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Dr. Elliot Tenpenny just returned from serving at our emergency field hospital in Iraq. He shares about our urgent medical needs in this video. Please pray for our staff serving at the hospital.

Learn more and apply here: [ Link ]
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Khayla was severely injured when she tried to escape Mosul. She was knocked unconscious and has no memory of what happened. Medical staff think she was likely involved in an explosion given the deep cuts and burns that cover her face. As our writer sat down to talk with her she had just one question...

An ISIS Victim Clings to the Truth of God’s Love
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Our new documentary, Facing Darkness, tells the true story of the fight against Ebola in Liberia. You can watch in it theaters for one night only, March 30. Reserve your tickets now.

Facing Darkness - In Theaters Thursday, March 30
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“We were shell-shocked. We didn’t know what to do, where to start. Tears were rolling.” -Sandy, homeowner in Georgia after severe storms damaged her home. Read her story here.

Blessings Rain on Southwest Georgia After Storms
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URGENT NEED in Iraq! Medical Professionals are urgently needed to serve at our emergency field hospital in Iraq. Learn more and apply here: [ Link ]

Please pray for our team in Iraq and share this need with your family and friends.
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Temperatures have plummeted into the teens in some regions of Greece, and snow and rain have drenched much of the country, leaving even native Greeks dumbfounded. They’ve not seen a winter like this in decades. See how our team is helping refugees this winter.

Help Refugees in Greece Facing a Harsh Winter
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Please pray for our emergency field hospital in Iraq to be a beacon of hope to the hurting and that the families of each person treated will experience God’s love. Pray also for our continuing efforts to provide relief—food, clean water, clothing, and more—to many tens of thousands of adults and children.

See the latest updates from our team here.

Updates from the Emergency Field Hospital in Iraq
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In partnership with, World Food Programme, we are distributing monthly rations of emergency food to families who have fled their homes in Mosul. Learn more and see how you can help here: [ Link ]
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“Mom, I can’t see anything. How can I go to school?” Tung was born blind and his parents worked hard for 6 years to provide him with the schooling he needed. This year, he received a scholarship from Samaritan's Purse. His mother shares their story on the blog.

Blind Vietnamese Student Receives Scholarship
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Franklin Graham was just in Iraq and saw firsthand the needs there. We have set up an emergency field hospital in the Plains of Nineveh to treat and care for those injured in the battle to liberate Mosul. Yesterday, Franklin Graham dedicated this hospital.

See more from the dedication here: [ Link ]
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Today, Franklin Graham dedicated our Emergency Field Hospital in Iraq. This hospital is located in the Plains of Ninevah and designed to treat those injured in the battle to liberate Mosul. Please pray for the patients and our staff serving them in Jesus' Name.

Learn more: [ Link ]
Our emergency field hospital is now seeing patients in #Iraq. See the latest updates here.

Updates from the Emergency Field Hospital in Iraq
Our team in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, didn’t miss out on a chance to minister one more time in Jesus’ Name during the deployment’s final day. Read the story here.

Gospel Opportunity Seized in Gatlinburg
We are distributing emergency relief supplies to families who escaped ISIS and are now living in evacuee camps. Please keep these families and our teams in your prayers. Learn more and see how you can help: [ Link ]
Over 130,000 people have fled the fighting in Mosul. We are distributing emergency food to families living in 6 evacuee camps in #Iraq. Please pray for these families. Learn more and see how you can help here: [ Link ]
“When you have faith in God, everything is possible. They also encourage us to have love among ourselves.” -Tukor

See how Leadership Training and Trauma Counseling is helping Ebola survivors in Liberia.

Developing Leaders in Post-Ebola Liberia
The Emergency Field Hospital is up and running in #Iraq! This hospital is equipped with an emergency room, two operating rooms, and nearly 50 beds. We are there to treat and provide care to those who are injured in the fighting in #Mosul. See our first patient's story here.

Please pray for the patients we will treat and our staff serving in Iraq. Learn more and see how you can help: [...
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Over 130,000 people have been displaced from their homes in Mosul. We are there providing emergency relief to the families who are now living in evacuee camps. Learn more here: [ Link ]
“This storm that hit the Albany area is the biggest non-reported weather event that I’ve ever seen,” -Todd Taylor, Program Manager in Georgia. Volunteers are needed to help families after this devastating storm. Learn more and see how you can help here.

Samaritan’s Purse Deploys to Southwest Georgia
Don't forget—toothpaste and candy are no longer allowed in Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts, due to increasing customs regulations. See what shoebox recipient Alex has to say about the change, and remember, your simple gifts—packed with love in Jesus' Name—deliver hope and joy to children all around the world. We praise God for the millions of children who receive Good News and Great...
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