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Samsung Canada
12/02/2016 at 21:29. Facebook
Don’t let your fears define you. Master them with Samsung technology. samsung.com/ca/launchingpeople
Samsung Canada
12/02/2016 at 16:47. Facebook
Have a fear of public speaking? Master it with Samsung technology. samsung.com/ca/launchingpeople
Samsung Canada
12/02/2016 at 15:11. Facebook
Have a fear of heights? Master it with Samsung technology. samsung.com/ca/launchingpeople
Samsung Canada
11/29/2016 at 18:01. Facebook
What a game. Congratulations to the Ottawa REDBLACKS on their first Grey Cup win! Enjoy the celebration today.

For the full immersive experience in Gear VR check the video out in the Samsung VR App.
Samsung Canada celebrated the season with our community as a proud sponsor of Illuminite 2016. Happy holidays!
The all-new Gear S3, designed for everything you do. Perfectly pairs with your Galaxy S7! samsung.com/ca/gears3
It’s about working towards a better you than you were yesterday. samsung.com/ca/gearfit2
When you look within, there’s no limit to what you can do. samsung.com/ca/gearfit2
We’re inspired by people who work together to reach their potential. samsung.com/ca/gearfit2
Note7 owners to receive $100 towards Galaxy S7/S7 edge exchange or $25 refund/other phone credit* Conditions here

[ Samsung.com Link ]

Samsung Canada Announces Refund and Exchange Details for Note7 Devices | SAMSUNG Canada

Details of our Galaxy Note7 Return Process starting Thursday October 13 have been released. More information here:

[ Samsung.com Link ]


We have confirmed the stop sale, exchange and production of the Galaxy Note7 globally. Canadian details here:
[ Samsung.com Link ]

Samsung Has Decided to Stop Production of the Galaxy Note7 | SAMSUNG Canada

Important notice regarding potential safety issues for certain top-load high efficiency washers. For information, visit [ Samsung.com Link ]

Samsung Canada Working with Health Canada Regarding Potential Safety Issues for Certain Top Load, High Efficiency Washers | SAMSUNG Canada

We have announced our official Note7 recall & free replacement program. For the latest info, please visit [ Samsung.com Link ]

Samsung Canada Recalls Note7 Phones | SAMSUNG Canada

Our new software update for Galaxy Note7 will indicate your device has been battery checked and is safe for use [ Samsung.com Link ]
See the stats that get you closer to your goals with the Gear Fit2 heart rate, GPS and activity tracker. Get your gear: samsung.com/ca/gearfit2.
Keep the tunes coming when you’re on the go with 4GB of internal memory on the Gear IconX. That’s up to 1000 songs! See more: samsung.com/ca/geariconx
Adventuring this weekend? Take your new Galaxy Note7 with you. It’s got IP68 water resistance, so it can go as big as you do. samsung.com/ca/galaxynote7
Discover the freedom in forging your own path with Samsung Gear IconX earbuds. samsung.com/ca/geariconx
Go big or go home with the new Galaxy Note7. With IP68 water resistance, it’s not afraid of a few waves. It’s the phone that thinks as big as you do: samsung.com/ca/galaxynote7