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The head-turning actress Gina Lolllobrigida was also a photojournalist, and included in her book of photos of the "world's most interesting men" were folks like Henry Kissinger, Paul Newman -- and Senor Salvador Dali! Her published tome is titled "Italia Mia." Here she is with the "Divine" Dali and Madame Dali.
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"The fragile cannot endure
The wrecked and the jaded a place so impure
The static of this cruel world
Cause some birds to fly long before they've seen their day."
-Alter Bridge
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Dali painted the portraits of many luminaries -- including cosmetics queen Helena Rubinstein. Here's a photo of Rubinstein and Dali standing before his portrait of her. In the color photo, notice how Dali has his powerful subject "chained" to a mountain by her own necklace! What statement might Dali have been making?
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Dali's "Enigma of William Tell" has got to be his most phallic image ever! Just what do you imagine he was communicating with this grossly elongated buttock?
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Párizsba tegnap beszökött az Ősz.
Szent Mihály útján suhant nesztelen,
Kánikulában, halk lombok alatt
S találkozott velem.

Ballagtam éppen a Szajna felé
S égtek lelkemben kis rőzse-dalok:
Füstösek, furcsák, búsak, bíborak,
Arról, hogy meghalok.

Salvador Dali: Paris
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How many Dali fans have admired his "Soft Construction with Boiled Beans; Premonition of Civil War" for years -- never realizing (until now?) that the central interior space is the shape of the map of Spain?!
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Salvador Dali painted his "Impressions of Africa" -- but never once set foot on that continent! Does that make sense for the surrealist genius?
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Ó, nézd, az idő csodaszép,
gyere ki a mezőre,
a napsugár, a szabad ég
várnak az élvezőre.

Kelyhet a virág tágra nyit,
friss szirma nesztelen nő,
kacéran bontja bájait,
akár egy meztelen nő.
Babits Mihály - Mindenek szerelme

Salvador Dali: Portrait Of Katharina Cornell
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What's your take on the meaning of the map of Africa, soft and dripping in the background of Dali's "Poetry of America" painting?
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Did you know Dali was commissioned by the U.S. government to create a poster warning WWII soldiers against the dangers of venerial disease? In "Soldier, Take Warning" (1942) a wide-eyed soldier comes upon two ladies of the night. But can you discern the double-image that symbolizes the danger?
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Ezer szeretőm van nekem
és én szeretem mindet
és mindenik tekintetem
mind szerelmi tekintet.

A föld szerelmét élvezem
s pusztulok élvezőben,
istenekkel szeretkezem
magamban a mezőben.
Babits Mihály - Mindenek szerelme

Salvador Dali: Invisible Sleeping Woman, Horse, Lion
And this picture is called?
In Dali's dramatic mixed-media "Self-Portrait" of 1972, he threw real eggs filled with paint onto the canvas -- and pieces of egg shell actually remain stuck to the canvas to this day! Did the madman of Surrealism go too far??
The artist is
[ Link ]
The canvas is
[ Link ]
A lover of shock value, Dali replaces a world globe with the head of a baby! Is that America or Europe crumbling on the child's forehead? Is this a political statement, or just a Dali dream gone dizzy?
Dali unabashedly plucked a tiger from a Ringling Brothers circus poster and recreated it in his 1944 "One Second Before Awakening from a Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomengranate." What do you think of Dali quoting exactly this iconic circus poster image?
Álmodom egy nőről, akit nem ismerek,
forró és különös, áldott, nagy Látomás,
aki sohasem egy, s aki sohase más,
aki engem megért, aki engem szeret.
Paul Verlaine:Álmodom egy nőről

Salvador Dali:
Figure With Drawers For A Four-Part Screen, 1934
Dali was obsessed with the praying couple in Millet's "Angelus" painting, but in Dali's '79 oil shown here, titled "Dawn, Noon, Sunset & Twilight," he shows only the female figure; the man has vanished. Speculation as to why?
Currently being offered for sale. A rare and early limited edition.
"Place de La Concorde" 1963 -hand signed etching, edition of 100.
For price and details -email
Did you know that one of Dali's best and most precisely painted portraits of his wife -- "Portrait of Gala" of 1933 (Dali Museum, Florida) is just a little over 3 inches by 2 inches!