Sally Pearson
02/24/2017 at 10:41. Facebook
I love this exercise as it takes me back to my roots of being a gymnast! Watch Toby's face and reaction at the end when the ball starts to roll to him #gym #strong #training #athlete #life Plus Fitness
Sally Pearson
02/22/2017 at 18:02. Facebook
Sun, Shades and Singlets. Nice change from cold and 4 layers to keep warm! Love my city. Back home, back at it. #goldcoast #summer #warm adidas Running
Sally Pearson
02/21/2017 at 05:03. Facebook
Straight off the plane and into an #Audi #A5 thanks James Frizelle's Automotive Group #acgc for your ongoing support
Waiting to check in to head home! Did some season programming while waiting.. thank you Europe, you were fantastic, now time to head home and get some training in my legs. adidas Running
‪Hey, guess what? I got 3rd AGAIN!!! Haha heat-2nd 8.00 final- 3rd 7.96 back home 2morrow adidas Running #mullerindoorgrandprix ‬thanks team
Ready for the last race of the indoor season in Birmingham. Heat 1 at 13.44 and final at 15.29pm. #iaaf #mullerindoorgrandprix #birmingham
My alternative chin ups tonight in Birmingham. Plus Fitness you need to sort this hotel out with a chin up bar adidas Running James Frizelle's Automotive Group Channel 9 #mullerindoorgrandprix #iaaf
3rd again!! 7.92.. Mrs consistency I guess.. if you asked me last August if I were to race in four competitions in February I would've laughed at you. So stoked to be back. adidas Running
Racing in heat 2 at 19.10pm then the final at 21.05pm at the AIT International Indoor meet
This is what I tell myself. To be the best at what ever you want to be, you first have to believe in yourself.
#Ireland #athelone #athletics #believe #wallart #aitinternationalgranprix adidas Running
Sean's Bar is where it's at in #athelone its #irelands oldest bar
Over 12,000 spectators tonight at the ISTAF INDOOR indoor meet! Congratulations on a great competition!
Yay yay yay second Comp done at the ISTAF INDOOR 3rd place with 7.91 =SB thanks #teampearson #gettingitdone
With Physio Stan at our local coffee hang out in Berlin! ISTAF INDOOR #coffee #mahlzeit #athletics adidas Originalsadidas Running
Racing at 18.20 in the first heat and then the final is at 19.40 at the ISTAF INDOOR can't wait for this competition, it's like going to rock concert.. so much energy and excitement.
Last track session before the ISTAF INDOOR race on Friday!! #berlin #indoor #trackandfield #training
Had fun at the Indoor Meeting Karlsruhe now on to my next race in Berlin!!
1st race done and dusted!! Soo happy to be back.. I now have the confidence to push my body and make more improvements.

adidas Running Indoor Meeting Karlsruhe
Racing tomorrow at 7.13pm and 8.22pm which is 4.13am and 5.22am Sunday morning AET.. search your local program guide for television rights..
Made it to Indoor Meeting Karlsruhe managed to slip a bit of training in yesterday.. feel amazing, can't wait to race tomorrow!! I'll let you know details asap