Sally Pearson
01/19/2017 at 10:17. Facebook
My favourite time of the season, STARTS!!
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Sally Pearson
01/19/2017 at 08:11. Facebook
Hey everyone head down to your nearest Frizelles dealership now to pick up a great deal!! James Frizelle's Automotive Group
Thanks for the lovely surprise 5b2fbakehouse they call this a summer breeze! Baked yoghurt, passion fruit coulis and a mini Pavlova on top!! Yum ❀
The Sally Pearson shield meet is on this Saturday at QSAC in Brisbane.. I'll be racing in the 100m hurdles. Hope to see you there!

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Having a great time at Sea World Resort & Water Park - Gold Coast, Australia for the #swcarnivale if you haven't been yet get yourself down here!!!
This is the coolest it's been all day!! It will be interesting to see how I handle the 32 degree drop when I head to Europe in 2 weeks!!
Another day another comp. 100m in 11.81 with another head wind of -2.0. Can't wait to get over to Europe and run indoors!! Adidas Running Finding-Roh Productions.
Thanks 5b2fbakehouse for the coffee this morning! Start of another beautiful week on the Gold Coast!!
Getting back to doing what I love ❀ sport can be so viscous at times but if you keep believing and keep working through the hard times you will find the light. adidas Running Finding-Roh Productions.
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First 60m hurdles race! I ran 8.08sec, I lost about a tenth on the first hurdle but it was so good to be out there!! adidas Running thanks to Finding-Roh Productions. for the video!!
Can't wait to get to Ireland and experience this competition!!
Looking forward to starting my season off here!!
Sea World Resort & Water Park - Gold Coast, Australia
Sea World Resort & Water Park - Gold Coast, Australia seeing the beautiful dolphins
Oh Sea World Resort & Water Park - Gold Coast, Australia you are too much!!! Presidential room for New Years!! Thank you so much ❀
Love this video from Finding-Roh Productions. today while I was doing my hurdle training.. the sounds that are created without realising it is so cool

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4th hurdles session back since June.. a long way to go but I'm pretty happy with my progress adidas Running James Frizelle's Automotive Group Plus Fitness Channel 9 Visa Cadbury Dairy Milk
Merry Christmas everyone hope you have a wonderful day filled with love ❀
This is such a fun event! Can't wait to be a part of it again this season

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