Not much is known about Melania Trump, America’s first lady. She is often seen as awkward and sometimes even quiet, but is there more to her than what meets the eye? Melania grew up modelling and even speaks multiple languages. She has admitted that she prefers to stay out of the limelight when it c...

20 Things That You Didn't Know About Melania Trump
Jon Gosselin rose to prominence when his family’s life was video taped and made into a reality show for the TLC network. It was called ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8.’ He has changed career paths since the show ended from reality star, to something else. We’ll tell you what he isn’t first:

Jon From 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' Has Changed Quite A Bit, His Photos And Story
Kailyn Lowry ended her marriage to Javi Marroquin because she didn’t want to welcome another child. But only months after their divorce, the Teen Mom 2 star announced she is pregnant with another m...

Javi Marroquin RIPS Kailyn Lowry’s Shocking Pregnancy: ‘I’ll Pick Up The Pieces’
Kailyn Lowry is pregnant with her third child by her third baby daddy at only 24 years old – and fans aren’t reacting well to the news! The Teen Mom 2 star is receiving backlash over social media f...

‘So Trashy!’ Kailyn Lowry Slammed For Pregnancy With THIRD Baby Daddy
If you have trouble falling asleep, it can be the worst. When you are laying in bed for hours, tossing and turning, hoping and praying that sleep will come. You look at the clock and countdown how many hours you have to sleep before your alarm goes off.

If You Touch The Roof Of Your Mouth With Your Tongue And Breathe, These Are The Efffects On Your Body
Jason Statham is known for his roles in popular and epic action films, and is typically seen as the go-to action guy. He’s tough, personable, and has a cool guy persona about him that makes it hard not to like him. It seems as if every role he plays more or less embodies the persona of the alpha mal...

10 Things You Didn't Know About Jason Statham
The Titanic was the largest ship afloat, however, it became one of the deadliest commercial maritime disasters in modern history.

16 Haunting Facts About The RMS Titanic
Although it’s never cool to steal or snoop, I bet theres been a time in your life when you’ve come face to face with a padlock and now been able to open

This is How You Can Open A Lock With A Nut Wrench
Creativity comes in many different shapes. Some express it through painting, others through music, and some through whimsical drawings or maneuvering of objects. Vandalism has long been associated with gang signs, gang affiliations, and just delinquent behavior in general. But with the advent of pol...

28 Acts of Vandalism That Are Downright Hilarious