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The greatest LULLABY the world has ever heard, when combined with the idea of emerging trend of Institute of Health and Nursing Australia- IHNA e-learning, no one can really resist to take their eyes off !!!!
From GetUp Solutions Australia, We dedicate this work from our team to the greatest ever Irayimman Thampi with at most respect and pride.
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OMG that's totally me
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The house of Sayyidah Halima. رضي الله عنها
A very old photo of the Black Stone.
The tomb of Habil, the son of the Prophet Adam. عليه السلام
The old door of Masjid al-Nabawi. How many lovers entered this; only the Lord of Sayyiduna Muhammad ﷺ knows.
The tomb of Rumi. رحمه الله
The noble shirt of Sayyiduna Hussain. رضي الله عنه (SHARE)
Rasool'Allah sat under a tree and supplicated in this area on the day where he heartbreakingly sat under a tree whilst bleeding in Ta'if. ﷺ (SHARE)
The resting place of the Prophet looks like this. ﷺ
This is where Rasool'Allah worshipped Allah in the cave and Hira and looked upon the Ka'bah.. ﷺ