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Thanks for the great night Calgary! Regina tonight, Saskatoon on Saturday.
: @allisonseto
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Calgary pre-show creepin'
: @allisonseto
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Calgary pre-show sharkin'. : @allisonseto
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Calgary/Saskatoon/Regina we are playing in your cities this weekend and bringing these new shirts with us
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For those of you who care about lyrics as much as we do, we've annotated Step Into The Darkness on - [ Link ]

I was a ghost, you were the fear of god
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Always vote for yourself
On Spotify now, friends. STREAM IT โ€ข SAVE IT โ€ข SHARE IT โ€ข ADD IT TO YOUR PLAYLISTS โ€ข LEARN IT โ€ข SING IT โ€ข REMIX IT โ€ข OWN IT [ Link ]

Step into the Darkness
'Step Into The Darkness' is on iTunes as of RIGHT NOW. One of the ways that you can support our band is by paying $1.29 for this piece of music. Thank you always <3
[ Link ]

Step into the Darkness - Single by Said the Whale on Apple Music
In case you missed it last week, here is the first single off our new record. Press play + share! Will be up on Spotify/Apple Music/etc this Friday. [ Link ]

Step Into The Darkness
We are a trio now, and this is the first single from our new record. It has been a tumultuous couple years for us, but we hope you'll stick by our side as we roll out this new record, which we are confident is our best one yet. Love you all, please have a listen:

[ Link ]

"Step Into The Darkness" With Said The Whale's New Song ยท NYLON
Shooting a video for the first single off our new record. (You'll be able to hear the song later this week )
Happy new year everyone. 2017 is gonna rule.
We covered one of our favorite Hip songs, and you can hear it while you're hungover in bed listening to the radio on Jan 1. This will be a great way to start 2017!!
Last minute gift idea: Said The Whale concert tickets. You don't even have to leave your house to get 'em, and you can print off this slightly unsettling gift tag to show that special someone how much you really care
(Ticket purchase links at
Toronto, we are very excited to headline Lee's Palace on the day of our album release. Tickets on sale now! [ Link ]
Tickets for our Canadian tour already 25% sold...Thank you!! Last minute Xmas shoppers, get on board
Surf on over to for ticket links.
Tickets for all Canadian shows on sale NOW. Purchase links at
Vancouver: pre-sale has begun for our April 29 album release show (all-ages). Password is TURNTABLE. [ Link ]
New record 'As Long as Your Eyes Are Wide' out March 31. Tickets for Canadian tour go on sale Friday Dec 16!
'As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide' is out March 31, 2017. Tour dates to follow!