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Samsung Home Appliances
01/12/2017 at 21:05. Facebook
Leaving #SAMSUNGxCES2017 wasn't easy, especially when it was this much fun. We hope to see you all next year. [ Samsungces2017.com Link ]
We hope that you all had as great a time at #SAMSUNGxCES2017 as we did. Here’s to next year.
Samsung Home Appliances
01/10/2017 at 21:15. Facebook
Who's 7'1" and washes jerseys in the Samsung FlexWash + FlexDry laundry system? Thanks for stopping by our booth at #SAMSUNGxCES2017, Shaquille O' Neal. We hope you enjoyed the show. [ Samsungces2017.com Link ]
Our all new FlexWash™ & FlexDry™ laundry system certainly was a crowd favorite at #SAMSUNGxCES2017 this year. Were you able to see it for yourself? #CES2017 [ Samsungces2017.com Link ]
Our newly improved built-ins are so sleek, we couldn’t help but share them with you. #SAMSUNGxCES2017

Samsung Home Appliances

The all new PowerBot is turning heads and lifting crumbs at #SAMSUNGxCES2017.

Samsung Home Appliances

Are you at #CES2017? Our booth is open and ready for viewing. Watching from home? Check out what you’re missing. #SAMSUNGxCES2017 [ Samsungces2017.com Link ]
Did you miss us when we went LIVE? Take a look at all that Samsung Home Appliances is showcasing at #CES2017. #SAMSUNGxCES2017 [ Samsungces2017.com Link ]
It may have only just started, but #SAMSUNGxCES2017 is off to a spectacular start.

Samsung Home Appliances

Check in with us when we go LIVE for an exclusive look into Samsung Home Appliances at CES 2017.

**Our booth tour begins at 24:36; scroll to that time to view.**

Learn more at: [ Samsungces2017.com Link ]
After a busy day setting up, we are ready to wind down on The Las Vegas Strip before #SAMSUNGxCES2017 tomorrow. Will we see you there? #CES2017 [ Samsungces2017.com Link ]
We're here in Las Vegas for #SAMSUNGxCES2017. We can't wait to see everyone at our booth tomorrow. #CES2017 [ Samsungces2017.com Link ]
If you're still deciding on what your New Year's resolution ought to be, then why not something simple. Eating healthy could be the best decision you've ever made.
Your food might not dance in thanks (in fact, it surely won't), but it will stay fresh for longer thanks to our new Twin Cooling Plus refrigerator.
Last year at CES was such an amazing time, we can hardly wait for this weekend.
Show your loved ones just how much you care this holiday season with the gift of smooth, satisfying chocolate.

The Marvelous Gift of Chocolate

Just because you're prepping for the feast, there's no excuse for missing the big game. Stream from your Smart TV to your Family Hub and catch every last down.
Our new Samsung Twin Cooling Plus fridge is designed with dual, independent cooling systems, which keep your food fresh for longer.
What's more important than your food? The new Samsung Twin Cooling Plus helps keep your favorite foods from turning bad. See what can happen when good food goes bad: [ Bit.ly Link ]
With the holidays fast approaching, let Samsung and Club des Chefs help you bake up a batch of irresistible holiday cookies: [ Bit.ly Link ]