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Many of you prayed for Dr. Kent Brantly and all of those who contracted Ebola. Thank you for praying. In our upcoming film, Facing Darkness you can see how God answered our prayers.

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Our Emergency Field Hospital received over 1,000 patients in Iraq. Please continue to pray for the Iraqi people and for our teams as they work to alleviate suffering in Jesus’ Name.

Learn more and see how you can help here. [ Link ]
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See how Operation Christmas Child is helping churches in Albania reach children and transform their lives through the Gospel!

Operation Christmas Child Grows Albanian Church
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Flooding in Baton Rouge caused severe damage to many homes but homeowners are thankful for students who are on Spring break. Read why these students are using their break time to volunteer and serve others!

Students Help East Baton Rouge Residents Rebuild
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"God has called us to care for the dying, to care for those that are suffering." Watch this exclusive clip from our documentary Facing Darkness!

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"Working for God has strengthened our faith. While it’s been challenging, it’s also been uplifting, enriching, and worthwhile." Drew and Misty, a military couple, renewed their vows during a Operation Heal Our Patriots weeklong marriage enrichment training at our Alaska Lodge in 2013. Read how this couple is continuing to build upon their foundation in Christ through volunteering.

Military Couple Serves Homeowners on West Virginia Rebuild Project
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Post Ebola, many women who lost their husbands to the deadly virus continued to struggle while grieving their loss. Read how many widows in Liberia are learning that there is hope in the love of Christ.

Our Ebola documentary, Facing Darkness premieres March 30. Reserve your tickets today!

A Brighter Future for Ebola Widows
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“Water means life to us. Samaritan’s Purse gave us hope.” For teachers and children in the Philippines, water plays a vital role in and out of the classroom. By giving clean water, we can continue to emphasize hygiene and health to improve lives! #WorldWaterDay #GiveCleanWater

Teachers in the Philippines Grateful for Clean Water
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For millions, the daily struggle for clean water is a matter of life and death. This #WorldWaterDay, see how you can give clean water to communities around the world and help meet physical and spiritual needs.

Clean Water, Proper Hygiene Save Lives Worldwide
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Around the globe, over 650 million people lack access to clean and safe water. Join us today and help bring clean water to families in need. [ Link ] #WorldWaterDay
“1,000 critical and dying patients, that is more Level-1 traumas in a matter of months than large hospitals in the United States would see in a year.” - Dr. Elliott Tenpenny, emergency medical specialist for Samaritan’s Purse.

Emergency Field Hospital Outside Mosul Receives 1,000th Patient
“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven” (Matthew 5:16, NKJV). Read how teachers in Guyana reflect on this scripture as they are trained to share the love of Christ to children and see how Operation Christmas Child is helping!

The Greatest Journey Equips Teachers to Reach Children with the Gospel
"These are the stories that make up our days. Miracles and sorrow mingled together." Read one of our team member's moving experiences while serving at our field hospital in Iraq.

Miracles and Sorrow Mingle Together
Reserve your tickets today to see our Ebola documentary Facing Darkness which premieres March 30!

Facing Darkness - Find Theaters & Tickets
Millions in South Sudan are facing famine. Local markets are empty and closed, food production has been greatly limited, and malnutrition among women and children continues to increase. Learn more and see how you can help here! [ Link ]
For Anna and her husband Jewell the flooding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana forced what had been their home for 61 years to be unlivable. Thanks to our volunteers Anna and Jewell are now able to live once again in their familiar home. Read their whole story and others here!

First Home Dedicated in East Baton Rouge Rebuild Project
Our team continues to care for critically injured children and adults at our emergency field hospital in Iraq. Please continue to pray for the Iraqi people. Pray for the many that are displaced by conflict and pray for the healing of the many patients that are seen daily.

Learn more and see how you can help here. [ Link ]
"My faith is what tells me that even though I can’t understand, God is good." When Dr. Brantly decided to stay in Liberia and respond to the Ebola crisis, he could hardly have imagined all that would happen to him. Nevertheless, Dr. Brantly continues to use this testimony to God’s goodness.

Our Ebola documentary, Facing Darkness, premieres March 30. Reserve your tickets today to see God...
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As New Film Debuts March 30, Dr. Kent Brantly Continues to Share Good News
Drought is common in much of Niger, which means crops are hard to grow, leading to a lack of food. Due to a lack of food, many children are malnourished. See how our nutritional program is assisting mothers and helping families become more healthy! [ Link ]
Four Ebola fighters sit down and share how even in the midst of uncertainty and devastation God is still good. Through God's grace they continue to minister to Ebola survivors.

Reserve your tickets today to see Facing Darkness in theaters on March 30! [ Link ]