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Through ARTIK Cloud, the Samsung ARTIK IoT platform enables manufacturers like Peugeot to connect data from multiple devices to create an integrated experience. Find out more about Peugeot's Instinct Concept car here. #PeugeotInstinctConcept #MWC17 [ Link ]

Samsung ARTIK Cloud IoT-Enables the Peugeot Instinct Concept Car - ARTIK IoT Platform
Samsung IoT
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When a local TV news report triggers hundreds of Alexas to order dollhouses - it is time to deploy real time data analytics to monitor anomalies. [ Link ]

The Value in Data Anomalies, from Dollhouses to Gaming - RTInsights
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Remembering the "I" in #IoT - new developments in fibre optic infrastructure will support increase in demand with multi-mode fibre cable. A look from the DZone. [ Link ]

A Look at the World’s Fastest Fiber Line - DZone IoT
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We recently introduced the #ARTIK Module 530 - perfect for multi-media applications, smart home gateways and more. Get more insight into #ARTIK 530's capabilities. [ Link ]

ARTIK 530 - ARTIK IoT Platform
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Now there is a silver lining in growing older - 'culturally sensitive' robots will assist with care for seniors, offering companionship and assistance with eating and taking medication. [ Link ]

Robots could help solve social care crisis, say academics - BBC News
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Academy-award nominated 'Hidden Figures' is inspiring more interest in #STEM from girls. If you haven't seen the movie yet, what are you waiting for? [ Link ]

Hidden Figures: Inspiring STEM heroes for girls
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#IoT disruption is already impacting the credit card business, as technologies enable seamless billing. Whether making payments through Amazon Go, or Visa hooked into your smart car, are the days of physical cards over? [ Link ]

How The Internet Of Things Will Change Credit Card Acceptance
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This free ebook from O'Reilly Media shares ways to gain an edge for your business using #IoT to enhance sustainability and differentiate your company from the competition.[ Link ]

Smart Business Solutions - ARTIK
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Samsung's Philippe Coval inspired #IoT developers with his recent #FOSDEM2017 presentation on how to take your IoT concept from idea to reality using FLOSS and ARTIK Cloud. Check out his video and SlideShare presentation here. [ Link ]

FOSDEM 2017 - Iotivity from devices to cloud
Samsung is proud to announce the new Breezie open platform for senior care, powered by Samsung ARTIK Cloud and the T-Mobile IoT platform. Elderly users find the Breezie tablet simple and engaging to use - letting them more easily access mobile health care apps on the tablet to enhance their health and well-being.

ARTIK Cloud + T-Mobile + Breezie = improving senior care - ARTIK IoT Platform
Building #IoT products is complex. The #ARTIK platform gives you everything you need, in one place. Interoperable, secure and future-proof. Check out this overview.
[ Link ]

Samsung ARTIK IoT Platform - Overview
Lessons from the trenches: an #IoT startup founder looks back on his experience and finds 5 take-aways. How are you avoiding this critical mistakes? [ Link ] by VentureBeat

5 reasons why my IoT startup failed
Industrial designer Yves Béhar proposes new design principles for the age of #AI and #IoT. Among others, he suggests that "good design is a platform that grows with needs and opportunities." Read about his 10 principles. [ Link ]

10 Principles For Design In The Age Of AI
Moving a million items from 50 sites every day is the kind of business that benefits from #IoT insights - how your hotel sheets are part of the Internet of Things. [ Link ]

The Internet of Laundry: How RFID tags in your sheets help you get a better night's sleep | ZDNet
In our latest IoT 201 tutorial we introduce the ZigBee® and Thread networking technologies and show you how to get started with either one using our latest tutorials.

IoT 201: ZigBee and Thread mesh networks - ARTIK IoT Platform
Download this free white paper to find out more about how Samsung ARTIK Cloud enables developers to help #IoT live up to its ideal so that end users can enjoy the benefits of IoT connectivity without a single thought about the technology making it possible.
[ Link ]

Samsung ARTIK Document Library - ARTIK IoT Platform
Researchers with millions of dollars worth of painstakingly collected samples are welcoming #IoT and the smartLAB project. [ Link ]

The Internet of Things comes to the lab
Looking for a Valentine's Day gift that combines romance and #AI? Google fed its #AI with close to 3000 romance novels, and claims that its engine could write its own novel. Maybe play it safe this year and go with that box of chocolates. [ Link ] Via The Next Web

Google's AI has read enough romance novels to write its own
Bytes, bits and sensors: Valentine's Day and love, passion and romance in the age of #IoT and #AI. [ Link ] Via Mint

IoT + AI = Love, Romance and Passion
The ARTIK Cloud team has developed an infrastructure called Cloud Connectors which simplifies development efforts to connect third-party clouds to ARTIK Cloud. This latest post features Foobot. Find out more here: [ Link ]

ARTIK Cloud's Featured Cloud Connector: Foobot - ARTIK IoT Platform