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Recall Update: We’re investigating every aspect of our manufacturing, engineering and quality control processes. Here’s where things stand: [ Smsng.us Link ]
Top-Load Washers Safety Recall: We are launching a voluntary recall in collaboration with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Your safety is our top priority. See here for all details on the recall program: .

Important Information Concerning Your Top Load Washer

The #Gear360 view of #RyderCup was out of this world! Congrats on re-claiming the title, Ryder Cup USA.
What a week at the Ryder Cup! Thanks to all who stopped by the Samsung Experience. *golf clap*
What a week at the Ryder Cup! Thanks to all who stopped by the Samsung Experience. *golf clap*
We’re here at the Ryder Cup and ready for some match play. We’ll keep you in the loop all weekend! #Gear360
And that’s a wrap on the practice rounds. Time for match play. Go Ryder Cup USA!
At the Ryder Cup all week, giving you exclusive access on and off the green. #SamsungOnTheGreen
We’re heading to the 2016 Ryder Cup. Support Ryder Cup USA, gain exclusive access, win prizes, and more. #SamsungOnTheGreen
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