Instagram On April 20th, 2016, Famous WWE legend Joan Marie Laurer (better known as Chyna), was found dead in her home in California. She was 46 years old. An autopsy later declared that she had died of an overdose of a combination of alcohol, anxiety drugs, a sleeping aid and the painkillers oxycod...
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WWE Legend Chyna's Last Voicemail Message Revealed And It's Haunting
Angelo Carmine
Tara Herrera
Jessica Hensley Mueller
Lots of people work very hard to make the movies that we love and enjoy. From the actors, the crew, and everyone else involved in production,
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16 Mistakes That The Notebook Missed
Kim Zolciak dropped everything to be by her young son’s side over the weekend — but now the Don’t Be Tardy star is back to her old tricks. The mother of six, 38, posted a sexy photo on Instagram to...
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Kim Zolciak Shows Off Sexy Bikini Pic Days After Son’s Emergency Surgery
Mercedes-starr Shane
Mercedes-starr Shane
Patti Picard Lanni
Rachel-Lee Thomas | Have you tested your mind today? The brain is the most important muscle in the body and people often forget that it deserves to be exercised just as frequently as the rest of your body. That can be done by completing a word search or solving a few riddles once in a while or by br...
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If You Can Name The Capitals Of These 10 Countries, You're A Geographical Genius
Mudassir Hussain
Khloe Kardashian might be getting dumped by her basketball player boyfriend Tristan Thompson, according to a new report on MTO News. Thompson has asked Kardashian to "take a break" in their relatio...
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Khloe Kardashian 'Dumped' By Boyfriend During Basketball Playoffs?
Adrian Espinoza
Robert William
Richard Schulz
Just like a muscle, trust is a thing that needs to be exercised, used regularly, practiced often, and refined until massive. During your adolescence, you can hardly lift the weight let alone perform a bicep curl with perfect form, and that’s exactly the same as the adolescence period of a relationsh...
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Man Catches Girlfriend Cheating, Does Photoshoot While They Slept In Bed
Mudassir Hussain
Veronica Richard Pezina
Tammera Beltran
Elizabeth Lizzyg
Anyone who has gone through the embarrassing and awkward years of teenagehood can probably agree that having a pimple can sometimes feel like the epitome of teenage distress. From acne to pimples, to scars, pus, and scabs, being a teenager isn’t fun…especially when you have to deal with all the othe...
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Woman Pops 4-Year-Old Zit On Husband's Face And The Result Is Disgusting
In this disturbing story, a mother was caught abusing her son on camera when she was supposedly arguing with their son’s father.
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Aunt Posts Horrifying Proof That Her Nephew Is Being Abused
April Carolyn McGrath
Ivette Barajas
Kat Rina KS
Considering most people urinate between six and eight times a day, it’s safe to say that we’re all pretty familiar with the yellow (hopefully) stuff that comes out of our bodies. Sure, we all know that urine is water carrying waste products that regularly exits our bodies. However, there are a surpr...
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16 Facts About Urine You Should Know
Ashlee Finucane
Eden Todd
Ashley Kohut
Marriage nowadays no longer carries the traditional symbol that it used to. Marriage used to be a physical and visual commitment of two people spending the rest of their lives together. No one is perfect and going through the bump and grind of a relationship is all part of a healthy marriage. Commun...
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The Reason This Man Is Sitting Outside His Wife's Bedroom Is Breaking Hearts Across The Web
Have you ever looked at a picture and found yourself unable to understand what was going on in it? Some pictures, when taken at the right time and place, can capture the unexplainable. 1. This eerie photo shows a woman posing for the camera with an almost barely distinguishable man looming behind he...
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28 Real Photos That Cannot Be Explained
Fans are STILL dying to see Jana Duggar and Tim Tebow together! While it’s been over 2 years since the two denied dating rumors, Duggar fans have not given up on a Duggar-Tebow union. “I rea...
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Jana Duggar Urged To Date Tim Tebow 2 Years After Dating Rumors
Vaccines, antibiotics, pain relievers, and many other modern medications are one of many factors in creating a longer human lifespan compared to our early ancestors. But even up to the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s, diseases and plagues and even the common flu were responsible for mass deaths. Th...
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The Disturbing Case Of Carl Tanzler, The Physician Who Attempted To Live With A Corpse
She’s arrived! After nine long months, Ciara has finally given birth to her second a child, a beautiful baby girl! The singer revealed on Instagram that she and her husband, Russell Wilson, welcome...
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Ciara And Russell Wilson Welcome A Baby Girl — Find Out Her Royal Name Here!
Dayana Vetter
Trust and communication are the two main components necessary for a healthy relationship to work, these people clearly didn't have either.
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28 Caught Cheating Texts That Are Awkward And Funny
Humans are largely visual animals. We rely on our eyesight to perform most of our daily functions, drive a car, take a walk, cook food, and shower. Basically, all things we do are done with the help of our eyes. But other animals aren’t so visually oriented. Animals such as bats rely on sonar, and s...
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Dog Reunites With His Human Dad, Can't Believe It's Really Him
This puzzle will test your reaction speed. If you can make it to Level 20, you have exceptional reflex and concentration... If you make it to level 30, you are in the TOP 1% & have a high IQ!
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World's Most Accurate IQ Test!