
Oh yeah also: the tracklisting!! #AsLongAsYourEyesAreWide
Snowmaggedon continues in Vancouver. Very sorry we couldn't make it to Edmonton last night, our flights were cancelled and there was nothing we could do. Working on rescheduling for this spring! #snowpocalypse #snowtespeak #snowndependenceday #thesnowaftertomorrow
UPDATE: due to snowmageddon in Vancouver, our flight has been cancelled. There are no other flights that will get us to Edmonton in time for the show, so unfortunately we will not be performing tonight. So sorry everyone!! If you have tix, @reparteemusic & @ussmusic will still be rocking!